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Parents: Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper

Catherine Howard (c. 1518-1524 13 February 1542)was the fifth wife of Henry VIII of England, and sometimes known by his reference to her as his "rose without a thorn".

Catherines motto was: No other will but his

-She married Henry 16 days after he separated from his last wife. -She was his third wife that was a commoner -She was the niece of Elizabeth Howard, who was the mother of Queen Anne Boleyn => Anne Boleyns cousin -She was the reason behind the Howard familys determination to restore Catholicism BEFORE SHE EVEN MARRIED HENRY -Early in 1541, Catherine embarked on a romance with Thomas Culpeper, Henrys favorite male courtier. -Her affair was noticed by people who asked for favors in return for their silence (blackmailed her). -The biggest mistake she made was appointing one of her past lovers (Francis Dereham) secretary of her Household. The Archbishop found out about their former relationship and informed the King, who after having the matter investigated, arrested a number of involved people as well as his wife.

After torturing Dereham and Culpeper in the Tower of London and getting their confessions, Henry finally sentenced his wife.

On the 23rd of November she was stripped of her title as Queen and imprisoned in Syon Abbey, Middlesex. She was later beheaded, her lasts words being I die a Queen, but I would rather have died the wife of Culpeper.