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Wolf Den Meeting Outline – October 9, 2008

Before Meeting Starts

• Have balls ready (Tim and Mark both bring balls and mits)
• Have 2x4 laid out on floor (Mark will provide)
• Have roll of paper cut into 10-foot sections (Tim will provide)
• Have “footprint” stencils ready (Mark will provide)
• Have washable markers ready (Mark will provide)
• Can we get an indoor flag???

While Cub Scouts Gather

• Play catch (achievement 1a)

• Practice walking to the 2x4 (achievement 1b)
• Bounce the basketball back and forth (achievement 1j)
• Take attendance


• Either:
○ Boys say pledge of allegiance while saluting (bobcat 7 and
achievement 2a)
○ Boys say scout Promise while holding scout sign (bobcat 1 and 4)

Business Items

• What’s the Cub Scout Motto (“Do your best”) (bobcat 6)

• What’s the Cub Scout Sign or Salute (whatever wasn’t done in opening)
• Review the Cub Scout handshake (bobcat 5)


• Drawing footsteps on paper (Mark can explain)

• Walking the footsteps
• Talk about the boys showing this activity to the pack next week
• Scouts assist in clean-up


• Close with the Living Circle Ceremony (Ah-kay-la we’ll do our best)
• Hand out parent letters