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david kynaston city of london monetary independence 9-november-2011 hong kong theatre ground floor inside the victorian

tiffany window nathan roths warbucks euro bond markets technocratic bank of england merchant banks rothschilds merger and acquisition ferris 1960 merchant bankers saw selves as creme of the creme 1980s 1990s blown out of water in americanization phase deutsche schroders citi undercapitalized survival of the fittest high street banks midland lloyds fm birmingham barclays east anglia HSBC royal bank of scotland upstarts

playing the game stockbrokers 1920s my word is my bond--stock exchange motto chancellor of the exchequer churchill return to the gold standard disasterous

macho mgmt of a star leader---new style propaganda 20 yrs re. city of london 1832 land reform act pre if things go as such may be like b4 reform forced even if not liked it but perhaps