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Reflection and Feedback

To do this Problem Based Learning (PBL), we identify and clarify the problem, discuss, search the information, write the report and present it together. So from this PBL, we know more details about how to do Problem Based Learning according to the right process. From this PBL we can learn many things, not only knowledge about the Malaysian Smart School, but we also can get the interesting experience such as team work, we can discipline ourselves, we also can help each other to solve all the issue and to complete the task. Every members in this group also give the fully cooperation to finished this task. All of the members obey the rules that we state before do this task. Our group also refers to our lecturer if some problem occurs. By doing this task, we can understand about the Malaysian Smart School more. From this, we also learn about the progress of Smart School have been made so far and the scenario that we will face when we are going to teach in school in the future.