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GTA multiplayer animations explained. .. By Fabio_Santi a.k.a. Smoka'.

Fight Receiving:
Kick/Punch stomach Kick/Punch chest Kick/Punch troath Kick/Punch real hard Kick/Punch face Get up after hurt /nobreath 1 /fallover 3 /hurt /fallover 1 then 3. /fallover 4 /fallover 2 /sunbathe 4

Party & Bar:

Dance (Choose one) Dance moves Sniff drugs or eat Passed out junky Fireing up a joint/cigar Smoke and lean back Drink something Get drink from bar Taking from bar Lean on bar Puke Pay money /dance 1 to 6 /getjiggy 1 to 10 /eat /gesture 15 /crack /smoke 1 /smoke 2 /drinkwater /bar 4 /bar 1 /bar 3 /bar 5 /vomit /deal 2

Fight Giving:
Right arm punch Left arm punch Kick nuts Pushing chest Pushing stomach Headbutt Jump kick Swing punch right Elbow Give 4 box punches /snatch 1 /snatch 2 /copa 7 /doorkick /bodypush /lowbodypush /headbutt /airkick /leftslap /elbow /box

Lay back couch/chair Lay down on the floor Sit on the floor Sit on a object /blowjob 1 /sit 1,2 & 4 /sit 5 /siteat 1 & 2

Gun aiming:
Aim on chest Aim on troath Walking aim Aim on stomach /rob /robman /copa 5 /holdup 2

Placing a bomb Laugh Hide Put on hat/sunglasses Check your watch Reanimation Spraycan spray Scratch your balls Wash your hands Repair car Sneak around /bomb /laugh /hide /lookout /checktime /cpr /trag 2 /crabs /washands /misc 1 /sneak

Getting robbed:
Both handsup Give & handsup /handsup /robbed

Shouting Negative shouting Swing arm Wicked shout /cheer /cheer /cheer /cheer 1&2 3 4&5 6

2 arms up Left arm up Showing sort of size Showing a connection /gesture /gesture /gesture /gesture 1&3 2&4 5,8 & 11 7,9 & 10