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Formatting your EE in Word

Title page is first o Title centered in middle (not too large, 16ish) o Include lower on the page, single-spaced Name Candidate number Course Title Type of paper Teacher Date Then table of contents o abstract ............... 2 o essay................... 3 o bibliography ....... 10 Then Essay Then Bibliography Then Appendix?

Page Numbering: To have no numbering on the title page, put the cursor somewhere in the first page and then under the Insert menu, choose Page Numbers Determine your position and alignment (bottom and center are common) and then turn off the tick mark in the Show Number in first page. Then click on the Format button and change the first number to start at zero. Header with name and IB number: Put the cursor on your table of contents page and then use the View menu and choose Header and Footer Make sure the First Page is Different is gray

Then type in the header on the title page your name on the left, press the tab key on the keyboard to move to the center and then tab again to move to the right and type your IB number starting with 0714

Table of Contents After you type the title Table of Contents, press return a couple of times and type your first entry: Abstract and then click in the ruler near the far right side which places a tab icon there. Now use the Format menu and choose Tabs, click on the number in the box on the left and change to right and dots for a leader. Then click on ok and if the cursor is after the t in abstract, press the tab key on the keyboard and your number for the page, most likely 2. Press return, type your essays name and press tab to move over for its number. Continue in same manner. Use Insert Page Break to move to new pages, dont press lots of returns. To do your bibliography: use http://citationmachine.net/ to get the correct MLA formatting style. Set you ruler to outdent the text by moving the left triangles to match the following: or on the formatting palette, click on the Alignment and Spacing title and set your paragraph spacing as shown This will give 2 spaces between each bibliographical entry.

Put the word Count at the end.