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Winnie, Tina, Wayne, Jamie

Persuasive Speech Body Outline: Go Vegetarian!

A. Significance/harms: 1. World hunger: according to Vegan, The New Ethics of Eating by Erik Marc, producing animal products uses staggering amounts of resources that could easily be used to feed people, for example, about 38 percent of the worlds grain are used to feed livestock. In United States, it is approximately 312 million tons of grains which can actually feed a population of 400 million of vegetarian diet. 2. The inhuman animal slaughter: according to Right, Killing, and Suffering, by R.G. FREY, the moral vegetarian clams that this is the view that our present treatment of animals in converting them into food which violates the moral right to life and freedom from unnecessary suffering. In fact, the factory-farmed (and perhaps even some traditionally-farmed) animals have suffered a good deal and been wrongly treated, in the course of being turned into food. 3. Chronic diseases: according to The Complete Book Of Meat , Doctor Chou asserts that consuming too much fat(especially animal fat) and cholesterol can easily cause coronary heart disease. Recent research has shown that practical animal fat are highly related to cancer, especially colon cancer and breast cancer. Transition: Although we know that there are hundreds of bad impacts on eating meat, we still step back from changing our lifestyle. B. Inherency: What are the blind spots keeping people away from being a vegan? 1. The first and the very reason why people keep eating meat is because that people thought that they cannot live without meat. a. \ b. According to the author of Diet of a new Americas, John Robbins, who is well-known for his works on nutrition, environmentalism, and animal rights, people nowadays are instilled the concept that eating meat, eggs and dairy every day makes us intake the abundant nutrition in them and maintain our health. c. According to Frances Moore Lappe, the chief editor of Deep Vegetarianism, America alone consumes over 8 billion animals in a year. 2. Stereotype of vegetarian a. In the preface of , the author points out that people tend to

Winnie, Tina, Wayne, Jamie connect Buddhist with vegetarianism. Moreover, monks or nuns will be criticized by the public once they consume meat, for this is regarded as a humiliation of the Buddhism creed. b. According to the book , vegetarians are often seen as different people or special, or even weirdo. These stereotypes are mostly caused by non-vegetarians prejudice. They sometimes even try to persuade vegetarians to put down their persistence. 3. We refuse to change. In according to the book , most of the people are lack of self-awareness. They ignore the information they receive about how eating meat can hurt their health, deliberately or unintentionally. 4. Last but not least, vegetarians are minority in our society. a. From Professor Chians viewpoint, our society admires masculinity and fortitude, and the meat-eating culture inherits this concept. On the other hand, vegetarians are more sensitive and concerned; becoming a vegan is often seen as a sign of feminine and weak, which makes them the minority of our society.

b. In the preface of , vegetarians are often brought to

restaurants that are not friendly to vegetarians. The less deciding power you have in a group, the less you can insist your own eating habit. For example, if your boss brings you to a seafood restaurant, you can hardly refuse. Transition: After knowing the harms of eating meat and the obstacles that block you from leading a healthy life. Its now time for a change. C. Solvency: To end all sin and start a new phase of life. Becoming a vegetarian once a week is your only redemption. Be a vegetarian once a week. There is one easy way for you to stay healthy and make contribution to the environmentbe a vegan once a week. Consuming light and nutritious fruits and vegetable will loosen the burden of your digesting system, boost your blood circulation, and also make this world a better place. a. Vegetarian Recipe. The stereotype of vegan foods is they are dull and boring. However, lots of famous chiefs have come up with many creative ways of making green and delicious dishes. b. Vegetarian map in NCCU. As a NCCU student, you have a variety of restaurants that serves vegan foods to choose from. Below, we provide a map for your food hunting.