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Questions asked are: 1. What is cover, if worked how you implemented did? 2. about user interface rules.

What are all you worked? 3. Reporting? 4. How paging in list view works? 5. What are different types of agents?


Activities: 1. How did u call Activity B from Activity A(belonging to the same class) (CALL /Branch Method ) 2. Tell something about activities, step pages, clipboard(how to use it) 3. What is the may start option in the security tab of Activity 4. What do you find in Activity type. 5. How do you able to view a group of activities of a class? (technical) 6. What are the step methods you used while creating Activity in your previous project. 7. Activities types used to notify the email correspondences.. Ans: send email notifications Rules/Rule Sets: 1. Different type of Assignment Rules..(work list , work basket, external, connect and agent , service level rules ) 2. Different type of Flow Rules..(all shapes) 3. Explain about Decision Rules like Decision Table, Decision Tree, Map Value and Map Value Pair. 4. Explain about Declarative Rules and five types of those rules with some valid examples. 5. Different status levels of rule availability? What is withdrawn in it? 6. How to delete or move a rule by creating a withdrawn rule? 7. What is the difference between product, patch, and ruleset version export? 8. To search a rule in pega, how a rule resolution helps? 9. Various types of inheritance? 10. Difference between concrete and abstract classes? 11. Do you know how to migrate from one version to other? What are the cares to be taken? 12. Rules Resolution, advantages.disadvantages UI: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Difference between screen flow and normal flow Different flow shapes and what do u mean by sub flows? What is Flow Actions? Different types of flow actions and flow rules? In flows what does u mean by straight thru processing? How do you display error messages in the screen? What is harness? How are sections used in Harness? Difference between section & harness? What are the common problems we find in perform harness?

9. How will you implement this: When the user hovers over a particular field in the screen that section field should be highlighted? 10. What is the use of HTML property 11. How I have used the customize Save in Pega? 12. What are the different types of UI related rule types that you have worked in PRPC?

Integration: 1. Tell me about web services? 2. What is wsdl? Explain soap services? 3. Error handling while integrating using connectors and services. 4. How to parse an xml? Explain Rule-Parse-XML/Structured and Delimited? 5. What type of parsers do you use in Peg? 6. prconfig, prlogging xmls .idia on configuration. 7. Peg configuration 8. How will you invoke a call to external services from PRPC? the various connectors you have used? 9. Idea on multinode? How do you use multi node> 10. How about JMS? 11. How do you create a JMS service? Explain? 12. How do you create a MQ service? Explain. 13. Did you worked on integration? 14. What type of integration did you worked? 15. How did you migrate from one version to other? 16. what are the cares to be taken? 17. Sis you do any client side validations? If so can you please explain some examples? 18. Did you do any server side validations? Explain with some examples? 19. Cache mechanism 20. Email and file listener 21. How did you configure webservices? Database: 1. Methods related to Peg Rules DB (Obj-open/save/delete/list/browse/open by handle). 2. Methods related to external database (RDB-open/delete/save/list etc.) 3. To what type of tables does these work objects get stored? 4. What type of objects does the PC_work table stores? 5. In which db table external assignments are saved. 6. How do you move the pr_other table to your own DB? 7. How to connect to external DB? 8. About obj-open,obj-save,obj-list,rdb-open,rdb-save? 9. Peg DB schame. Pc_workmpr-other,pc-links etc.. 10. Locking of work objects.. 11. Column exposing and the advantage of it 12. What do you mean by exposed columns? 13. Data mapping of work object with respective database table.. Reporting: 1. List view and summary view

2. Reports creation..character/graphs/list view & summary view? Security: 1. What are the different securities rules that u have developed? 2. LDAP(Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) Configuration. 3. Access groups, portal, operators profile. 4. Workbaskets, worklists, workmanages, class group 5. Roles,privileges creation and manage. 6. Work, Embed and Data-classes 7. Authentication wizard Testing: 1. PAL ,DB Tracer, Tracer, Rules Inspector, Clipboard. 2. What are the different things you have to select while using PAL for performance testing? 3. What are the different things you have to select while using DB Tracer for database testing? 4. What are the different things you have to select while using Tracer for debugging properties? 5. 6. What are the major performances and application server issues that u come across and how did u manage to resolve them? 7. Testing (unit) from developer prospective 8. Test cases generation using v5.4 Deployment: 1. Peg application deployment on various services like Dev/QA/Prod. 2. Difference between product and patch version release? 3. What do u specify while creating a product and patch version rulesets for deployment? 4. Deployment Procedure? Other: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

What do you mean by reusable components? DCO s, IAC, Configuration Management, Preflight & Pagination. What is Auto Complete Feature? How to disable Internets AutoComplete Feature? How to add an autocomplete field to a flow action form? Mapping between workgroup and workbasket i.e. is it Many to One or One to Many. How can you route your workbox from work list to workbasket? Correspondences, Circumstances.. How to correspondence rules that prompt users for i/p? Circumstance rules can be identified or not when the base versions are deleted. Explain Worklist, Workbasket, Workpool, Workgroup, Work-Folder- and Work- CoverWhat is Agent? Different types of Agent? How do u create an agent? Can we tarce an agent using a tracer Explain SLA and SMA concepts in Peg.. What is pyworkpage, steppage and Declare Pages?

General : 1. Explain your last project w.r.t your roles and responsibilities. 2. Which module did u work for? 3. What is agile methology and its layers?

4. What is BPM and BRE?What type of application you have developed is it BPM or BRE? 5. Explain the conceptual approach followed in PEGA application development? 6. What are the ten different Guardrails of Peg and relate them with your application development? 7. Class hierarchical design of your application. 8. What are the few top level classes that u have used in higher level of your application design? 9. How would u create an instance of work obj? 10. What is CPM and CTI? 11. What is the top level class of CPM framework that you have inherited in your application? 12. What is warm transfer and cold transfer in CTI? 13. How did u integrate PegaCall with CTI?

Real Time : 1. What was your challenging task and how did u overcome those? 2. What are the different performance, database, application server and integration issues U have come across and how did find the solution to overcome those? 3. What are the different log files in Peg? 4. If u get a chance of accessing 20 clients simultaneously ,then how do u establishconnection.. 5. Exceptions faced while establishing connections and how did u resolve those 6. Did u extract any products from the external system? 7. Difference or enhancements related to tools, atabases and server versions 8. How many no.of flow shapes that u have created in a work-obj?