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D-Lite 2 it / D-Lite 4 it

7.1. Overview
Sub menu Unit type Temperature 2 Frequency2 Charge delay Fan control Description Sets the Unit type 1. Shows the current measured temperature [C] of the device. Shows the frequency [Hz] of the electric supply. Sets the delay between the made flash and the start of the next charge. Default value = 0 Switches the fan control on and off. Default value = 1 Display ,
(t is blinking)

(F is blinking)

7.2. How to operate in the Service menu

Action Enter Service Menu Toggle Change value Save settings Exit Service Menu Description To enter the Service Menu press the three keys together for at least 2 seconds. To toggle from the present sub menu to the next one push the modelling lamp button. Use the power up and down buttons to adjust the value. Push the Eye-Cell button to save all changed settings. Exit the Service Menu by pressing the beep button.

More details in Chapter Software configurations. Do not forget to set the correct unit type in the Service Menu after exchanging the KBD board! 2 This sub menu is just an indication. It is not possible the make any settings.
Elinca SA 12/16

D-Lite 2 it / D-Lite 4 it

This error messages are shown by the units display if an error is detected by the units Micro-Controller. Error E1 E2 Fault Over voltage Over temperature Description Short circuit on Power board (Relay, Diodes P600) Unit is overheated Temperature sensor defect Fault on the Power board Discharge resistor defect Flash lamp is after glowing Slack joint on Power board,
Mains board or mains cable

Action Replace the Power board Wait for cooling Replace temperature sensor Replace Power board Replace the discharge resistors or the whole Power board Replace the flash lamp Check and eventually replace the Power board, Mains board and mains cable Replace fan

E3 E4 E5

Auto discharge fault Charge fault Mains supply fault


Fan management fault

Fan defect or blocked

T1 45C on T2 55C T3 90C

FAN turn
off on

off on


If fan is not turning (blocked, defect)

Note: You may disable the Fan control (see section Service menu) so that the error E8 cannot occur.

Elinca SA