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NAME: DATE: 24.04.2008

Max Marks – 20

NOTE – Do not copy the questions.

All answers must be written in the answer sheet.
Number each question exactly as done in the question paper.

I. Fill in the blanks (½ x 8 = 4 marks)

(i) The Sun and its planets together are called _________.
(ii) _________ is the largest planet.
(iii) A space traveller is called an _________.
(iv) Scientists are trying to find presence of life on other _________.
(v) Magellan started his journey on a ship from Spain in the year _________.
(vi) The planets on both sides of Earth are _________ and _________.
(vii) About _________ of the Earth is covered by water.

II. Match the following (½ x 6 = 3 marks)

(i) First man to go into space (a) atmosphere

(ii) The point where Earth appears to (b) star
meet the sky
(iii) The Earth is a (c) Yuri Gagarin
(iv) First man to land on Moon (d) horizon
(v) Layer of air surrounding the Earth (e) planet
(vi) The Sun is a (f) Neil Armstrong

III. Write whether True or False. (½ x 7 = 3½ marks)

(i) Earth has no light of its own and is lit up by the Sun.
(ii) The first Indian to go into space was Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma.
(iii) Jupiter is called a ‘dwarf planet’.
(iv) The Sun, the stars and the Moon, all are celestial bodies in the space.
(v) Saturn is a planet which has rings around it.
(vi) The path of a planet is called mantle.
(vii) The sky which surrounds the Earth on all sides is a blue roof.

IV. Answer the given questions briefly. (6½ marks)

(i) Give any one way by which we come to know that the Earth is round in shape.
(1 mark)
(ii) Name the three layers of Earth. (1½ marks)
(iii) Why do the earth and the sky appear to meet? (2 marks)
(iv) What makes life possible on Earth? (2 marks)

V. Draw a diagram of the Solar System. Mark all the planets in the correct
order. (3 marks)