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Language Analysis Analysis of meaning, form and pron Target language: for rent/for sale MEANING: A residence being

offered for a limited amount of time for a fixed amount paid per moth A residence being offered for a unlimited amount of time for a fixed amount FORM: The house is for sale Subject+ present simple to be + for sale The flat is for rent Subject+ present simple + for rent PRONUNCIATION:

Possible learner probs with MFP


If I just tell them a definition of what Types of residences vocab will have been elicited form them so I for sale and for rent means they will put up a sign next to two houses, one with 800 euros /month will most probably be confused. and the other 150,000 euros to elicit that one is to rent and the other to buy.

For sale, they might wander why for It should be included in the form as if the two words work sale together for meaning + for sale

(The house is) for sale.


(The flat is) for rent.


Students might separate the words for Drill pronunciation orally and on the board. sale and for rent

Target language: how big is the flat? MEANING: Asking about the size of the flat FORM: How big is the flat? Question word+ present simple to be+ noun PRONUNCIATION:

Might not be clear enough

Write down the square metres of a flat and elicit or indicate the question.

Separate the words again

Drill and repeat to drill for fluency.

How big (is )the flat?