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11/8/11 Mail - FW: Monroe School District Photos

11/8/11 Mail - FW: Monroe School District Photos Manni , John <manni j@mon oe. edne

Manni , John <manni j@mon oe. edne .ed >

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Ro ce, Cha le H. <cha le . o ce@klga e .com>

T e, No 1, 2011 a 3:11 PM

To: Michael Goldfarb <> Cc: "Vander Stoep, Kari L." <>, "xx-Mannix, John (Monroe SD)" <>, Brian Ritchie <>


I received your letter regarding the Fryelands property issues on October 26 and promptly passed your client's concerns on to the District (Brian Ritchie of your office kindly forwarded the photographs yesterday). The District

indicates that the storage shed remnants and sign board will be removed by the end of this week.

The District

will also make additional keys for the vacated portions of the property and provide those to Tom Grossi (or such

other individual as you direct), with the condition that the landlord and property manager provide reasonable prior notice to John Mannix of the District prior to entry into the premises.

Thank you.

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11/8/11 Mail - FW: Monroe School District Photos Manni , John <manni j@mon oe. edne

From: Brian Ritchie [] Sen : Monda , October 31, 2011 10:16 AM To: Ro ce, Charles H. S bjec : Monroe School District Photos

Dear Mr. Royce:

Attached please find the photos referenced in Mr. Goldfarb s letter of last week. Please let me know if we can provide any other information or assistance.

Thank you,

Brian Ritchie

Legal Analyst

11/8/11 Mail - FW: Monroe School District Photos

Kelle , Donion, Gill, Huck & Goldfarb PLLC

ritchie@kdg-la .com

206-452-0260 128

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