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CONTENTS Quality Tasks SQA Plan Teams Characteristics Implementation Documentation Reviews and Audits

Software Quality Measures how well software is designed (quality of design) and how well the software conforms to that design (quality of conformance)

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Defined as a planned and systematic approach to the evaluation of the quality of adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures It is a level of confidence that a software is from vulnerabilities Includes the process of assuring that standards and procedures are established and are followed throughout the software acquisition lifecycle SQA encompasses the entire software development, which includes processes such as y Software design y Coding y Source code control y Code review y Change management y Configuration management y Release management

Standards and Procedures Standards are the established criteria to which software products are compared Procedures are the established criteria to which the development and control processes are compared

Standards and procedures establish the prescribed methods for developing software; the SQA role is to ensure their existence and adequacy. Proper documentation of standards and procedures is necessary Procedures are explicit steps to be followed in carrying out a process. All processes should have documented procedures