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Plans- Assembly Manual

Copyright 1972 by C.F. Struck Corp. These Plans are sold solely for non-Commercial purposes and their sale in no way licenses any individual or firm to reproduce the Mini- Beep in any form for resale. To do so will constitute direct violation of all patents applicable at that time. To reproduce these Plans and Instructions in any form will constitute direct violation of our Copyright. C. F. STRUCK CORP.

PARTS LIST - B1200 BEEP B1200 - 101 102 103 104 104A 104B 105 106 107 108 109 Bar (2) Axle (2) Shaft (2) Hub Front Hub (2) Rear Hub (2) Counter-Weight (6) Idler - 18 tooth 3/8 bore (2) Front Drive Chain - #40, 7 0 - 1 / 2 " plus connector (2) Rear Drive Chain - #40, 3 9 - 1 / 2 " plus connector (2) Wheel - 16 x 7. 50 Tire on 4 bolt 4" BC Rim (4) 7/8 - . 675 ID 7/8 - . 821 ID 3/8 7/8 x 18 ga. 3/8-16 1/2-20x3/4 3/8-16 x 2 3/8-16x2-1/4 (4) (2) (25) (66) (6) (16) (2) (4)

Snap Ring Snap Ring WI Washer WI Washer Locknut Lug Bolt Cap Screw Cap Screw

Assembly Instructions - B1200 Beep NOTE: The "Beep" was specifically designed to completely utilize the Main Body and Drive Train of our standard MD1200 Series Tractor and therefore you are to use the MD1200 Instruction Manual for the majority of your assembly. The following Instructions are to be used as additions or substitutions to the standard MD1200 Instructions (enclosed) as described below. ASSEMBLY: (Substitute the following for steps No. 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 in MD1200 Instructions)

1. Slide one #102 Axle through 7/8" holes in rear of Body. Slide second Axle through forward slots in Body. Center Axles in Body. With the 3/8 wide x 2-1/2 long slot forward, slide each #101 Bar over its respective front and rear Axle ends on each side of Body and slide up tight against the Body's Walls. Note - collars on #101 Bars are to the outside. 2. Check and recenter Axles so their ends protrude out equally from Collars on each side of Body. Tighten the four collar set screws. 3. Slide the 7 2 tooth Sprocket ends of #104B Rear Drive Hubs onto their respective ends of the Rear Axle. Slide thirteen 7/8 WI Washers over each of the protruding ends of the Front Axle. Similarly slide the 72 tooth Sprocket ends of #104A Front Drive Hubs onto their respective ends of the Front Axle. With 7/8 WI Washers shim out ends of Front and Rear Axles and secure with 7/8 Snap Rings.

(Follow steps No. 4 and 5 in MD1200 Instructions) 6. Slide 7/8 Snap Ring onto end of each #103 Shaft and engage it into its respective "groove". Slide seven 7/8 WI Washers onto the end of each #103 Shaft. From outside the Body insert each Shaft into the Oilite bushings in #10 Bearings. Take a straight edge and align the faces of the 72 tooth sprocket on the #104B Rear Hub with the 8 tooth sprocket (sprocket closest to Body) on the #103 Shaft. This alignment can be accomplished by adding or removing 7/8 WI Washers from the #103 Shaft. 7A. On each side of Tractor Body wrap the #108 Rear Drive Chain around the "inside" 8 tooth sprocket (sprocket closest to Body) on #103 Shaft and around the 72 tooth sprocket on #104B Rear Hub - secure with connector link. Draw up on each #10 Bearing As- ' sembly and secure by now tightening the six 5/16-18 Locknuts on each #10 Bearing. 7B. Insert each 3/8-16 x 2 Cap Screw into a 3/8 WI Washer and then into 3/8 bore of each #106 Idler. Follow with nine 3/8 WI Washers over end of each Cap Screw and insert end of Cap Screw into respective 3/8" slot of each #101 Bar. Secure on inside of each #101 Bar with 3/8 WI Washer and 3/8-16 Locknut - leave nut loose enough to slide in slot. 7C. On each side of Tractor Body wrap the #107 Front Drive Chain around the 8 tooth sprocket (on "outside" of #103 Shaft) and the 7 2 tooth sprocket on #104A Front Hub and secure with connector link. Loop the lower strand of #107 Chain over the #106 Idler and tighten the Chain by pushing the #106 Idler forward. Secure Idlers on each side by tightening the 3/8-16 Locknuts. 7D. Using one of the #105 Counterweights as a templet, align the two 3" spaced 3/8 loles in #105 Weight with the two 3" spaced 3/8 holes in lower rear underside of Tractor's #1G Pan. Center #105 Weight on the Pan and locate and drill the two r e maining 3/8 holes in Pan. Using four 3/8-16 x 2-1/4 Cap Screws and Locknuts install the six #105 Weights "sandwich fashion" onto the underside of #1G Pan. 7E. Mount the four #109 Wheels onto their respective #104A & B Front and Rear Hubs and secure with 1/2-20 x 3/4 Lug Bolts.