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PHILOSOPHY @@ Words and Music by Ben Folds ‘This song contains soveral important signature elements of Bon Folds’ style. The plano influences here range from Elton John's early ballad style to the pounding rock ‘n’ ‘oll of Litle Richard to George Gershwin’s concert jazz. All are wall integrated into a tight arrangement, ‘The song is told from the point of an architect or construction foreman who has the ability to gaze at a vacant lot and imagine a high-rise, The song is essentially about hav- ing a dream and carrying it through to reality, and having to deal with critics and detrac- tors along the way, Figure 1 ~ Intro, Verse, and Chorus “Philosophy” begins with @ broken-chord piano intro, played in a high register and somewhat reminiscent of Elton John in his "Tiny Dancer” mode. This quickly develops into a propulsive sixteenth-note, broken-chord pattern in the right hand, with pounding eighth note octaves in the left, leading into the verse. During the verse, the piano comps in pat: terns built primarily out of block triads and broken chords. The sixteonth-note pattern returns near the end of the verse to underlie the chorus, which includes bass accents on the rhythm pattern, Fig. Osim “Mesderate Rock d aft t OF Cf orp $k ey © 1988 ServiRTY Sens LLG anc Fresh Avery Muse [NI Pahis Admnisietod by SonyATY Ms Publstne, 6 tase Square Wea, Nasi, 1437203, 8 Intunatnal Capyight Socurod" Al Fight Resewsa enon Pees HG G FG ie = = SS] _ ak F ff bias perce dere (i Se a ae dd SS bara Gaus por Corts IF i s | fi fej i | = ae Em? for re ey pe ma 4 a ieee ol — io i For eee - ee a = it : = Pane 4 TTT a oe = ts === = pe Soe (eee ono a ay = cr meee t : ¥ = ese ena ye do do ra pete ter pERAnGA Se Sa ° 4 ri = 10