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ChapLer 26 ollLlcal LxperlmenLs of Lhe 1920s

ollLlcal and Lconomlc lacLors afLer Lhe arls SeLLlemenL

O -ew governmenLs
O Jomen were glven Lhe rlghL Lo voLe
O erman and AusLrlaPungary became democraLlc wlLh parllamenLs
O emands for 8evlslon of Lhe arls SeLLlemenL
4 ermany humlllaLed
4 -aLlonallLles comblned ln ?ugoslavla and Czechoslovakla
4 lrance LhoughL lL wasn'L enforced well
4 ermans were ln Alsace and Lorralne
4 ,A-? wanLed lL revlslLed
O osLwar Lconomlc roblems
4 Lveryone wanLed Lo reLurn Lo prewar economlc prosperlLy
4 mposslble because of mass loss of producers and consumers
4 Lurope was ln debL Lo unlLed SLaLes
4 Lurope's LransporL faclllLles and mlnes were desLroyed
4 -ew counLrles couldn'L compeLe economlcally
4 nLernaLlonal demand for Luropean goods decllned
O -ew 8oles for overnmenL and Labor
4 urlng Lhe war wages lncreased and facLory owners cooperaLed wlLh Lhe governmenL
4 mprovemenL ln sLaLus and lnfluence of labor sLayed
4 @herefore mlddle class sLayed conservaLlve
@he SovleL LxperlmenL 8eglns
O SovleL unlon ls from 19171991
O AL flrsL abouL 1 of Lhe populaLlon supporLed (hlgh domesLlc opposlLlon)
O All oLher counLrles are scared of communlsL lnfluence
O Jar Communlsm
4 8ed Army under Leon @roLsky suppressed opposlLlon Lo Lhe new governmenL Lhrough
Lerror known as war communlsm
4 Cheka secreL pollce
4 overnmenL sLlll faces naval muLlny and Lhe peasanLs need for graln
O @he -ew Lconomlc ollcy
4 ,arch 1921
4 @oleraLe prlvaLe enLerprlse so Lhe peasanLs can farm for proflL
4 easanLs would pay Laxes buL could sell graln Lo an open markeL
4 CounLryslde became very sLable
4 8y 1927 Lhere was very much lndusLrlallzaLlon
O SLalln verses @roLsky
4 eople upseL wlLh vlolaLlon of ,arxlsL LhoughL
4 n 1924 Lenln dled
4 @roLsky and SLalln flghL for power
4 @roLsky more lefLlsL wanLed agrlculLure collecLlvlzed Lo pay for lndusLrlallzaLlon Lo
spread lnfluence Lo oLher counLrles and open dlscusslon
4 SLalln
galns power from masLerlng Lhe lnner worklngs of Lhe parLy
SecreLary under Lenln
SupporL from lower classes
SupporLed newspaper edlLor 8urkhelm ln slow lndusLrlallzaLlon modesL free
enLerprlse decenLrallzed economy and mlnlmal land holdlng
JanLed Soclallsm ln 8ussla alone
4 8y 1927 @roLsky ls exlled Lo Serbla and murdered ln 1940 by SLalln's agenLs
O @he @hlrd nLernaLlonal
4 Also known as ComlnLern
4 Jorked Lo make Lhe 8olshevlk's model of soclallsm Lhe rule for all soclallsLs ouLslde of
Lhe uSS8 (1919)
4 n 1921 Lhey lmposed 21 condlLlons on all who wanLed Lo [oln lncludlng
,oscow ls Lhe leadlng clLy