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patients at
risk from
skills shortage
By lauren Farrow
Concord Hospital is feeling the effects of a statewide
shortage of pathologists, which experts say will result
in delayed diagnosis and treatment of serious medical
conditions like cancer and diabetes.
Although pathologists are unseen by patients, they
play a pivotal behind-the-scenes role by determining
diagnoses and understanding causes of death, head
of the Diagnostic Pathology Unit at Concord Hospital
Dr Margaret Janu said.
According to Dr Janu, the shortage of forensic and
anatomical pathologists has meant fewer autopsies
were being performed at Concord’s morgue. Fifteen
years ago, the hospital would have conducted several
autopsies per day, she said.
“Now, we would be doing one to two a week at
most,” Dr Janu said.
“But without autopsies the understanding of the looking back on his island home
nature of the type of disease is lost,” she said. In the 1920s, George Patience was a young tacker clambering up cranes and fishing off the
“Instead, you are sort of always treating the end docks of his childhood home on Cockatoo Island. Read his story on page 15.Photo by Danny Aarons.
result rather than learning about the causes of a dis-
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Deputy CEO of the Royal College of Pathologists
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