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Leonardo Da Vinci

Francisco Pecina 6-11-11 p.1

Leonardo was a great and famous panter. Lots of people enjoy his famous art work. Back in his time people also liked his master peaces. He also good at sculpting,architect,music, sicence, math,eng, inventor, atomy,geoligst, engi neer, and a writer. He is famous for all the work that he did.

Leonardo was born in the year of April 15, 1452. He lived in vinci,Italy. He died in may 2, 1519. He was a curious and mysterious man. He liked to paint new equipment for the army. He draw cannons ,tanks and many more equipment.

He made lots of art work that many people loved. He made the mona lisa, the last supper, and vitruvian man. There is many more than those three. They are the most famous art work that he made. He also like to invent new stuff like a tank for a army or like a helicopter.

My favorite art work of is the Mona Lisa. It is my favorite because it was the first I seen of his pantings. Also it would show up in my favorite cartoons when I seen them. My second favorite is The Last Supper. I like how it dragges me in to the center where jesus is.

In this essay I wrote on how a great and famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci is. He had made lots of art work that people love. He was a smart man that knew lots of math, science and many more subjects.