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Streetcar Student Streetcar for students.

Membership Offer As a club or society there’s enough to organise without having to worry
about cramming bulky hockey or cricket gear onto buses and trains,
£9.50 per year lugging heavy theatre equipment around, or taking musical instruments
(usually £49.50 per year) to rehearsals and concerts. Public transport can only get you so far.
Sometimes, you just need a car.
and Driving Offer
£70 driving for £50 or What is it?
£150 driving for £100 Streetcar gives you 24/7 access to hundreds of Volkswagen Golfs, Polos
(pre-pay only) and vans in handy locations. They can be booked by the hour, giving you
the flexibility of car ownership, without any of the costs or hassle.


when you sign up to Streetcar Joining is easy.
by the 20 December 2008. It just takes a few minutes to sign up, and you could be driving a car
First Term only. straight away. Visit our website at www.streetcar.co.uk, or give us a call
on 0845 644 8475.

Our hourly rates:

£5.95/hr £8.95/hr
Join online today at www.streetcar.co.uk

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Join Book Unlock Drive
within minutes online or by phone with your Streetcard away like it’s your own

Terms and Conditions apply: 1. Student membership offer available only to new members. Pre-pay driving only available to student membership. 2. Closing date for registration and
driving offer is 20 December 2008. 3. Driving credit cannot be used for congestion charges, PCNs, or member penalty charges. 4. Yearly Streetcar membership is £49.50. 5. Members
must be between 19 and 75 years of age and have held a full licence for at least 1 year. 6. Applicants must be a current student at Imperial College London and must register with a valid
academic email address. 7. Members are not eligible for 3-month money-back guarantee. Other restrictions apply. Please visit www.streetcar.co.uk/terms.aspx for more details.