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SATELLITE COMMUNICATION LTPMC 3 0 0 100 3 UNIT I ORBIT DYNAMICS 9 Keplers Three laws of Planetary motion- Definition of terms for

Earth-Orbiting Satellitesorbital elements- orbital parameters- orbital perturbations- station keeping frequency allocationnon Geo-stationary orbits- Geo stationary orbits- sun transit outages- limits of visibility- Look Angle determination-Sub satellite point- Elevation Angle Calculation- Azimuth angle calculation- Launching of Geo Stationary satellites UNIT II SPACE SEGMENT AND LINK DESIGN 9 Space Segment: Power Supply Attitude Control Spinning Satellite Stabilization Momentum Wheel Stabilization Station Keeping Thermal Control TT&C Subsystem Transponders Wideband Receiver Input Demultipler Power Amplifier Antenna SubsystemLink Design: Satellite uplink down link- link power budget- c/no- G/T- Noise temperatureSystem noise- propagation factors- rain and ice effects- polarization UNIT III SATELLITE ACCESS 9 Modulation and Multiplexing: Voice- Data- Video- Analog digital transmission systemMultiple access: FDMA systems- TDMA systems- Beam Switching and Satellite Switched TDMA- CDMA UNIT IV EARTH SEGMENT Transmitters- receivers- Antennas- Terrestrial Interface- TVRO-MATVEquipments- Measurements on G/T- C/No- EIRP- Antenna Gain9 CATV-Test

UNIT V SATELLITE APPLICATIONS 9 INTELSAT Series- INSAT- VSAT- Weather service- Remote sensing- mobile satellite services: GSM- GPS- INMARSAT- Satellite Navigational System- Direct Broadcast satellites (DBS)Direct to home Broadcast (DTH)- Digital audio broadcast (DAB)- Business TV(BTV)GRAMSAT- Digital video Broadcast TOTAL: 45 TEXT BOOKS: 1. Dennis Roddy- Satellite Communication- Tata McGraw Hill-2006 2. Wilbur L- Pritchard- Hendri G- Suyderhoud- Robert A- Nelson- Satellite Communication Systems Engineering- Pearson/Prentice Hall- II Edition- 1993 3. Pratt and Bostian Satellite Communication John Wiley 2001 REFERENCES: 4. Timothy Pratt - Charles Bostian & Jeremy Allmuti- Satellite CommunicationsJohn Willy & Sons (Asia) Pvt- Ltd- 2004 5. M-Richharia : Satellite Communication Systems (Design Principles)Pearson Second Edition 2005