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7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual

1o determ|ne the s|ake durab|||ty |ndex of the g|ven
kock samp|es
1o deLermlne Lhe reslsLance agalnsL Lhe weaLherlng effecL
1hrough Lhls LesL meLhod we are able Lo deLermlne slake durablllLy lndex of a shale or
oLher slmllar rock afLer Lwo drylng and weLLlng cycles wlLh abraslon
S|gn|f|cance and Use
1he LesL meLhod ls used Lo esLlmaLe quallLaLlvely Lhe durablllLy of weak rocks ln Lhe
servlce envlronmenL 1hls LesL meLhod ls used Lo asslgn quanLlLaLlve durablllLy values Lo weak
1wo drums and one moLor 8ocks sample Cven Welghlng apparaLus Slake durablllLy
ke|ated theory
Lroslon ls Lhe process by whlch Lhe surface of Lhe LarLh geLs worn down Lroslon can be
caused by naLural elemenLs such as wlnd and glaclal lce

7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual
Lroslon ls Lhe process by whlch maLerlals are removed from a reglon of Lhe LarLhs surface lL
can occur by weaLherlng and LransporL of sollds (sedlmenL soll rock and oLher parLlcles) ln Lhe
naLural envlronmenL and leads Lo Lhe deposlLlon of Lhese maLerlals elsewhere lL usually occurs
due Lo LransporL by wlnd waLer or lce by downslope creep of soll and oLher maLerlal under
Lhe force of gravlLy or by llvlng organlsms such as burrowlng anlmals ln Lhe case of blo
WeaLherlng ln general refers Lo a group of processes by whlch
surface rocks dlslnLegraLe lnLo smaller parLlcles or dlssolve lnLo waLer due Lo
Lhe lmpacL of Lhe aLmosphere and hydrosphere 1he weaLherlng processes
ofLen are slow (hundreds Lo Lhousands of years) 1he amounL of Llme LhaL
rocks and mlnerals have been exposed aL Lhe earLhs surface wlll lnfluence Lhe degree Lo whlch
Lhey have weaLhered
WeaLherlng processes are dlvlded lnLo Lhree caLegorles
9hyslcal weaLherlng
hemlcal weaLherlng
lologlcal weaLherlng
naLural loss of soll and rock debrls blown away by wlnd or washed
away by runnlng waLer laylng bare Lhe rock below Cver mllllons of years
denudaLlon causes a general lowerlng of Lhe landscape
1he removal of rock maLerlal from Lhe surface of Lhe LarLh Lhough Lhe
processes of weaLherlng and eroslon SLrlpplng laylng bare of rocks by removal of Lhe Lop soll
or oLher ground cover aLegory

7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual

1he process by whlch anyLhlng ls dlslnLegraLed Lhe condlLlon of
anyLhlng whlch ls dlslnLegraLed
1he wearlng away or falllng Lo pleces of rocks or sLraLa produced by
aLmospherlc acLlon frosL lce eLc
S|ake durab|||ty |ndex
A LesL Lo esLlmaLe Lhe reslsLance of rocks
parLlcularly arglllaceousrocks Lo a comblnaLlon of weLLlng
and abraslon 1esL resulLs are expressed as a slake
durablllLy lndex for each parLlcular rock
1he slake durablllLy lndex corresponds Lo Lhe percenLage of dry mass of fragmenLs reLalned by
Lhe drum of 2mm of square mesh afLer Lwo cycles of oven drylng and 10 mln of mlxlng ln waLer
under Lhe effecL of deLerloraLlon and abraslon
1he slakedurablllLy LesL was lnLended Lo assess Lhe reslsLance offered by a rock sample
Loweakenlng and dlslnLegraLlon when sub[ecLed Lo Lwo sLandard cycles of drylng and weLLlng
- 8ock samples were puL lnLo an apparaLus LhaL comprlses Lwo seLs of drums of Lhe lengLh of
100 mm and Lhe dlameLer of 140 mm
- 1he Lwo drums roLaLed ln waLer LhaL had a level of abouL 20 mm below Lhe drum axls
- 1he roLaLlon was drlven by a moLor capable of roLaLlng Lhe drums aL a speed of 2089M whlch
was held consLanL for a perlod of 10 mlnuLes
- 1en rock lumps each had a mass of 4060 g were placed ln Lhe drums

7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual
- AfLer slaklng for Lhe perlod of 10 mlnuLes Lhese rock samples were Lhen drled ln an oven aL a
LemperaLure of 103 degree cenLlgrade for up Lo 6 hrs
-llnally Lhe mass of drled samples was welghLed Lo obLaln Lhe flrsL cycle 1he LesL was
conducLed over Lwo cycles ln whlch Lhe welghL of parLlcles of 10 rock lumps reLalned ln Lhese
weLdry cycllng LesLs was Lherefore deLermlned
Cbservat|on and ca|cu|at|ons

ua||ty of rocks I
(Ist cyc|e)

very hlgh durablllLy 99 98
Plgh durablllLy 9899 9398
Medlum hlgh 9398 8393
Medlum 8393 6083
Low 6083 3060
very low 60 30
A WelghL of drumg
WelghL of drum+drled samples before 1
welghL of drum+weL samples afLer 10mln roLaLlong
uWelghL of drum+drled samples afLer 10mln roLaLlong

7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual
Slake durablllLy lndex uA/A100
l 8ock sample should noL be lrregular
ll no of lumps ln Lhe sample are 8 Lo 9
lll 1oLal welghL should be 430300g
O lrom Lhls experlmenL l know abouL Lhe slake durablllLy LesL of rock samples and also
know abouL weaLherlng and eroslon
O lrom Lhls experlmenL we ldenLlfled ( ) by uslng Camble's slake durablllLy
classlflcaLlon Lable
lL ls a qulck and slmple LesL Lo conducL where Lhe rock sample can be ln core or lrregular block
1he equlpmenL ls easy Lo use and handle as LesL could be perform dlrecLly on slLe
lL requlres a preparaLlon of sample as accordance Lo lS8M (lnLernaLlonal SocleLy of 8ock
Mechanlcs) unlaxlal compresslve sLrengLh (uS) of rock maLerlal and deformaLlon behavlor
under loadlng ls verlfled by applylng compresslve load unLll fallure occurs ln Lhe core by a

7 Lnglneerlng Ceology Lab Manual