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UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY PETRONAS MPW 2153 Moral Studies September 2011 Semester General Instructions: 1.

Your essay must be bound with a cover page, which must include the following details: a. Title of the Topic or Current Issue as given in your debate. b. Names, ID No., Course and Group No. of each member c.Paste your currect passport size picture d. Name of Lecturer Do refer to the sample of front cover! 2. You are required to do the necessary reading for the task from your lecture notes, reference books, newspapers, internet, etc. to support your points or arguments. 3. Please ensure that the task for each member is at equal level. 4. Your essay must be well-edited before you hand it in. 5. Your essay must be typed on A4 paper using font size 12 (Arial or TNR using double spacing). 6. If you include any idea or opinion from other writers you must acknowledge it in the proper way. Plagiarism in all forms is forbidden. Students who submit plagiarized work will be penalized. Use the APA format for your citations and references. 7. Include a list of references at the end of your essay. 8. Word length: Not more than 30 pages, excluding Cover Page and Reference Page. Number your pages. 9. Date due: Week 12.

TASK Description Part 1 1. This is a COMPILATION of the presentations about religion of the three or four groups. Description for Part 1 A. Introduction of the religion B. Content History / Background/ Evolution Holy books Aspects of teaching Religious values / Moral Values C. Festivals /Celebrations / special rituals Part 2 1. It is a complete, comprehensive and coherent piece of ESSAY. You do not need any subdivisions or sub-topics. Analyze and discuss any of the moral issues from various viewpoints or perspectives. However, it must have an introduction, body and conclusion. 5-6 20 Pages Marks Allocation 25


A. Introduction (introduces the topic or issue, complete with definitions and citations. Also
state your stand on this issue)

B. Body of the essay. (present and discuss the arguments or the stand point of the moral
issues from religions perspective (whether its for and against) and do provide supporting ideas/facts/examples/explanation. Write one paragraph for each point/argument/main idea) Conclusion. (give a brief summary of your points and restate your stand) 25-30 5 50


Format (Reference / Bibliography) Total


Course Lecturer

: :

Moral Studies (MPW 2153) Mr Muthualagan Thangavelu

Description Part 1 A B C Part 2 A B C Format (Reference) Total

Marks Allocation /3 /12 /10 /5 /10 /5 /5 /50

Comments; _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____

No. 1.


ID Number


Passport size picture






UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY PETRONAS MPW 2153 Moral Studies September 2011 Semester

Portfolio (Album) for Moral campaign

Introduction Theme Objective Short speech from Campaign Chairman Committee members & organization chat

Content Types of Activities Schedule for your activities Pictures (some only-print out) and Soft copy Autographs

Attachment Compilation of your Minutes Of Meeting (MOM)

Most important; No specific format for your campaign portfolio (album).

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