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1. Charles Lindbergh told reporters never been deterred from attempting to cross the Atlantic alone even though others had failed. (A) that he had (B) that he had it (C) had it (D) his having 2. Amber comes from the resins

women, Alice Jemison acquired a selfconfidence that crusades. (A) her served well (B) served well her (C) served her well (D) her well served 6. Because of its importance in modern living, colleges (B) studying algebra in schools and colleges (C) and the study of algebra in schools and colleges (D) in schools and colleges are algebra studies 7. in the diet is especially in all parts of the world. (A) algebra is studied in schools and in her later

of pine trees that grew in Northern Europe millions of years ago. (A) chiefly (B) and chiefly (C) it is chiefly (D) since it is chiefly 3. An adult human must take eight steps to go one stride. (A) as far (B) the farther (C) how far (D) farther as a giraffe does in

important for vegetarians. (A) Enough protein is obtained (B) Obtaining enough protein (C) They obtain enough protein (D) By obtaining enough protein 8. The early work of Edith Wharton

4. When the focus of a pair of binoculars is adjusted, (A) bringing distant objects (B) distant objects can be brought (C) and bring distant objects (D) to bring distant objects 5. From the Iroquois tradition of behindthe scenes political participation by into view.

the relationship between the individual and the community. (A) focuses attention on (B) focusing the attention on (C) the attention is focused on (D) is the attention and focus

9. Archaeologists know precisely what purpose. (A) drawing being practiced


13. The common cold, normally illness, can seriously threaten the health of postoperative patients. (A) can be minor (B) as minor (C) minor an (D) a minor 14. Commercial expansion from city to suburb has affected the way people in the United States (A) living and working (B) they live and work (C) live and work (D) to live and to work 15. Only recently possible to .

years ago, but it is still unclear for

(B) when the practice of drawing (C) that drawing was practiced (D) practicing of drawing 10. Coral reefs owe their brilliant colors to algae polyps. (A) that live (B) do they live (C) why they live (D) live 11. The specialized nature of anthropological research makes that various groups of people be studied to determine their similarities and differences. (A) imperative is (B) it imperative (C) it is imperative (D) it is an imperative in symbiosis with coral

separate the components of fragrant substances and to determine their chemical composition. (A) it becomes (B) having become (C) has it become (D) which becomes 16. Sculptor Duane Hanson is noted for

12. Watercolor provides a brilliant transparency and freshness, (A) that (B) during (C) which (D) and it allows extraordinarily free brushwork.

his many life-sized and realistic figure. 17. A liquid does not have reach its boiling point to evaporate completely. 18. The discovery of gold in California in 1848 brought more than 40,000 prospectors there by two years.

19. Some psychologists believe what even when a person suffers from amnesia, some memory remains in the unconscious. 20. The Aeneid was the greatest achievement in the golden age of Latin literature, and it does continued to influence poets through the centuries. 21. The Appalachian Range of North America is made up of a broken chain of ridges, plateaus, and mountainous. 22. Bacteria are either plants nor animals, but are single-celled organisms that reproduce most commonly through binary fission. 23. W. A. Burpee was one of the first merchants to establish a successfully mail order business. 24. Fine handmade lace is traditionally making of linen thread. 25. The Van de Graaff generator, an electrostatic machine used of nuclear physics to study transformations in subatomic particles, produces powerful electric currents. 26. New uses for plastics were found during the 1950's and 1960's in medicine, space, research, industrial, and architecture. 32. The primary aim of science horticultural is to develop plants of the highest quality that offer the promise of high yields. 33. The engineering in charge of the design of a scientific tool works in close partnership with the scientist and the technician. 31. Doris Humphrey, a pioneer of modern dance in the United States, was an innovative in the technique, choreography, and theory of dance movement. 30. The cotton mills of a hundred years ago were hot, dust, noisy, dangerous places and the life of the millworkers was hard. 28. Nearly 75 percent of the land of the Canadian province of British Columbia are covered by forests. 29. By distinguishing himself as a judge in Arizona, Sandra Day O'Connor caught President Reagan's attention and was appointed the first woman justice on the Supreme Court. 27. To form a silicate glass, the liquid from which it is made must be cooled rapidly enough to prevent it crystallization.

1. The fertile catkins of the willow tree 34. Hammers are made in many different shapes and sizes to do a various of jobs. 35. Red clover, the state flower of Vermont, was the leading leguminous hay crop of the northeastern region of the United States until it surpassed by alfalfa. 36. Afterward a heavy rain, a rainbow may spread all the way across the sky, its two ends seeming to rest on the Earth. 37. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most celebrating examples of repousse work. a process of hammering metal inside a mold. 38. Observation of the Sun, Moon, and stars has enabled humans to determine both the seasons and the time from day. 4. The protection of technologies and 39. The oriental fruit fly causes extensive damage to grapefruit, lemons and oranges but does not harm to the trees on which the fruit grows. 40. The hardness of mineral often gives a clue to its identity. 5. 95 12 several years for bamboo seeds to grow into plants that can be used for commercial purposes. technological information has become of many nations. (A) the importance of a concern (B) a concern of important (C) the importance concerning (D) an important concern 2. a short-handed, long-bladed weapon, similar to a dagger but larger. (A) Like a sword (B) A sword is (C) A sword is what (D) Before a sword 3. In 1948 the United States Secretary of State Dean Acheson Marshall Plan to aid the economic recovery of Europe after the Second World War. (A) begin to carry out (B) began carrying out (C) beginning and carrying out (D) to have begun carrying out the are the green, caterpillar-like ones, commonly in length. (A) or an inch more (B) or an inch as (C) at least the inches (D) an inch or more

(A) To be taken (B) It takes (C) By taking (D) Although taking 6. Arthur Miller's play Death of A Salesman is the tragic story of a man destroyed by his own hollow values and those of the society (A) he lives in which (B) in which he lives (C) which in he lives (D) lives he which in 7. During courtship, before the peahen. (A) in which the crested peacock (B) which the crested peacock (C) the crested peacock that (D) the crested peacock 8. theories approximate the truth 12. A reagent is any chemical that reacts in a predictable way other chemicals. (A) when mixed (B) when is mixed (C) it mixed (D) mixed is 13. By the 1950's, Mahalia Jackson's powerful, joyous gospel music style had gained her in reputation (B) with an international reputation (C) which was her international reputation (D) an international reputation . (A) and she had an international 9. The earthworm is a worm moist, warm soil in many geographical areas. (A) where is it found (B) is found (C) and found it (D) found is the day-to-day business of science. (A) Determining how closely (B) How closely to determine (C) How one determines close (D) One is close to determining with displays his . 11. The monarch butterfly's migration of 1,800 miles or (A) uniquely (B) is uniquely (C) it unique (D) it is unique green-and-gold upper tail feathers more makes among insects. 10. advance and retreat in their eternal rhythms, but the surface of the sea itself is never at rest. (A) Not only when the tides do (B) As the tides not only do (C) Not only do the tides (D) Do the tides not only

14. Hovercraft, or air-cushion vehicles, are unusual (A) they (B) in they (C) that they (D) in that they 15. In the United 'States, a primary election is a method (A) that (B) is that (C) by which (D) by those 16. Allan Pinkerton, founder of the famous detective agency that bears him name, directed a Civil War espionage system behind Confederate lines. 17. Until the 1910 formation of the National Hockey Association in eastern Canada , professional and amateur teams were allowed to playfully together. 18. Contralto Marian Anderson became a member permanent of the Metropolitan Opera Company in 1955. 19. Widely acknowledged as a great and important playwright, Eugene O'Neill voters select the nominees for public office. travel over land and water on a layer of air.

brought to the United States stage it was probably its first really serious drama. 20. Because some critics considered it decadent, subversive, and incomprehensibly, abstract art encountered much opposition in its early years. 21. To survive, most birds must eat at least half their own weigh in food every day. 22. The glass tube in a fluorescent lamp contains mercury vapor under small pressure. 23. In 1977, Marilyn Yadlowski, a undergraduate at Cornell University, found that pigeons had excellent lowfrequency hearing, far surpassing that of humans. 24. The General Accounting Office reviews the accounting systems used by federal agencies to determination whether expenditures conform to laws, and it also settles claims. 25. Australian Koalas are furry, gray animal that live in trees and feed on leaves. 26. Won its war for independence in 1783, the United States then struggled

to establish its own economic and financial system. 27. The first known radio program among the United States was broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1906, by Reginald Fessenden from his experimental station at Brant Rock, Massachusetts. 28. A typical feature-length film costs millions of dollars to make and requires the skillful of hundreds of workers. 29. After his trips to the West between 1869 and 1872, Ralph Albert Blakelock would often painted American Indian encampments on brown-and-yellowtoned canvases. 30. Artist Helen Frankenthaler returned home from college in 1949 to her native New York, the city producing the most art revolutionary of the day. 31. The giraffe's long neck and legs are the most obvious features that make different from all other animals. 32. Tilling means preparation the soil to plant the seeds and keeping the soil in the best condition to help the crop grow until it is ready for harvesting. 33. The city of Boston was settled in 1630 on a hilly, wooded peninsula

where the Charles River flows into a natural harbors. 34. Critical thinkers are able to identify main issues, recognize underlying assumptions and evaluating evidence. 35. Because of its maneuverability and ability to land and take off in small areas, the helicopter is used in wide range of services. 36. Melting glaciers may account the rise in sea level that has taken place during this century. 37. Farce is a dramatic form that derives much of its humorous from improbable characters and situations. 38. Anthropologist Jane Goodall has contributed a wealth information concerning primate behavior through her studies of chimpanzees. 39. The discovery of gold in 1848 transformed San Francisco suddenly from a quiet port into one of the world's richest and most famous city. 40. The outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere is very hot that its gases continually expand away from the Sun. 96 7

1. In 1879, ______________ , Alice Freeman Palmer became head of the history department at Wellesley College. (A) twenty-four years (B) at the age of twenty-four (C) age twenty-four (D) of twenty-four years 2. The United States spends more money on advertising -------- county in the world. (A) other (B) other than (C) than any other (D) while other

an organization that encouraged _________ of scientific and intellectual research. (A) ranging wide (B) a wide range (C) which ranged widely (D) a widely ranging 6. Part of the Great Plains, Kansas is famous for _________________ fields of wheat. (A) its seemingly endless (B) it seems endless (C) it is seemingly endless (D) it is endless it seems 7. Skimming along the surface of the

3. Penicillin, probably ___________, came into widespread use after the Second World War. (A) an antibiotic of known (B) was known the antibiotic (C) the best-known antibiotic (D) known best antibiotic 4. Although Emily Dickinson is now a well-known American poet, only seven of her poems _________ while she was alive. (A) publishing (B) to publish (C) have published (D) were published 5. Thomas Jefferson served as president of the American Philosophical Society,

ocean or rising from its depths like delicate balloons, __________ to their aquatic habitat. (A) the perfect adaptation of jellyfish (B) jellyfish are perfectly adapted (C) jellyfish are adapted to perfectly (D) and the adaptation is perfect for jellyfish. 8. The sidereal day is the period ___________ the Earth completes one rotation on its axis. (A) when does it (B) while it (C) during which (D) in that

9. ___________ rainfall in the desert is low, it is one of the most important climatic factors in the formation of desert erosion features. (A) Although (B) Why (C) Despite (D) Due to 10. A strong swimmer, _______________________. (A) that fish and seal are eaten chiefly by the polar bear (B) the polar bear eats chiefly fish and seal (C) the polar bear eating chiefly fish and seal (D) eating fish and seal chiefly by the polar bear

(D) one of which 13. _________ stem from the everyday life of common people, the most popular themes are love, jealousy, revenge, disaster, and adventure. (A) Because folk ballads (B) There are folk ballads (C) With folk ballads (D) Folk ballads to 14. _____________________ around us gives us vital environment. (A) The sounds are heard (B) That the hearing of sounds (C) Hearing the sounds (D) Whatever the sounds are heard 15. Located in Boston, information about our

11. Helicopters can rise or descend vertically, hover, and move forward, backward, _____________. (A) they move laterally (B) and are lateral (C) or lateral motion (D) or laterally 12. The Dallas Theater Center presents plays in two buildings, ____________ was designed by the (A) which (B) which one (C) that which internationally renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

______________________ in the United States was founded in 1852. (A) the first public library was free (B) the first free public library (C) was the first free public library (D) where the first free public library was 16. Composed of heavy-textured clay soil, adobe has great elasticity when moist, but when dry is able of holding its shape. (used)

17. A goose's neck is a little longer that than of a duck, and not so gracefully curved as a swan's. 18. The introduction of new species of plants into Hawaiian islands offers an opportunity to study the responsively of a natural system to stress. 19. At 1939, television programs were being broadcast in the United States, and the World's Fair of that year featured demonstrations of this advance in technology.

24. Scientists usually character the disease leukemia as an overabundance of white blood cells in the bloodstream. 25. Energy research, medicinal, tourism, and copper and molybdenum mining are important to the economy of Butte, Montana. 26. The New Deal was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's program to pull the United States out the Great Depression in the 1930's. 27. Anyone rowing a boat in a strong

20. Nathaniel Hawthorne often complained of how few material his life provided for his fiction.

wind knows it is much easy to go with the wind than against it. 28. From the monitoring of earthquake

21. The United States capital, Washington, D.C. developed slow, assuming its present gracious aspect, with wide avenues and many parks, only in the twentieth century. 22. Soapberry trees and shrubs thrive in tropical regions, and being ornamental plants in California and Florida. 23. Throughout the length career, Grace Paley has been known for her ability to capture the distinct rhythms of New York speech in her short stories.

waves it is evidence that the Earth's outer core is liquid, whereas the inner core is solid. 29. Dictionaries frequently explain the origin of the defined word, state its part of speech, and indication its correct use. 30. The Caldecott Medal, awarded annual to the best illustrated children's book, is one award that identifies excellent books. 31. In the spring the woodcock builds a simple nest of leaves and grass in a

dry, quiet spots and lays four multicolored eggs. 32. For centuries the aromatic spices of the Far East has been in demand by the people of the East and West 33. Linseed oil is used as a drying oil in paints and varnishes and as making linoleum, oilcloth, and certain inks. 1. Clinical psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers 34. Phoenix, Arizona, stands where the Hohokam Indians built a canal system and carried on irrigated farming before long the time of Columbus. 35. Knowledge of the rate at which a ship is traveling through the water is important if the navigator need to estimate the time of arrival. 36. The wood of the tulip tree, sometimes referred to as American whitewood, is one of the most valuable timber product in the United States. 37. The foot is used primary for locomotion, but some primates, notably the apes, also use their feet for grasping and picking up objects. 38. Although best known for her prose works, Maya Angelou was also published several collections of poetry. 3. DNA, , is found in the cell nucleus in the form of very long and thin molecules consisting of two spiral strands. (A) inherits material 2. The early feminist leader Susan B. Anthony became increasingly aware through her work in the temperance movement same rights as men. (A) women were not granted that (B) that women were not granted (C) not granted women that were (D) that were not granted women the found that 80 percent verbal communication involved five types of responses: evaluative, interpretive, supportive, probing, and understanding. (A) all (B) is the (C) with (D) of all 96 12 40. Human hair grows at rate of about one-half to one inch a month. 39. Founded by the Spanish as Yerba Buena in 1835, what is now San Francisco was taken over by the United States in 1846 and later renamed it.

(B) is inheritance material (C) material is inherited (D) the material of inheritance 4. plants, which manufacture their


to inanimate objects, such as

machines, is a form of animism. (A) When attributing emotion (B) Attributing emotion (C) Emotion is attributed (D) If emotion is attributed 9. smell. (A) As known as far (B) Known thus far as (C) It is known as far (D) As far as is known , dolphins have no sense of

own food, animals obtain nourishment by acquiring and ingesting their food. (A) Unlike (B) Different (C) Whereas (D) As much 5. The Hawaiian alphabet, introduced by missionaries in the 1820's, and only seven consonants. (A) the five vowels consist of (B) consisting of five vowels (C) that consists of five vowels (D) consists of five vowels 6. Working like a telescope, the

10. The growth of psychobiology owes to major conceptual advances in the way people think about the brain. (A) much (B) as much as (C) much which (D) there is so much

size of objects at great distances. (A) which magnifies a telephoto lens (B) a telephoto lens magnifies (C) a telephoto lens which magnifies (D) and magnifying a telephoto lens 7. Volcanoes are divided into three main groups, based on their shape and the type of material they (A) are made (B) made of (C) are made of (D) made for .

11. In 1938 Pearl S. Buck became the first American woman Prize for Literature. (A) receive (B) received (C) to receive (D) she received 12. Now considered an art form, quiltmaking originated as a means of fashioning bed covers from bits of fabric that otherwise (A) not use (B) were no use . the Nobel

(C) had no use (D) it was not used 13. The early years of the United States government were characterized by a debate concerning or individual states should have more power. (A) whether the federal government (B) either the federal government (C) that the federal government (D) the federal government 14. Beneath the streets of a modern city of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants. (A) where exists the network (B) the existing network (C) the network's existence (D) exists the network 15. The province of Newfoundland has than any other region of North America in which the first language is English. (A) its longer history (B) a longer history (C) the longer the history (D) the history is longer 16. The antique collector must be able to distinguish real antiques from later imitations, which can be either reproductions nor fakes.

17. Paint must be stirred and sometimes dilution before it is applied. 18. A great aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart was already famous when she sets out on her ill-fated attempt to circle the globe in 1937. 19. Although apples do not grow during the cold season, apple trees must have a such season in order to flourish. 20. Two unique features of the Arctic they are lack of precipitation and permanently frozen ground. 21. Faced with petroleum shortages in the 1970's, scientists and engineers in the United States stepped up its efforts to develop more efficient heating systems and better insulation. 22. Rabbits have large front tooth, short tails, and hind legs and feet adapted for running and jumping. 23. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that has developed very dramatic in the last twenty years. 24. The ease of solving a jigsaw puzzle depends the number of pieces, their shapes and shadings, and the design of the picture.

25. Plants range in size to tiny, singlecelled, blue-green algae, invisible to the naked eye, to giant sequoias, the largest living plants. 26. During the 1940's science and engineering had an impact on the way music reach its audience and even influenced the way in which it was composed. 27. By 1860 the railroads of the United States had 3,000 miles of track, threequarters of which it was east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River. 28. Ballads were early types of poetry and may have been among a first kinds of music. 29. The thin outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis, while the layer inner, which is slightly thicker, is called the dermis. 30. With the incorporation of jazz history into current academic curricula, leading jazz musicians are now founding on the faculties of several universities. 31. Humus, a substance found in soil, is soft and spongy and enables plant roots to send out tiny hairs through that they absorb water and food.

32. Although flies live longest in cool temperatures, it breed prolifically when temperatures are warm, food is abundant, and humidity is moderate. 33. Alaska's vast areas of untamed wilderness attracts many people who enjoy the outdoors. 34. The giant panda closely resembles the bear, but account of certain anatomical features it is placed in the raccoon family. 35. The ode was original a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects. 36. Even as he wrote copiously on such diverse topic as education, politics, and religion, Lewis Mumford remained active in city and regional planning. 37. Oscillation is a electronic function that changes direct current to the signal of desired frequency. 38. Papier-mache figures by Stephen Henson, which they cheerfully depicted life in the Information Age, were the focus of an exhibit at the Museum of American History. 39. Pharmacist fill drug prescriptions, keeping records of the drugs their patients are taking to make sure that

harmful combinations are not prescribed. 40. Great technical advances in aerial and satellite photography have been made since end of the Second World War. 97 2 1. During the late fifteenth century, of the native societies of America had professions in the fields of arts and crafts. (A) only a few (B) a few but (C) few, but only (D) a few only 2. Dairy farming is United States. (A) a (B) at (C) then (D) none 3. Although thunder and lightning are produced at the same time, light waves travel faster , so we see the lightning before we hear the thunder. (A) than sound waves do (B) than sound waves are (C) do sound waves (D) sound waves leading

4. Beef cattle regions.

of all livestock for

economic growth in certain geographic (A) the most are important (B) are the most important (C) the most important are (D) that are the most important 5. The discovery of the halftone process in photography in 1881 made it photographs in books and newspapers. (A) the possible reproduction (B) possible to reproduce (C) the possibility of reproducing (D) possibly reproduced 6. Flag Day is a legal holiday only in the state of Pennsylvania, Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. (A) which (B) where (C) that (D) has 7. vastness of the Grand Canyon,

agricultural activity in the

it is difficult to capture it in a single photograph. (A) While the (B) The (C) For the (D) Because of the 8. Speciation, , results when an

animal population becomes isolated by some factor, usually geographic.

(A) form biological species (B) biological species are formed (C) which forming biological species (D) the formation of biological species 9. In its pure state antimony has no important uses, but metal. (A) when combined physically or chemically (B) combined when physically or chemically (C) the physical and chemical combination (D) it is combined physically and chemically 10. The dawn redwood appears some 100 million years ago in northern forests around the world. (A) was flourished (B) having to flourish (C) to have flourished (D) have flourished with other substances, it is an extremely useful

12. Civil Rights are the freedoms and rights as a member of a community, state, of nation. (A) may have a person (B) may have a person who (C) a person may have (D) and a person may have 13. Richard Wright enjoyed success and influence among Black American writers of his era. (A) were unparalleled (B) are unparalleled (C) unparalleled (D) the unparalleled 14. of large mammals once

dominated the North American prairies: the American bison and the pronghorn antelope. (A) There are two species (B) With two species (C) Two species are (D) Two species 15. Franklin D. Roosevelt was 11. Beginning in the Middle Ages, composers of Western music used a system of notating their compositions be performed by musicians. (A) will (B) that (C) and when to (D) so they could it provided for taking government policies directly to the people. (A) as the first President he understood fully (B) the first President that, to fully understand (C) the first President fully understood (D) the first President to understand fully the

great force of radio and the opportunity

23. Since the Great Depression of the 16. Government money appropriated for art in the 1930's made possible hundreds of murals and statues still admiration in small towns all over the United States. 24. In the 1970's, consumer activities 17. The firstly naval battle of the Revolutionary War was fought off the coast of Machias, Maine, in June 1775. 18. The public ceremonies of the Plains Indians are lesser elaborate than those of the Navajo in the Southwest. 19. In some species of fish, such the three-spined stickleback, the male, not the female, performs the task of caring for the young. 20. When she retires in September 1989, tennis champion Christine Evert was the most famous woman athlete in the United States. 21. The ancient Romans used vessels equipped with sails and banks of oars to transporting their armies. 22. Dinosaurs are traditionally classified as cold-blooded reptiles, but recent evidence based on eating habits, posture, and skeletal structural suggests some may have been warmblooded. 29. Each chemical element is characterized to the number of protons 26. In human beings, as in other mammal, hairs around the eyes and ears and in the nose, prevent dust, insects, and other matter from entering these organs. 27. The Rocky Mountains were explored by fur traders during the early 1800's, in a decades preceding the United States Civil War. 28. The works of the author Herman Melville are literary creations of a high order, blending fact, fiction, adventure, and subtle symbolic. 25. Zoos in New Orleans, San Diego, Detroit, and the Bronx have become biological parks where animals roams free and people watch from across a moat. succeeded in promoting laws that set safety standards for automobiles, children's clothing, and a widely range of household products. 1930's, social programs such as Social Security have been built into the economy to help avert severity business declines.

that an atom of that element contains, called its atomic number. 30. The body structure that developed in birds over millions of years is well designed for flight, being both lightly in weight and remarkably strong. 31. From 1905 to 1920, American novelist Edith Wharton was at the height of her writing career, publishing of her three most famous novels. 32. In the early twentieth century, there was considerable interesting among sociologists in the fact that in the United States the family was losing its traditional roles. 33. Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent, when contaminated with other material it may appear in various color, ranging form pastels to opaque black. 34. Comparative anatomy is concerned to the structural differences among animal forms. 35. A seismograph records oscillation of the ground caused by seismic waves, vibrations that travel from its point of origin through the Earth or along its surface.

36. Electric lamps came into widespread use during the early 1900's and have replaced other type of fat, gas, or oil lamps for almost every purpose. 37. Located in Canada, the Columbia Icefield covers area of 120 square miles and is 3,300 feet thick in some places. 38. Composer Richard Rodgers, and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II brought to the musical Oklahoma! extensive musical and theatrical backgrounds as well as familiar with the raditional forms of operetta and musical comedy. 39. Because of its vast tracts of virtually uninhabited northern forest, Canada has one of the lowest population density in the world. 40. Rice, which it still forms the staple diet of much of the world's population, grows best in hot, wet lands. 97 5 1. The ponderosa pine is of most

of the timber used by forest-product firms in the Black Hills of South Dakota. (A) the source

(B) as source (C) the source which (D) because the source

(D) For most famous scientists to achieve 6. Mango trees, densely covered

2. Computers that once took up entire rooms are now and into ristwatches. (A) small enough (B) smaller than (C) so small (D) as small as 3. According to some educators, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what to know to live a welladjusted and successful life. (A) do they need (B) they need (C) they are needed (D) as they may need 4. The sapphire's transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation makes (B) it uses (C) it a useful (D) it useful 5. initial recognition while in optical instruments. (A) it is of use to put on desktops

with glossy leaves and bear small fragrant flowers, grow rapidly and can attain heights of up to 90 feet. (A) whose (B) which are (C) are when (D) which 7. , the Canadian composer

Barbara Pentland wrote four symphonies, three concertos, and an opera, among other works. (A) An artist who, prolific (B) Is a prolific artist (C) Prolific an artist (D) A prolific artist 8. The Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park in Texas were created by volcanic eruptions that occurred ___________ . (A) the area in which dinosaurs (B) when dinosaurs roamed the area (C) did dinosaurs roam the area (D) dinosaurs roaming the area 9. In bas-relief sculpture, a design projects very slightly from its background, (A) as on (B) because some coins.

still quite young. (A) Most famous scientists achieved (B) That most famous scientists achieved (C) Most famous scientists who achieved

(C) the way that (D) similarly 10. Alaska found the first years of its statehood costly because it had to take over the expense of services government. (A) to provide (B) be provided (C) providing (D) provided previously by the federal

(C) to reach (D) reaching it 14. Written to be performed on a Thornton Wilder's play Our Town depicts life in a small New England community. (A) stage scenery of bare (B) bare of stage scenery (C) scenery bare of stage (D) stage bare of scenery 15. many copper mines in the ,

11. With age, the mineral content of human bones decreases, more fragile. (A) make (B) and to make (C) thereby making (D) which it makes 12. Not until Kentucky's Mammoth Cave had been completely explored in 1972 . (A) when was its full extent realized (B) that its full extent was realized (C) was its full extent realized (D) the realization of its full 13. The first explorer land was Jedediah Strong Smith, a trapper who crossed the southwestern deserts of the United States in 1826. (A) that he reached (B) reached California by them

state of Arizona, a fact which contributes significantly to the state's economy. (A) They are (B) There are (C) Of the (D) The 16. Margaret Mead studied many different cultures, and she was one of the first anthropologists to photograph hers subjects. 17. Talc, a soft mineral with a variety of uses, sold is in slabs or in powdered form. 18. During the 1870's iron workers in Alabama proved they could produce iron by burning iron ore with coke, instead than with charcoal.

19. Geologists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory rely on a number of instruments to studying the volcanoes in Hawaii.

26. The Moon's gravitational field cannot keep atmospheric gases form escape into space. 27. Although the pecan tree is chiefly

20. Underlying aerodynamics and all other branches of theoretical mechanics are the laws of motion who were developed in the seventeenth century. 21. Was opened in 1918, the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., was the first museum in the United States devoted to modern art. 22. A mortgage enables a person to buy property without paying for it outright; thus more people are able to enjoy to own a house. 23. Alike ethnographers, ethnohistorians make systematic observations, but they also gather data from documentary and oral sources. 24. Basal body temperature refers to the most lowest temperature of a healthy individual during waking hours. 25. Research in the United States on acupuncture has focused on it use in pain relief and anesthesia.

value for its fruit, its wood is used extensively for flooring, furniture, boxes, and crates. 28. Born in Texas in 1890, Katherine Anne Porter produced three collection of short stories before publishing her well-known novel Ship of Fools in 1962. 29. Insulation from cold, protect against dust and sand, and camouflage are among the functions of hair for animals. 30. The notion that students are not sufficiently involved in their education is one reason for the recently surge of support for undergraduate research. 31. As secretary of transportation from 1975 to 1977, William Coleman worked to help the bankrupt railroads in the northeastern United States solved their financial problems. 32. Faults in the Earth's crust are most evidently in sedimentary formations, where they interrupt previously continuous layers.

33. Many flowering plants benefit of pollination by adult butterflies and moths.

slenderness, wingless, and brownish in color. 40. A food additive is any chemical that

34. A number of the American Indian languages spoken at the time of the European arrival in the New World in the late fifteen century have become extinct. 35. George Gershwin was an American composer whose concert works joined the sounds of jazz with them of traditional orchestration.

food manufacturers intentional add to their products.

97 7 1. 350 species of sharks, and

36. One of the problems of United States agriculture that has persisted during the 1920's until the present day is the tendency of farm income to lag behind the costs of production. 37. Volcanism occurs on Earth in several geological setting, most of which are associated with the boundaries of the enormous, rigid plates that make up the lithosphere. 38. Early European settlers in North America used medicines they made from plants native to treat colds, pneumonia, and ague, an illness similar to malaria. 39. Some insects bear a remarkable resemblance to dead twigs, being long,

although they are all carnivorous, only a few species will attack people. (A) About (B) Where about (C) There are about (D) About the 2. After quartz, calcite is the crust of the Earth. (A) mineral is most abundant (B) mineral that most abundant (C) most abundant mineral that (D) most abundant mineral 3. Regarded as the world's foremost linguistic theorist, Noam Chomsky continues new theories about language and language learning. (A) for creating (B) by creation (C) to create in the

(D) create 8. One of the tenets of New Criticism is 4. any area receives more water that a critic need not tell readers about a story. (A) which thinking (B) what to think (C) that thinking (D) to think what 9. The outer ear, the fleshy pinna than the ground can absorb, the excess water flows to the lowest level, carrying loose material. (A) Being (B) Whenever (C) When might (D) Is 5. In 1935 seismologist Charles F. Richter devised for rating the strength of earthquakes. (A) for the numerical scale (B) the scale is numerical (C) a numerical scale (D) a scale of numerical 10. The chair may be the oldest type of 6. After the Second World War the woman wage earner States. (A) who became (B) becoming that which (C) became (D) to become 11. When wood, natural gas, oil, or any 7. Celluloid and plastics have largely replaced genuine ivory in the manufacture and piano keys. (A) of such things as (B) as of such things (C) such things as of (D) things as of such buttons, billiard balls other fuel burns, in the air to produce heat. (A) combining substances in the fuel (B) substances in the fuel that combine (C) substances in the fuel combine (D) a combination of substances in the fuel with oxygen a standard part of middle-class life in the United furniture, its importance has varied from time to time and from country to country. (A) but when (B) until then (C) in spite of (D) although and the auditory canal, picks up and funnels sound waves toward the eardrum. (A) includes (B) which it includes (C) which includes (D) of which includes

12. Deserts are arid land areas where though evaporation than is gained through precipitation. (A) the loss of more water (B) loses more water (C) is more water lost (D) more water is lost 13. When goshawk chicks are young, parents share in the hunting duties and in guarding the nest. (A) the both (B) both (C) both of (D) and both 20. Elizabeth Bishop's poems are 14. Not only among the largest frequently long and carefully constructed, uses elaborate rhyme or half-rhymes. 21. California has more land under irrigation than any another state. 22. Thomas Moran's magnificent, 15. Fish are the most ancient form of vertebrate life, and vertebrates. (A) from them evolved (B) evolved them (C) to evolve (D) they are evolved 16. Recently scientists have apply new tools of biochemistry and molecular biology to investigate the structure of human hair. 23. Emily Dickinson, among the greatest women poets in the English language, died with all of hers poems unpublished, except for seven that appeared in publications of limited circulation. all other colorful paintings onto Wyoming landscapes captured the spirit of the western wilderness in the late nineteenth century. animals that ever lived, but they are also among the most intelligent. (A) are whales (B) whales (C) some whales (D) they are whales 19. The Canadian province of Alberta it is believed to have some of the richest oil deposits in the world. 18. Of the much factors that contributed to the growth of international tourism in the 1950's, one of the most important was the advent of jet travel in 1958. 17. The dandelion plant has a straight, smoothly, and hollow stem that contains a white, milky juice.

24. Protecting Florida's coral reefs is difficult because some of the corals are very fragile : even the touch of a diver's hand can kill it.

31. In the 1920's cinema became an important art form and one of the ten largest industry in the United States. 32. To improvise effectively, a musician

25. Martin Luther King, Jr. is well-known for organize the huge human rights march that took place in Washington in 1963.

must thorough understand the conventions of a given musical style. 33. During the Jurassic period plant life

26. A lightning flash produces electromagnetic waves that may travels along the Earth's magnetic field for long distances.

was abundance, providing herbivores in particular with a plentiful supply of food. 34. Some maple trees are raised for

27. One of the earliest plants domesticated in the Western Hemisphere, manioc was introducing to Europe by Spaniards returning from the New World. 28. Beside the ages of nine and fifteen, almost all young people undergo a rapid series of physiological changes.

their sap, which has a high sugar content for yields sugar and syrup. 35. Long before boats became important in recreation, they were valuable to people for many essential tasks, included transportation and fishing. 36. Asteroids may be fragments of a

29. The frequency of meteors in the Earth's atmosphere increases when the Earth passes through a swarm of particle generated by the breakup of a comet. 30. Ponds are noted for their rich and varied types of plant and animal life, all maintain in a delicate ecological balance.

planet shattered long ago or from material the nuclei of old comets. 37. The first Native Americans to occupy what is now the southwestern United States were the Big-Game Hunters, which appeared about 10,000 B.C. 38. Some hangars, buildings used to hold large aircraft, are very tall that

rain occasionally falls from clouds that form along the ceilings. 39. Most sand dunes are always in motion as wind pushes sand upward one side of each dune, over the top, and down the other side. 40. Farms of maize, beans, and tobacco, the Wendat, Native American tribes that inhabited present-day Michigan, lived a sedentary life in densely populated villages. 97 8 1. Associated with the Denishawn company from 1916 until 1923, Martha Graham developed a powerful ___ modern dance. (A) expressively stylish (B) a style expressive (C) stylishly expressive (D) expressive style 2. Some snakes lay eggs, but others birth to live offspring. (A) give (B) giving (C) they give (D) to have given ___ that was integral to the foundations of

(B) to draw early was probably (C) early drawing probably (D) the earliest draw 4. Halley's Comet had its first documented sighting in 240 B.C. in China and (A) after (B) because of (C) since then (D) that is 5. that managers commit in it has been seen from the Earth 29 times.

problem solving is jumping to a conclusion about the cause of a given problem. (A) Major errors (B) Since the major error (C) The major error (D) Of the major errors 6. Algonkian-speaking Native Americans greeted the Pilgrims (A) to whom (B) of which (C) who (D) which 7. The best known books of Ross 3. Because it was so closely related to communication, develop. (A) drawing was probably the earliest art form to Macdonald, writer of detective novels, feature the character Lew Archer, a private detective. (A) is the settled on the eastern shores of what is now New England.

(B) is an (C) they are by (D) the 8. The first building to employ steel skeleton construction, . (A) Chicago, Illinois, the home of the Home Insurance Company Building completed in 1885 (B) the Home Insurance Company Building in Chicago, Illinois, was completed in 1885 (C) because the Home Insurance Company Building in Chicago, Illinois, was completed in 1885 (D) the Home Insurance Company Building in Chicago, Illinois, in 1885 9. During the course of its growth, a frog undergoes a true metamorphosis with a fishlike larval stage. (A) begin (B) began (C) beginning (D) is begun

11. Precious metals, gems, and ivory have been used to make most buttons are made of glass, or plastic. (A) such materials that (B) materials as such (C) such materials as (D) such materials 12. Outside the bright primary rainbow, much fainter secondary rainbow may be visible. (A) so (B) a (C) since (D) still 13. Any critic, teacher, librarian, or poet who hopes to broaden poetry's audience faces the difficult challenge of persuading skeptical readers . (A) that poetry is important today (B) for poetry to be important today (C) to be important poetry today (D) poetry that is important today 14. Following the guidelines for buttons, but wood,

10. Mahalia Jackson, powerful vitality


speaking and voting established the book Robert's Rules of Order, during meetings.


with great dignity,

was one of the best-known gospel singers in the United States. (A) it was her singing (B) which songs (C) who sang (D) whose singing

(A) and avoid large decision-making organizations' procedural confusion (B) large decision-making organizations avoid procedural confusion

(C) is procedural confusion avoided by large decision-making organizations (D) are avoiding procedural confusion in large decision-making organizations 15. Indigo is a vat color, (A) which it (B) it is (C) but (D) so called

21. A smile can be observed, described, and reliably identify; it can also be elicited and manipulated under experimental conditions. 22. A musical genius, John Cage is noted for his highly unconventional ideas, and he respected for his unusual compositions and performances. 23. Chocolate is prepared by a

because it does not dissolve in water.

16. In the New England colonies, Chippendale designs were adapted to locally tastes, and beautiful furniture resulted. 17. According to most psychological studies, body language expresses a speaker's emotions and attitudes, and it also tends to affect the emotions and attitudes of the listen. 18. The dachshund is a hardy, alert dog with a well sense of smell. 19. Quasars, faint celestial objects resembling stars, are perhaps the most distant objects know. 20. The importance of environmental stimuli in the development of coordination between sensory input and motor response varies to species to species.

complexity process of cleaning, blending, and roasting cocoa beans, which must be ground and mixed with sugar. 24. Several million points on the human body registers either cold, heat, pain, or touch. 25. In the 1800's store owners sold everything from a needle to a plow, trust everyone, and never took inventory. 26. Although they reflect a strong social conscience, Arthur Miller's stage works are typical more concerned with individuals than with systems. 27. While highly prized for symbolizing good luck, the four-leaf clover is rarity found in nature.

28. An involuntary reflex, an yawn is almost impossible to stop once the mouth muscles begin the stretching action. 29. Elected to serve in the United States House of Representatives in 1968, Shirley Chisholm was known for advocacy the interests of the urban poor. 30. A mirage is an atmospheric optical illusion in what an observer sees a nonexistent body of water or and image of some object. 31. Turquoise, which found in microscopic crystals, is opaque with a waxy luster, varying in color from greenish gray to sky blue. 32. Homo erectus is the name commonly given into the primate species from which humans are believed to have evolved. 33. Today, modern textile mills can manufacture as much fabrics in a few seconds as it once took workers weeks to produce by hand.

35. Exploration of the Solar System is continuing, and at the present rate of progress all the planets will have been contacted within the near 50 years. 36. Since their appearance on farms in the United States between 1913 and 1920, trucks have changed patterns of production and market of farm products. 37. Antique collecting became a significant pastime in the 1800's when old object began to be appreciated for their beauty as well as for their historical importance. 38. American painter Georgia O'Keeffe is well known as her large paintings of flowers in which single blossoms are presented as if in close-up. 39. Despite television is the dominant entertainment medium for United States households, Garrison Keillor's Saturday night radio show of folk songs and stories is heard by millions of people. 40. The work which the poet Emma

34. The Hopi, the westernmost tribe of Pueblo Indians, have traditionally lived large multilevel structures clustered in towns.

Lazarus is best known is "The New Colossus," which is inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. 97 10

1. Margaret Brent, because of her skill in managing estates, became largest landholders in colonial Maryland. (A) what the (B) one of the (C) who the (D) the one that

5. The quince is an attractive shrub or small tree (A) is (B) that is (C) that it is (D) is that which 6. Many gases, including the nitrogen closely related to the apple and pear trees.

2. Portland, Maine, is early years. (A) where (B) it where (C) where is (D) which is where

the poet

and oxygen in air (A) have no (B) which have no (C) not having (D) they do not have

color or odor.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow spent his

7. The American Academy of Poets, the 1930's, provides financial assistance to support working poets. (A) when it was founded (B) was founded (C) which was founded in (D) was founded in 8. During the Pleistocene glacial periods portions of the Earth where plant and animal life flourished,

3. As consumers' response to traditional advertising techniques declines, businesses are beginning (A) the development that (B) it developing (C) develop (D) to develop 4. The knee is without injury. (A) more likely to be damaged than (B) likely to be more than damaged (C) more than likely to be damaged (D) to be damaged more than likely most other joints in new methods of reaching customers.

making it possible for people to subsist. (A) the (B) it was (C) there were (D) have there been 9. The photographs of Carrie Mae Weems, in which she often makes her family members , are an

the body because it cannot twist

affectionate and incisive representation of the African American experience. (A) are her subjects (B) her subjects (C) are subjects (D) which her subjects 10. Hubble's law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies, separation. (A) the greatest (B) the greater (C) greater than (D) as great as 11. The onion is characterized by an edible bulb composed of in sugar and a pungent oil, vegetable's strong taste. (A) which the source of (B) that the source is (C) the source of (D) of the source is leaves rich the is their relative speed of

13. Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor the air contains at a certain temperature amount it could hold temperature. (A) to compare (B) compared (C) comparing (D) compares 14. Scientists believe the first inhabitants of the Americas arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and years ago. (A) this is Alaska now (B) Alaska is now (C) is now Alaska (D) what is now Alaska 15. Fibers of hair and wool are not continuous and must normally be spun into thread fabrics. (A) as are they (B) when to be (C) that they are (D) if they are to be woven into textile more than 10,000 with the at that

12. A regional writer with a gift for dialect, her fiction with the 16. The Armory Show, held in New York in 1913, was a important exhibition of modern European art. 17. Ripe fruit is often stored in a place who contains much carbon dioxide so that the fruit will not decay too rapidly. eccentric, comic, but vital inhabitants of rural Mississippi. (A) and Eudora Welty is peopling (B) Eudora Welty peoples (C) because Eudora Welty peoples (D) Eudora Welty, to people

18. In 1852 Massachusetts passed a law requiring all children from four to eighteen years of old to attend school. 19. The main purpose of classifying animals is to show the most probable evolutionary relationship of the different species to each another. 20. Matthew C. Perry, a United States naval commander, gained fame not in war and through diplomacy. 21. One of the most impressive collections of nineteenth-century European paintings in the United States can be found to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 22. Three of every four migrating water birds in North America visits the Gulf of Mexico's winter wetlands. 23. Charleston, West Virginia, was named for Charles Clendenin, who son George acquired land at the junction of the Elk and Kanawha rivers in 1787. 24. Financier Andrew Mellon donated most of his magnificent art collection to the National Gallery of Art, where it is now locating. 25. Soil temperatures in Death Valley, California, near the Nevada border, have been known to reach 90 of degrees Celsius. 33. Hot at the equator causes the air to expand, rise, and flow toward the poles. 32. Rainbows in the shape of complete circles are sometimes seen from airplanes because they are not cutting off by the horizon. 31. Fossils in 500-million-year-old rocks demonstrate that life forms in the Cambrian period were mostly marine animals capability of secreting calcium to form shells. 29. The best American popular music balances a powerful emotions of youth with tenderness, grace, and wit. 30. In the nineteenth century, women used quilts to inscribe their responses to social, economic, and politics issues. 28. Plants synthesize carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the aid of energy is derived from sunlight. 27. Mary Cassatt's paintings of mothers and children are known for its fine linear rhythm, simple modelings and harmonies of clear color. 26. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are alignment and the Moon crosses the Earth's orbital plane, a solar eclipse occurs.

34. Although research has been ongoing since 1930, the existence of ESP -perception and communication without the use of sight, hear, taste, touch, or smell - is still disputed. 35. As many as 50 percent of the income from motion pictures produced in the United States comes from marketing the films abroad.

98 5 1. In 1992 Albert Gore, Jr., the son of a former United States senator, became Vice President of the Unites States. (A) who was the forty-fifth (B) and the forty-fifth (C) the forty-fifth (D) he was the forty-fifth 2. a major role in future planetary

36. Sleep is controlled by the brain and associated by characteristic breathing rhythms. 37. The walls around the city of Quebec, which was originally a fort military, still stand, making Quebec the only walled city in North America. 38. The manufacture of automobile was extremely expensive until assemblyline techniques made them cheaper to produce. 39. The ballad is characterized by informal diction, by a narrative largely dependent on action and dialogue, by thematic intense, and by stress on repetition. 40. Eleanor Roosevelt set the standard against which the wives of all United States Presidents since have evaluated.

exploration. (A) Robots will surely play (B) Robots, which will surely play (C) Because robots will surely be playing (D) Surely robots, which will be playing 3. Unlike the owl, bats cannot see very sell, but they do have (A) it hears very well (B) very good to hear (C) hearing very sell (D) very good hearing 4. Comparatively few cities in the United States have competing newspapers today, a major change from 1900 newspapers. (A) because then most large cities having (B) when did most large cities have (C) then most large cities that had (D) when most large cities had more than two .

(D) language, very slowly developing 5. Witch hazel extract, distilled 9. substances include various forms of silica, pumice, and emery. (A) Natural abrasives occur (B) Abrasion occurs in natural (C) Naturally occurring abrasive (D) A natural occurrence of abrasion 10. 6. touching in P. Henry's stories is the gallantry with which ordinary people struggle to maintain their dignity. (A) Most is (B) It mostly is (C) Is it most (D) What is most 7. The face of the Moon is changed by collisions with meteoroids, craters to appear. (A) cause (B) causing (C) caused (D) have cause 8. Social scientists believe that from sounds such as grunts and barks made by early ancestors of human beings. (A) the very slow development of language (B) language developed very slowly (C) language, which was very slow to develop new 11. Geophysicists have collaborated with archaeologists and anthropologists to study the magnetic properties of pottery and fireplaces at sites early humans. (A) occupied (B) occupying (C) which occupy (D) were occupied 12. technically proficient : it also by in the upper part of their long, from the bark and twigs of the witch hazel shrub, has been utilized in medicine. (A) is (B) when to be (C) which is (D) has been thin legs allow deer to run swiftly and jump far. (A) Muscles are powerful (B) There are powerful muscles (C) The powerful muscles that (D) Powerful muscles

explores psychological questions. (A) Not only is Barbara Astman's artwork (B) Not only Barbara Astman's artwork (C) Barbara Astman's artwork, which is not only (D) Barbara Astman's artwork not only

13. Although Canada's Parliament can neither administer or enforce laws initiate policy, it does have the power to make laws and vote on the allocation of funds. (A) not (B) nor (C) and (D) either

18. Jupiter is a gaseous planet with an atmosphere composed most of hydrogen and helium. 19. Throughout her career Georgia O'Keeffe paid meticulous attention to her craft: her brushes were always clean, her colors fresh and brightness. 20. Hydrogen, the nine most abundant

14. Willa Cather considered her novel of life in nineteenth-century Nebraska, My Antonia, . (A) was her best work (B) her best work (C) her best work it was (D) being her best work 15. First designated in 1970, Earth Day has become an annual international event concerns about environmental issues such as pollution. (A) dedicated to raising (B) dedicated raising (C) dedicates to raise (D) that dedicates to raising

element in the Earth's crust, is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. 21. Salamanders are frequently to be find in moist, wooded areas. 22. Steam engines have been replaced in most cases by more economical and efficiency devices, such as the electric motor. 23. Traditionally, the Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States with political speeches, picnics, and most important of all, a displayed of fireworks at night. 24. The styles of used in cartoon

16. Martha Graham, a leading figure in modern dance, made she debut in 1920 with the Denishawn School. 17. In the United States, the federal government is responsible to regulating the working conditions in factories.

animation range from relatively realistic representations of every day life to the most romantic and impossible fantasy 25. Ordinary beaver dams vary in length from a few feet to a hundred feet or more than.

34. A bar code consists a pattern of 26. In the United States, presidential elections are held once every four year. 27. Except of the freehand toe, the feet of the gull are fully webbed. 28. Teaching machines are devices that can store instructionally information present displays, receive responses from a learner, and act on those responses. 37. The Everglades, a large swamp 29. Charlotte Perkins Gilman is known primarily as an author of short stories, but she also wrote an influential book argued for equal economic opportunities for women. 30. In some areas of the United States, unfavorable climate or soil make farming an impossible task. 31. Naturalists have identified at least four hundred of species of mammals and six hundred types of birds in the state of California. 32. Instead of tooth, the blue whale has a row of bony plates in its mouth that functions as a food-collecting device. answers 33. Murres are black-and white diving birds that mate every five or six years and lay only a single egg at time. 9510 1. A 2. A B 8. A 13. D 3. A 9. C 4. B 5. C 6. A 10. A 11. B 7. 12. D 40. Although Christopher Columbus failed in his original goal, the discoveries he did make were as important than the route to Asia he expected to find. 39. Since the 1950's, folk music has had a significant influence on many popular vocal and instrumental music. 38. Each year millions of tons of fertile topsoil that could produce good crops washed away by rains. area, is an unique wilderness extending over much of southern Florida. lines and bars that a computer can translate into information. 35. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly to backwards. 36. Fluorine, a greenish-yellow gas that is slightly heavy than air, is poisonous and corrosive and has a penetrating and disagreeable odor.

14. C

15. C 16. D figures

17. A

38. B wealth of information cities 9607 1. B 2. C B 8. C 13. A 3. C 40. B so

39. D

have to reach 19. B that

18. D in (or) within

20. B has ( B .) 21. D mountains successful 25. B in 22. A neither 24. C made 26. D industry 27. D its 23. D

4. D 5. B 6. A 11. D


9. A 10. B

12. D

14. C that little

15. B 16. D to hold 17. B than 18. C response 19. A In 20. B 22. C are 23. A long

28. D is 29. A herself 30. B dusty 31. B innovator 32. B horticultural science variety 35. D it was surpassed 37. A celebrated a mineral 9512 1. D 2. B D 8. A 13. D 14. D what 20. B incomprehensible 21. C weight 22. D low 23. A an 24. B to determine whether 25. A animals 26. A After it won 27. B in 28. D skills 29. C paint 31. C make it 33. D 15. C 16. C his 17. D play 18. B permanent member 19. B 3. B 4. D 5. B 6. B 11. C 7. 9. D 10. C 12. A 39. B not do (or) not give 36. A After 40. B of 38. D of 33. A engineer 34. C

21. A slowly

24. A characterize 25. A medicine 26. D out of the 27. C easier 28. B evident indicate 30. A. annually 32. C have been 33. C for 34. D long before 35. D needs to 36. D products 37. A primarily 38. C also ( renamed so) 9612 1. D 2. B C 8. B 13. A 14. D are 21. B their 22. B teeth 23. D dramatically 24. B depends on B from 25. 26. B reached 27. D which 31. D which 32. B 15. B 16. D or 17. C diluted 20. B 18. C set 19. C such a 3. D 9. D 4. A 5. D 6. B 10. A 11. C 7. 12. C 39. D renamed 40. A at the rare 29. D 31. D. spot

30. C revolutionary art different harbor

28. C the 29. D inner layer 30. D being found account of they 33. C attract 34. C but on

32. A preparing

34. D evaluate 35. D in a wide 36. B account for the 37. C humor

35. A originally 36. B

diverse topics

37. A an electronic 38. A cheerfully 39. A Pharmacists end 40. D since the

native plants 39. C slender 40. C intentionally 9707

9702 1. A 2. A D 8. D 3. A 9. A 4. B 5. B 6. B 10. C 11. D 7. 12. C 19. B 23. D

1. C 2. D A 8. B 13. B 14. A

3. C

4. B 5. C 6. C 11. C


9. C

10. D

12. D

13. C 14. D 17. A first

15. D 16. C admired 18. B less

15. A 16. A applied 17. B 19. B is 25. 20. C using 21. D other 26. C travel 27. B 29. C 31. D 33. A

smooth 18. A many believed

such as the 20. A retired 21. D to transport 22. C structure freely 26. A mammals severe 24. D wide 25. C roam 27. C the 28. D symbolism 29. B by 30. D light 31. C her 32. A interest 33. D colors 34. A concerned with (or related to) 35. C their 36. B types 37. A covers an area 38. C familiarity 39. D densities 40. A which still 9705 1. A 2. A D 8. B 13. C 14. D which 21. A Opened 22. D owning 23. A Like 24. B lowest 25. C its from escaping 27. B valued 28. B collections 29. A protection 30. C recent 31. C solve (or) to solve 32. A evident 33. B from 34. D fifteenth 35. D those 37. B settings 38. C 36. B from the 26. C 15. B 16. D her 17. C is sold 20. D 18. D other 19. D to study 3. B 9. A 4. D 5. A 6. B 10. D 11. C 7. 12. C

22. B of 23. C her 24. D them B organizing introduced 28. A Between particles 30. C maintained industries 32. B thoroughly abundant 37. D who 34. D and 35. C including 40. A Farmers

36. D material from 39. B up

38. B so

9708 1. D 2. A D 8. B 13. A 14. B 15. D 16. B local 17. D 18. C good 19. D known listener 3. A 9. C 4. C 5. C 6. C 10. D 11. C 7. 12. B

20. D from 21. B identified respected register 22. C he is 23. A complex 24. C 25. C trusted 27. D rarely 28. A a 30. B in which 34. C lived

26. B typically

29. C advocating 32. B to

31. A found (or) which is found 33. A fabric in large 35. D next 36. D marketing

37. C objects Although work by which 9710 1. B 2. A C 8. C 13. B 14. D 3. D 9. B

38. A for

39. A

26. D years arguing 30. B and

27. A Except for 28. 29. C book

40. A work for which (or)

A instructional

31. B hundred species 33. D at a time 36. B heavier

32. A teeth 4. A 5. B 6. A 11. C 12. B 7. 10. B 35. D backwards 39. D much

34. A consists of a 37. B a 38. D crops are washed

15. D 16. B an

17. C which

40. C more

18. D old (or) of age 19. D other 20. C but 21. D at (or) in whose 22. C visit 23. B 24. D located 25. D degrees 28. C derived 29. B ----

26. B are aligned 27. B their erase a capable 32. C are not cut 33. A Heat hearing 35. A. As much as associated with 37. B military fort 39. C intensity evaluated 9805 1. C B B 14. B 15. A 16. B her 17. B for 18. C mostly 20. Aninth 21. B found D display D more 22. D efficient 24. A styles used 23. 25. 19. D bright 2. A 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. D 7. 8. B 9. C 10. D 11. A 12. A 13. 38. A automobiles 40. D have been 34. D 36. C 30. D political 31. D