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Business Law Lesson #1 12/09/11 Dr. Agus Sarjono Economic law, Commercial Law, Intellectual property Ms.

Yetti PK4 Togi Indonesian Commercial Law Reading list in SIAK Also reading materials At Barel (Book A, Book B) Commercial Law Indonesian Business Law Prof Sudargo Gautama Wetboek van Koophandeling in english by pak anjar cafeteria Commercial Law Scope of subject (sources of commercial law) - Contract Law (business transaction) - Company law (law of business organizations) - Agency Law (not between producer and consumer, for payment with bank, but with distributor/outlet how both parties deal with commercial activities like sales, services etc.) - Law of commercial papers (usually deals with payment in business transactions) Business Transactions Example? D Agents for payment or transfer of goods A Sales of goods or services B Mutual rights and obligations

C Agent for payment or transfer of goods Maybe a LLC

Contract? An agreement between two persons or more, binding one another to do or not do something, in which the agreement will be legally enforceable Offer acceptance ??? > Contract (BW, Part two Book three, Art 1320 & 1330) Legal Requirements Cancel 1. The parties have legal capacity - subjective Of age (21 or married) to enter into a contract (contractual age) Not under guardianship Sane Authorized by law 2. The parties consented with free will to enter into contract - subjective No duress No misinterpretation/ fraud No mistake Concerning persons Null/Void 3. Agreed upon a specific object - objective The object can be determined (license, service, trademark) The object is something that can be traded 4. The contract is not in contravention with - objective The law Morals/decency Public norms Concerning content Corp A, B, C D Contract on behalf on corporations only by directors Mandate (kuasa direksi), delegation from directors to managers Freedom to contract (no duress, fraud and mistake) Negotiation Offer acceptance

Debt collecting violence big no-no