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Kristine R.

Madelo Bsn-D3

Client: ICU bed# 4

Subjective: mabilis ako mapagod Objective: V/S @ rest Bp: 140/90 CR:68 bpm RR:19 Temp: 37 C

Activity intolerance related to imbalance between oxygen supply and demand secondary to underlying disease process.

Goal: After several nursing intervention the patient will identify alternative ways to maintain desired activity level and increased tolerance. Objective: -To identify precipitating factors -To identify techniques to enhance activity intolerance. -The patient will participate on the desired activities.

-Note presence of factors contributing to fatigue.

- Fatigue affects both clients actual and perceived ability to participate in activities. -Symptoms may be result of/or contribute to intolerance of activity.

After several intervention the client s tolerance to activity is increased and found an alternative ways to maintain desired activity level.

-Note client reports of weakness, fatigue, pain, difficulty accomplishing task, and /or insomnia. -Provide bedside commode if necessary. -Provide positive atmosphere, while acknowledging difficulty of the situation for the client.

-To lessen fatigue.

-Helps minimize frustration and rechannel energy.

-Provide comfort measures and provide for relief of pain.

-To enhance ability to participate in activities.