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[2012-2013] (@ $2,000-$3,000 per job)

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10 Million New Jobs [2012-2013] (@ $2,000-$3,000 per job)

PROBLEM A cursory glance at the world economic landscape reveals bleak news: GREECE ITALY SPAIN in severe debt crisis, while: JAPAN KOREA CHINA are busy devaluing their respective currencies in order to bolster export industries and preclude foreign companies from reaching Asian consumers. Failed Euro-zone policies, along with highly vulnerable European banks like DEXIA (Belgiums largest bank) have exacerbated economic decline worldwide. Add ARAB SPRING/OCCUPY THE WORLD protests and you have a dismal picture. Meanwhile, the domestic view offers little assistance revamping this Picasso like canvas: I.

Interest rates on (10) year Treasuries at their LOWEST since the 1950s. 17 million American jobs vaporized since the onset of the Great Recession in 2008. 200,000 NEW JOBS need to be added to the economy each month in order to place a dent in the unemployment rate. Unemployment hovering obstinately around 9 percent. 125,000 NEW JOBS required each month simply to pace population growth. (Notwithstanding seasonal employment) Only an average of 100,000 jobs per month added during last quarter of 2011.


According to the U.S. census 14.3 percent of Americans are poor. 2010s statistics stated 13.2 percent poverty. This is an increase of nearly (4) million individuals, and represents the highest spike since 1960. (1) In (4) American children go hungry each day.

Unemployment has a residual effect on poverty. We need new jobs quickly.

Surprisingly, (83) million jobs were created in the U.S. from 1960 to 2007 (minus years of decline). Common knowledge: JOB GROWTH COMES FROM NEW BUSINESSES There is a pre-recession job peak of about 7.6 million. Economists from the University of Maryland found between 1992-2005 ALL NET JOB INCREASES came from startups. 308 million Americans 157 million (Labor Force) 500,000 average startups each year, yet jobless claims refuse to fall below 375,000 (the sustainable job growth nexus). ************************************* The Great Recession was fueled by: WALL STREET MIS-MANAGEMENT HOUSING COLLAPSE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR COLLAPSE

among other factors. Unemployment in the construction sector is at 17 percent (not including abandoned job searches). My plan addresses this sector specifically. However, nestled comfortably inside of these gloom-riddened numbers is another stark set of alarming facts: 272,000 Unemployed U.S. Military Veterans 250,000 (projected) U.S. Military Job Cuts by 2013 135,000 Transient (Homeless) U.S. Veterans

with a cache of about 500,000 unemployed veterans roaming the streets at large, many of whom are homeless and without means. What message are we sending the world? America abandons its strongest fighting force members once weve used them up? My plan subsumes (potentially) every vet who wants a job, while targeting: CONSTRUCTION CENTER NEW BUSINESSES POVERTY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE UNEMPLOYED MILITARY VETERANS DOMESTIC HUNGER

CATALYST Do the thing and you shall have the power. These sagacious words by the Sage of Concord never rang more true than today. What we need is an aggressive approach to combat and conquer a seemingly indomitable foe called the present economy. America has always demonstrated great resiliency in the past, consistently bouncing back from disasters brink. How we bounced back has been through ingenuity. The basic tenets of capitalism speak to supply and demand. Why arent we thinking creatively today instead of relying on failed (albeit outdated at best) ideas? Journey now with me to the next (NEW) level of economic combat. Allow latitude and progressive-forward thinking as the following solutions present themselves. Remember old or new [ideas], numbers do not lie. While the solutions may seem avant-garde at first blush, the meat of the matter remains within the numbers. Here we go. FOOD Just as (1) + (1) = (2), hungry Americans love to eat fact. Imagine a restaurant that serves: Hamburgers Cheeseburgers Jumbo Franks Texas Cut French Fries Coney Island Hotdogs Hand Packed Ice Cream Pizza Southern Style Fried Chicken Idaho Onion Rings Malts/Sodas

Hungry yet? Now, imagine each item above insanely priced at .50 per. Unheard of? Yes? Genius? (You betcha!) Introducing a new fast food chain called:

.50 Special
What you see above is the American Menu. Additional facilities will follow: Italian Soul Food Pastry (More)

What differentiates our model from all others is our highly marketable price point. Add to this, the knowledge supporting our venture(s) creates/maintains American jobs. What

you have is a fresh, brand new wave of good old fashioned American Ingenuity at a time we need it most. Lets peak behind the curtain into an amazing profitability potential. The first secret of price point control in this model is manufacturing. We will own and manufacture every element of our final product (which in itself creates jobs) AGRICULTURE PROCESSING TRANSPORTATION et.al

Owning/controlling every aspect of production allows price point establishment/maintenance. Next is Ticket Sales. Each item is sold A LA CARTE. So, while .50 sounds fantastic, the reality is, who orders a burger without a soda or fries? Who orders one (1) piece of chicken by itself or one (1) single slice of pizza and nothing else? Our dessert menu alone boasts: FRESHLY BAKED PIES SOFT-FLUFFY CAKES HAND PACKED ICE CREAM (and more!)

We estimate average ticket sales at about $2.50 per. Finally, our best kept secret: VOLUME! 3,000 counties in the U.S. (10) eateries per county equals 30,000 restaurants. With a previously stated labor force of around 157 million, even at a very modest 10 percent penetration, one (1) visit per week (using an average ticket sale) represents roughly $40 million or $2 billion (gross) per annum. This doesnt factor the rest of the population and does not allow for the cooperative nature of the model itself. A simple idea feed hungry people at a reasonable cost has been successful throughout the ages. Lets examine job creation in back of this simple premise. JOB CREATION Once again 3,000 counties in the U.S. (10) restaurants per county or 30,000 eateries. One (1) single eatery uses approximately (50) construction/equipment installation/landscaping workers or 1.5 million jobs.

Each restaurant employs about 175 (3-shift) workers or (5.25) million NEW jobs. Manufacturing (transportation, et.al) factors an additional 1,500 jobs. Total NEW JOBS from a simple .50 menu over 6.75 million. Meanwhile (see Domestic Violence below), our anti-domestic violence program creates another 3.45 million jobs for a grand total of: 10 MILLION NEW JOBS! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE [Go to: (www.donthitquit.org).] In 2005, while producing a multimillion dollar motion picture at the shared facilities of CSI: MIAMI , BOSTON LEGAL, and THE O.C., I learned of my (then) spouses numerous infidelities. Admittedly I lost it and overreacted. I deeply regret my decisions to this day. Born from this turmoil was the strong resolve NEVER to repeat these poor decision patterns again. I saw the light. Personal introspection allowed me to examine How I could have changed my behavior at the critical moment of crisis. I realized a startling fact men have no positive outlet facilities to utilize in crises. Think about it. Myriad shelters exist for women (after the fact) but NONE exist to help men in crisis. If necessity is the mother of invention, then my Time Out Resorts will dramatically reduce domestic violence (DV) in America. These facilities include: Lodging Extended Stay Modern Accoutrements Counseling Meditation/Prayer Free Food Exercise Programs Professional Interventions (more)

Men need CAVE TIME to put their thoughts in order. My facilities address men at their base level, while promoting non-violence and immediate DV cessation.

DV is currently treated backwards in America. First a woman (usually) must experience physical or emotional trauma prior to aid. My program STOPS the violence before it happens by simply encouraging and affording men the opportunity to take a time out. Now I see all things work together for good. 3,000 counties 2 facilities per county or 6,000 U.S. resorts for men in crisis (and preventative visits before crises occur!) 500 workers (construction) per facility or 3 million jobs. 75 workers per each facility equals 450,000 NEW JOBS. Total Jobs 3.45 million AND a dramatic drop in American DV incidents. Everyone wins. FUNDING Cost is relative to value. In 2009 Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This stimulus package was passed to create new jobs, and help stimulate a faltering economy. My plan produces 10 million jobs, while costing roughly $2,000 - $3,000 per job a fraction of the total ARRA package. . Again, my goal is to create jobs immediately without delay. This plan will get the car out of the ditch. Funding is up to Congress. However, given the constant dilemma of partisan politics, two (2) AAA trucks havent been able to get the car out yet. Therefore, while awaiting Congressional support, I plan to maximize a multimedia blitz-crying out to American citizens themselves to pull this stubborn vehicle onto solid ground. Amy Jo Martin (Digital Royalty) creates social media strategies. Sandra Carreon-John (Senior VP, M&C Saatchi) represents Coca-Cola and Reebok (Advertising/PR). My next step is to negotiate a media blitz via:


I am going to ASK AMERICA to help pitch in and create jobs ourselves. Leveraging the Occupy Wall Street movement I will mobilize dissatisfied citizens to DONATE small sums and write their Congressional leaders. Lets face it just the mention of .50 restaurants and a dramatic drop in domestic violence (notwithstanding addressing threshold hunger), is enough to inflame American

passions nationwide. What we have here is a true tiger by the tail. Every politician [who backs this plan] in Washington gets positive coverage along with bragging rights. What we needed in this eleventh hour on the world stage is something NEW-FRESHDYNAMIC. Americans are fed up with the status quo. President Obama was elected on a platform of change. What I am proposing has NEVER BEEN HEARD OF! This is the kind of forward thinking Americans can rally around. Realistically, if it cost twice as much to affect the same result (10 million jobs) everyone wins! Almost $800 billion did not create 10 million jobs. The idea was viable, while the application lacked a key component entrepreneurial spirit. New Business Creates Jobs. CLOSING My goal is to create and perpetuate ongoing-sustainable jobs. Unfortunately I cannot restore all (17) million lost jobs. I can make Congress look like the guys with the white hats again. America loves her politicians and is simmering to heat up around her favorites. Forward thinkers will change the American economic landscape at its most critical time in history. Who will step forward to champion the cause? Remember a family of (4) can eat everyday for $10. Who will they remember at election time? The person who put food in their belly.