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Sci-Fi Military Ideas

The regiment marched down a long corridor, the walls of the passage were high and full of cracks and crevices. They were painted white at one time but had now faded to a dull gray color. The group had uniforms of a darker shade of the same color, they carried black assault rifles that were shiny and fresh from the factory. They had never received formal training, nor did the believe that they needed it. Their steps echoed from the side of the passage like the dripping of a leaky pipe, regular and monotonous. Similar steps joined their own and the encountered another regiment, this one green in color and carrying assorted firearms ranging from assault rifles to everyday shot guns. The two commanders stared each other down, but neither commanded their men to do anything. The quiet was only broken by the muffled coughs of the men. Jossk stood near his commander and watched intently as the leaders attempted to silently impose their will on one another. The green general gave in and commanded his men to turn and leave. The sea of gray watched as they left. When their footsteps ceased to fall on the concrete floor of the passage the gray commander turned to Jossk, and said We'll camp here, the southern bastards will be waiting for us to leave the corridor. When you've finished helping set up camp, bring Corporals Thames, Coustou and Kunz with you over to my tent. Yes sir Jossk responded and fell in with his fellow soldiers to set up the temporary shelter. I probably won't live much longer Sargent first class Thomas started, and the rest of the regiment will need a leader that they can trust to take my place, I will put the issue before them and will have them choose one of you four to be next in line. Are there any questions? Jossk nodded Yeah, why us, sir? Because you've proved yourselves to be able to take leadership during a high pressure situation, yesterday for example when you each commandeered a small group and assaulted the enemy from other angles. And besides, you're some of the best trained people we have in this army of farm boys and mechanics. The issue resolved, SFC Thomas lifted a device the size of a back pack from his desk