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THE WATERMELON MAN FROM MOSS HILL Last year we brought you a story about Kirk Webb, of Moss

Hill, and his daughter, Megan, who grew watermelons together and the result was two Carolina Cross Watermelons that weighed 100 lbs. and 131 lbs. This year Kirk, Melody, Reese, and Megan (the entire Webb Family) joined together to try and grow the largest watermelon possible. They grew six Carolina Cross Watermelons this year weighing anywhere between 90.6 lbs. to the largest being the new Texas State Record of 147 lbs. The watermelon was officially weighed at Bear Hollow Farms by the Official Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) in Nancy, KY on Saturday, September 17, 2011. Bear Hollow Farms is one the official weigh-in sites for Texas State record fruits and vegetables. Kirk and his family, along with their Texas State Record Watermelon, will be on hand to show off their prize watermelon at the Kenefick Civic Center on FM 2797 in Kenefick, TX for the Kenefick Kountry Weekend on October 8, 2011. They will also be showing at the Trinity Valley Fairgrounds on FM 563 in Liberty, TX for the Trinity Valley Expo on October 15, 2011. They are hoping the watermelon can hold on long enough to make these once in a lifetime appearances. Congratulations to Kirk and his family on this once in a lifetime accomplishment and come out and see TEXAS LARGEST WATERMELON!!! Article by: Debbie Durbin