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Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Advisory No. 73/2011 18 August 2011 Embassy Reduces Cost of Replacement of Lost Passport The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh advises all Filipinos that, as part of the current review of consular fees and procedures, the Embassy has removed the fee for transmission for verification of lost passport, which amounts to 80 Saudi Riyals. The fee for application of replacement e-Passport for a lost passport (green or MRP) is now SR 360 instead of SR440. The total fee inclusive of the notarization of the affidavit of loss is SR 460. If you lose your e-Passport, however, and apply for a replacement, the fee is SR 600 and SR 100 for the notarization of the affidavit of loss or a total fee of SR 700. --o0o--