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Oral Examination Question for TE-MECH [Div-B] Subject : MD-II

[Exam scheduled in May 2012] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Names of the Reference books used Remember Design problem statement & given data Why 200 full depth involute system is used Why 200 system Why involute and not cycloidal system is used What are advantages & disadvantages of involute over cycloidal system What is interference and what are the ways to avoid interference Why full depth involute system & not stub or composite tooth profile Why minimum no. of teeth = 18 (2/sin2x = 17.09) Why a particular combination or pair of material is used for Gear and Pinion Combination [from reference page no. 8.4 in DDB] Otherwise what you would have done What properties a gear material should posses What are modes of failure & remedies for gears What are modes of failure & remedies for bearings How to select a grade of gear Why it is necessary to know what is application Why it is necessary to know what is prime mover Why it is necessary to know grade of a gear Why generally commercial gears are used How to identify Input and Output shaft for an assembled gear box Have you directly coupled the gear box with prime mover and the application How to Bifercate between light, medium & heavy duty application How to Bifercate between light, medium & high speed application Why gread 8 ? Why bakinghms Eqn is preferred ? What is difference between Approx. Analysis and exact Analysis

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Why it is necessary to conduct Approx. Analysis first or in initial stage of design and then exact Analysis What is velocity or Barth factor What is e ? What are the things necessary to know beforehand to start the design Have you done any optimization in design Explain Design procedure for gears ? Why Sb is not reduced & Sw is increased for achieving optimization Why K is increased by increasing BHN ? Why pinion is weaker if pair members are made of same material How to decide direction of force component on helical / Spur gears What are the Spacer ? why to use them ? how to design spacers Why & how optimization is achieved in gear design ? Explain Bearing mounting Explain Bearing lubrication Explain Gear mounting Explain Gear lubrication method How to design parts like pour plug , air breather , oil level indicator , drain plug , lifting eye bolt, Spacers, Bearing Caps Explain Provision of pour plug , air breather , oil level indicator , drain plug , lifting eye bolt Modification of design by provision of cover with domed shape Shaft Steps are provided on shafts What is Crossed mounting in case of bearings What is buckling ? What is difference between buckling & bulging ? Lateral rigidity aspect of designing the shaft What is safe limit of lateral deflection of shafts Torsional rigidity and safe limit of torsion Critical speed of shaft buckling of shaft Fixed and Float Mounting

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Rm is used while calculating e & force analysis Speed torque changes power & Pt remain same Value of e and its significance in bearing design ? What value e is called as in bearing design How to select type of bearing How to select type of gear What are adv and disadv of spur and helical How to show helical gear on drawing Does selection of taper or angular bearing depends upon ratio Fa / Fr or Fa / Co ? Explain selection procedure for bearings Why you havent checked for fluctuating load in case of gear box ? Why you have not taken into account the endurance strength What are the sources of fluctuating load/stress in gear box What are the sources of fluctuating load/stress for shaft Why you have provided taper at base of casing When & how will you change lub oil What should be oil change schedule What will be maintenance schedule of gear box What is maintenance procedure Which lub oil is used How the quantity of lub oil is decided What is lateral rigidity criterion What is criterion for deciding lub oil level Why float is used What does name and the grade of lub oil signifies How have you designed foundation bolts & lifting eye bolt ? Why seal is necessary Difference between seal & gasket Where you have provided seal & where gasket ? How to decide motor power required How to select motor How you have designed screws at bearing caps & clamping ,

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How to design Hub section and Web Section of gears How the construction of gear blank or body is selected Discuss keyway stress concentration Discuss support to key by the hub Show failure of the key by both the modes Key design Failure mode of keys ? failure areas of keys ? Type of key parallel, flat / rectangular sunk key Tell std proportions of keys What is need of case hardening Why hardening is necessary ? What is hardening & tempering Different processes of case hardening How to decide a suitable hardening process Why BHN of pinion should be greater than BHN for gear by a value say 30 Grade of a gear decides what Path of power flow Explain Design procedure for Shafts How material for shaft is decided Why ASME code What is full form of ASME What are factors Kb &Kt How to decide Kb &Kt How to decide Ka the service factor What is rated and design torque or power If not to use ASME code then what Why approximation of ASME code while analysis for shaft How deadlock situation arises & how it is solved while designing gears and shafts Why taper roller bearing is not used Criterion of selection for type of roller bearing What is float and fixed arrangement

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Why you have decided steel as material for gear shaft Torsional stiffness and strength Lateral stiffness and strength Strength & rigidity Why not angular contact bearing Why havent checked lateral stability , critical speed , fluctuating loads Whether angular contact or taper roller Darin plug is headless screw hexagonal socket type to be operated with alen key Over size holes on clamping flange & slot on foundation flange Air breather Pouring plug What are the material properties necessary (endurance strength ) How to show helical gear on sheet Alternate arrangement to lock gear & bearing to shaft Like lock washer, snap ring, step, spacer How to calculate oil level & oil quantity What if i/p & o/p shafts are exchanged