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Cesky Krumlov According to legend, the name Krumlov is derived from the German "Krumme Aue", which may

be translated as "crooked meadow". The name comes from the natural topography of the town, specifically from the tightly crooked meander of the Vltava river. The word "esk" simply means Czech, or Bohemian .There are many attractions in this magnificent town. But lets start with the beginning: 1. Cloak Bridge- The bridge derives its name from the fortifications which used to protect the western side of the castle. 2. Wall Paintings in the IVth Courtyard of esk Krumlov Castle- The origin of the Wall Paintings in the IVth Courtyard of esk Krumlov Castle dates to around the year 1588. It was done in the context of the adaptation headed by Wilhelm von Rosenberg, 3. The Castle Theatre in esk Krumlov - "The Baroque Theater at the esk Krumlov castle is a gem in the crown of theater heritage on our planet". If you get bored of these type of all those buildings and you want to have a break you can go to the following : 1. The Salt cave , where you can relax and enjoy a massage , while you become healthier. 2. Horse riding , where you can enjoy riding a good horse and watch the wonderful view 3. Raft building , down the Vltava river. 4. Hiking , while admiring the nature 5. The mirror labyrinth , which have the biggest number of mirrors in Europe.