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INTRODUCTION: Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information is to provide the fundamentals of the ongoing activities that are undertaken by a company in order to ensure a strong public image. Managing communications knowledge and information activities include helping the public to understand the company and its products and can be conducted via the media e.g. newspapers, television, magazines, etc. It also recognises the fact that communication does not take place in organisations effectively. This implies that both information and knowledge is inefficient in the decision-making process. Managers are required to focus on communication processes as well as improving their communications skills. SinhCafe Travel is one of Vietnams leading travel and tour companies with the good reputation and specialization in the many fields of tourism. SinhCafe Travel is currently planning to enhance its computerized information systems for market development and customer relationship management. Employed for the company as a Customer Development Manager, I am required to evaluate the information, knowledge and decisions which are vital for success of the business and creating awareness and interest on the company products to report to the Director of the department.



Evaluate existing communication processes in the existing and new regional offices (Da Nang & HCMC) Communication is the process of sharing the ideas, thoughts, and feelings with other people and having those ideas, thoughts, and feelings understood by the people we are talking with.When we communicate we speak, listen, and observe. The way we communicate is a learned style. For examples, as children we learn from watching our parents and other adults communicate. As an adult we can learn to improve the way we communicate by observing others who communicate effectively, learning new skills, and practicing those skills. An organization like that, SinhCafe Travel needs to develop their communication process and improve gradually to be better with the existing. With the objective of the company to enlarge the market and increase the market share as well as create more new choices for adventurous travelers to explore Vietnam, new offices in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City are established and developing the communication process between headquarter and those offices are really necessary and important for SinhCafe Travel. The ability to effectively communicate at work, home, and in life is probably one of the most important sets of skills a person needs. It is also not easy, and we all have probably had experiences where our communication failed or ran into a barrier. So, if we can understand the communication process better and improve it, we will become a more effective and successful communicator. SinhCafe Travel recognizes that the communication between them and stakeholders as well as internal company but among different offices should be improved and continuously renews, so that, the business process of the company will operate smoothly and strongly.

Figure: Communication process



The headquarter of SinhCafe Travel in Ha Noi is developed a main communication process and is communicated to regional offices by some ways such as in talking, in speaking, in writing, using technical tools (computer is connected to internet, fax, scan, telephone, or more modern devices). The communicator or sender in headquarter to offices or contrast is the person who is sending the message. There are two factors that will determine how effective the communicator will be. The first factor is the communicators attitude. It must be positive. The second factor is the communicators selection of meaningful symbols, or selecting the right symbols depending on the audience and the right environment. The receiver is simply the person receiving the message, making sense of it, or understanding and translating it into meaning. For instant, now think about this for a moment: the receiver is also a communicator. How can that be? (When receiver responds, he or she is then the communicator.) Communication is only successful when the reaction of the receiver is that which the communicator intended. Effective communication takes place with shared meaning and understanding. Feedback is that reaction SinhCafe Travels headquarter just mentioned. It can be a verbal or nonverbal reaction or response. It can be external feedback or internal feedback, like selfexamination. Its the feedback that allows the communicator to adjust his/her message and be more effective.Without feedback, there would be no way of knowing if meaning had been shared or if understanding had taken place. Discuss that communication is a two-way process. The information goes out to a person on the other end. There is a sender and a receiver. Simply put, effective communication is getting the message across to the receiver. It is the senders responsibility to make sure that the receiver gets the message and that the message received is the one sent. Communicating is not an isolated series of one skill, it involves several skills. For example, speaking involves not only getting the message across but also being able to listen and understand what others are saying (active listening) and observing the verbal and nonverbal clues in order to monitor the effectiveness of the message. Any information, ideas, attitudes or needs from SinhCafe Travel to offices in Da Nang and HCMC will create communication channels to each other. From that, all works of managers, staffs or partners related to the business process of SinhCafe Travel that find easy to access and increase more quality and competitive advantages for the company.



Implement and justify improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication with the head office and the regional offices

We have many ways to communicate with everybody such as face to face, presentation, email, letter, telephone, report, memo, etc. In our customer development department, manager is using regularly e-mail, presentation, letter, document in communication process. Email: using to send the document for people who attend meeting. Each way has the different advantage. Nowadays, a method is applied so much that is e-mail in the world so it bring about a convenient and saving a lot of time to contact with someone. It has many advantages as providing a written record and attachments can be included Quick-regardless of location Automated Read receipts or a simple request to acknowledge receipt by return message mean you know if the message has been received. Moreover, we can be sent to multiple recipients easily, can be forwarded on to others. Presentation: using to present in meeting. A method is very effectively to communication and usually using face to face to communicate to everybody. It helps us can be persuade the persons and make others to understand in your opinions. Besides, complex ideas can be communicated and visual aids such as slides in Microsoft Office Power Point software can help the communication process much more effectively. Letter: using to send content and invite people who attend meeting. It is also popular in the form of contact. It has advantage that provides a permanent record of an external message. Moreover, it also adds to formality to external communications. Document: using to know information in meeting.

The communication system is a very important tool of leaderships. Manager has a lot of channels that they use such as weekly meetings, Friday email, telephone conferences, newsletter, billboards, employee interviews, etc.... In the communication system with the headquarter and the regional offices of SinhCafe Travel, to have the communication effectively as well as classify the information faster, the company need to improve it. Step 1: Manager needs to classify the target groups in two categories that are internal and external.


Internal target groups

External target groups

Employees (be specific) Coordinators Administrators Managers Management Union Specialists Projects or groups Different departments Geographic areas

Customers Networks Suppliers Partners Users Patients Organisations Mass media Neighbours Community Governmental authorities

Step 2:

The inner circle (A) is the most important. Maybe note that A is near relations, B is working sometime (need to be improved) and C is farer relations. We base on the target groups in the map above to evaluate them. And then SinhCafe Travel enters all target groups into a document and create document for internal as well as external group. In addition, we need to develop the communication channels. We will create a separate column for channels and write down the 2-3 best channels to reach respective target group. For example, personal channel includes department


meetings, dialogue meetings, general meetings, information meeting, etc. Mechanical channels include intranet, employee magazines, e-mail, homepage on internet, etc. And then, we add a column to improve the areas. And then, a part is also important in communication system that base on the message. We have a lot of ways to classify the messages that are one-way and two-way messages. Oneway message is no need for discussions or dialogue and with there is the two-way messages. A message is difficult to talk about for example feedback, values, vision, etc.... and then also have to talk easily for example finances issue, project updates, etc.... that is the reason why managers use meeting to discuss the simple message (one-way message). In SinhCafe Travels system, the best change effectively, that look at the message which have in meeting of each department and remove all of one-way messages which leave all department. Through, SinhCafe Travel will have more discussion with the important stuff.

Identify the difficulties that facing when communicating with the immediate peers, other peers from another function in Sinhcafe

There is a question that: Have you ever been talking to someone and they misunderstand what you were saying? Why do you think that happens? Many answers are brought out such as Language barriers, Attitude of communicator, physiological factor (voice, vocal way) At any point in the communication process a barrier can occur. Barriers keep us from understanding others ideas and thoughts. Barriers can appear at any point of the communication loop.



In communication process at SinhCafe Travel, there are two types of barriersinternal and external. Examples of internal barriers are fatigue, poor listening skills, attitude toward the sender or the information, lack of interest in the message, fear, mistrust, past experiences, negative attitude, problems at home, lack of common experiences, and emotions. Examples of external barriers include noise, distractions, e-mail not working, bad phone connections, time of day, sender used too many technical words for the audience, and environment. Barriers keep the message from getting through. When communicating, watch out for barriers. Monitor the actions of the receiver.Watch her/his body language; check to make sure the message the receiver received is the one sentask questions and listen.

From the weaknesses above that plans can be set to improve communication skills

A key area for improvement: Presentation skill Objectives Methods To get the experience and knowledge about presentation and the professional style to present

Monitoring and review Before presentation, in In 3 months, from 01- To note the every meeting or something, I need 01-2011 to 31-03-2011. result month to have the preparedness about all information and content To refer to the which I will speak that. subordinate and Besides, I need to have the receive the taking note into handout to feedback from present better. them. To determine the specific goals. To create the attention of listeners. To perform the genuine enthusiasm with the problem that is presenting. To go straight on the conclusion sentence. To have a try the presentation. To analysis after the presentation.




A key area for improvement: written communication skill Objectives Methods Timescale Monitoring and review To make good my shortcomings about written. Preparation: to determine From 01-01-2011 to To receive the the subject as well as finding 01-03-2011. the data, information a way to accurate. To write the draft version. To review a once. To check the grammar as well as spelling, feedback from the person who write the letters, memorandum, etc. To assess the

improving skill of myself.


A key area for improvement: direct dialogue skill Objectives Methods Enhance the confident to communicatio n in face to face to bring out my new ideas as well as share to everybody.

Monitoring and review evaluate To determine the objective From 10-01-2011 to To myself about the and make the acquaintance 10-02-2011. result. before a dialogue. To select the suitable To ask and get method to communicate. feedback from To communicate with many subordinate. people with the different style through to have much more experience as well as confident when I talk. To practice the body language through to communicate much more effectively and create the attraction with partners. To expand the relationship through to create much the chance to communicate. To avoiding the talking a way to rambling and extending the communication.




Evaluate existing approaches in the collection, formatting storage, disseminating information and knowledge at between head office and the Regional Offices

In SinhCafe Travel, we have two main resources that are internal and external of company. From internal company, it comes from many different sources such as meeting with customers, supplier as well as shareholder. Furthermore, it also has the report such as Annual Report & Financial Statement to managers of department as well as director of SinhCafe Travel. And then, this information will be collected together such as accounting ledgers and financial statement to bring out budgeting forecast as well as analysis turnover for SinhCafe Travel. Besides, in customer development, business and marketing department, this information is very important that is market prospects and reports, or sales index by customer as well as service packs. A factor is integral that is customer complaints as well as the result of marketing research reports. The information is from market search such as the habit, attitude, and behaviours of customers. Or in the Service Development and Designing department, information is about prices of market, lists of suppliers (restaurants, hotels, resorts, transport companies...) that are very necessary with SinhCafe Travel. SinhCafe Travel develops not only internal sources but also external sources. In 2009, the crisis of currency was impacted which powerful affected the buyer purchasing of customer. The company tried to maintain the market share and the quality of service packs to stimulate and satisfy both foreign travellers and in domestic. SinhCafe Travel used completely available sources to develop and enlarge the business process. Furthermore, SinhCafe Travel also use the secondary data that unofficial sources. Information is necessary about market research reports which are collected from journals, newspapers, trade journal, etc. Formal information includes Annual Report & Financial Statement of SinhCafe Travel. In addition, the information is from market search such as the habit, attitude, and behaviours of customers. Advantage of formal information: it provides the

accurate information about situation at present of SinhCafe Travel such as finance, product, service, etc.... From the information, the company can make a strategic price of product Informal information comes from many difficulties resources such as internet, newspaper as well as rumours from market share. Advantage of informal information,


this information is slightly important with SinhCafe Travel so the company can base the latest developments about price through the company can adjust a timely decision about the price of product. Disadvantage of informal information: the information is not highly reliable and accurate. It will affect SinhCafe Travel so much if the company uses its information without efficient. Primary information has had from collection information from survey customers, suppliers. Advantage of primary information, SinhCafe Travel will determine a way to accurate the customer needs through SinhCafe will meet its customer needs easily. Based on the result, SinhCafe will meet to the customer needs as well as their expectation about the price of SinhCafe Travels tour packs. Secondary information comes from many other resources such as government, newspaper, internet and competitor. Advantage of secondary information, through the articles about customer information, price from competitor as well as complaint from them or the cost-of-living index and price index from government, the company will update the market fluctuation and to be unbroken measurement about adjusting sales. This information is very necessary to make a strategic price. At present, SinhCafe Travel is cooperating with FPT Telecom to launch Information Systems Management Business-2nd ERP to apply the current business system through SinhCafe Travel manage the solutions based on SAP and Solomon. ERP system is the overall management resources and business process as well as solutions that combine the best advanced technology that help to connect in the most effective between head office and regional offices. This solution integrates leading innovation about technology in the world; it will create the international standard about business environment for Sinhcafe Travel and then it also increase the competition advantages in global integration. (Adapted from: http://www.hanoisoftware.com.vn/Desktop.aspx/GioiThieu-Khdt-


SinhCafe Travel has developed strongly because the effectiveness in communication process is applied smoothly. All resources the company has will help to bring the success in the near future.

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Implement and justify appropriate

changes to




formatting, storage, and disseminating information and knowledge

We are having some problem in communication process so we need to improve this process to communicate with the best efficient. Firstly, we need to have the standard process to communicate among people together. The staff will collect information as well as data and they will recapitulate the fact. And then will enter this information and data in the form document. Finally, the staff will use the Microsoft Office Word for document as well as Microsoft Office Excel for spreadsheet software to input data into the storage system. To report the manager of their department, the staff can send the report by e-mail which attaches the document in Microsoft Office Word as well as spreadsheet in Microsoft Office Excel or office text to manager. About manager, they can read the data or spreadsheet a way to easily so it had been stored into the computer system through Lan network of SinhCafe Travel. Moreover, manager can base on the e-mail to reply the e-mail from staff easily and quickly. About equipment of Lan network and internet, we need to equip a Lan network and internet better with the new modern computer, equipment as well as technology. To make this plan, we cooperate with FPT Telecom to transfer technology as well as the modern equipment to SinhCafe Travel. With the better computer and network, the company will improve the communication process effectively. About storage, SinhCafe Travel need to have a standard process and the IT department will perform it. All data from each department, it will be collected and processed by IT staff to enter data into hard disk drive of storage systems of SinhCafe Travel. It also helps Customer development department to keep data about customer as archives and manage the customer information efficiently and quickly. SinhCafe Travel implements changes for improvements in business process depended on development of information factors. The plans are set to create the effectiveness in organizing and communicating. The company will enlarge more and develop more to compete with many big companies in Vietnam as well as international.

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Implement a strategy to improve access to the current system of information and knowledge to others in the organisation as appropriate

Sinhcafe Travel needs to establish and then execute the strategy for successful development of business information systems. Business information system development is one of the critical path components of Information Technology. Many, if not most, information technology projects exhibit these characteristics: over budget, under specified, delivered late, and unable to meet organizational expectations. The business information system changes result from database design changes and also from process logic changes. The onerous effects of process logic changes, can be dramatically affected through the use of object-oriented analysis, design and programming techniques employed within the environment of business information system generators. A key strategy to minimize the negative impact of software changes is code-generation, that is, through a business information system generator. Intranet: we will use it to send e-mail or share data among department. Furthermore, it is used to notify information to all staff by e-mail. Group exchange: this is the form which is very popular and so much effectively. Each department, we need to have the discussion about information of plan with member in group. Through, it will increase the mutual exchange between manager and staff. Face to face: we need to build a new culture about communication. We have the rule in communication such as exchanging greetings, behavior, etc. Meeting in SinhCafe Travel: we will perform a meeting every month. In the meeting, it will help us to have the distribution about idea as well as bring out new idea to make a plan effectively. People can communicate better through their distribution about idea. A model is designed that SinhCafe Travel can implement their strategies by each function Communicator the hardware, software and protocols required to physically transport data between source and target system Accessor the data manipulation functions required to query (perhaps store) data anywhere in the single system image and to route data (perhaps e-mail, print files) to a target

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Translator - the ability to translate data or accessor commands from source to target formats Director knowledge of where data may be found or how target may be accessed, if data need to be translated or headers modified, how the target is addressed, etc Administrator rules for access and update authority, invocation of consistency requirements, privacy and integrity requirements, etc

In SinhCafe Travel, to develop strongly the company, we need to build a communication a way to effectively to connect people together. Through, the company will have the work strongly and productivity.

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Communications management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization, and between organizations; it also includes the organization and dissemination of new communication directives connected with an organization, network, or communications technology. Aspects of communications management include developing corporate communication strategies, designing internal and external communications directives, and managing the flow of information, including online communication. New technology forces constant innovation on the part of communications managers. SinhCafe Travel focuses on the factors to meet the objectives and reach the satisfactions of customers, more and more raising the position of organization higher and more effectively.

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