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My piece of mind

4th December 2011 ,sernabatim,Gois shack, By Sashi .Prabhu(ZEAUOXIAN)

Calm waters come engulf my scorching mind, Pour yourself in through my eyes, burning embers find.

Fumes of devilish sorrows, be engulfed so fast, Peace to look forward to, wash away memories of the past.

Tranquility drench your serenity into me, Happiness corrode my skin and char it with peace to be.

Entwine your auric wings of joys around my heart, Ooze from it pink flames, so darkness depart.

Edify myself with joys of life darkness gone , light piercing through like a sharp prudish knife.

Welcome to my body all joys and peace, Let it override the ebbing currents dwindle and decrease.