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Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing on behalf of my father, Artin Ervant, who expressed a desire to learn of the whereabouts of his

relatives. My father's story can only be told by telling the story of my grandfather, Yervant Der Nigoghossian. Yervant and his brother Kerope Der Nigoghossian fled to Africa during the outbreak of World War I and the Armenian Genocide. After settling in Ethiopia, the two brothers both married Ethiopian women and started families. Kerope and his wife had seven children, while Yervant and his wife had two boys. Traditionally in Ethopia, a father's first name is given as the surname for their children. That being the case, Yervant's two children were known as Arsen and George Yervant rather then Der Nigoghossian. Times were good for the two brothers and their families for a short time, but another World War began. Ethiopia banished all foreigners, and the Der Nigoghossian brothers had 24 hours to leave the country. Without anything, they fled to Cypress. Arsen was very young when this took place, and afterwards had no contact with his father. Arsen stayed in Ethiopia and overtime lost the Armenian pronunciation of his name, becoming known as Artin Ervant. Artin heard a rumor that his father was able to start a family in Cypress. He is now approaching his 90th birthday, and his curiosity remains. Just to be clear, neither I nor my father are looking for an inheritance of any kind. He just wishes to learn of his father's story after leaving Ethiopia. If this letter reaches any descendents of Yervant or Kerope Der Nigoghossian, please contact us. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Simon Artin