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Five Learning Strands

Learning strand 1 Communication Skills English / Pilipino

ability to clearly express ones ideas and feeling orally and non verbally ability to: Listen, read, write

Learning Strand 2
Problem Solving and Critical thinking (Mathematics) numeracy Skills to be open to change to be aware of option ability to make critical and inform decision innovativeness and creativity scientific thinking future orientation

Learning Strand 3
Sustainable use of Resources / Productivity (Science)

Ls 3
ability to earn living sustainable use of resources (including time) and appropriate technology entrepreneurship productivity

Learning Strand 4
Development of Self and Sense of Community Self Development may paninindigan, pagbabagong loob, pakikisama pakikilahok, pakikiisa, kapatiran Sense of Personal and national identity Makatao, makabayan. Makalikkasan, maka-Diyos

Learning Strand 5
Expanding Ones world Vision knowledge, acceptance, respect and appreciation of diversity, peace none violent resolution of conflicts global awareness enteupedense and solidarity

Terms used in ALS

Formal School
School Pupil / Student Teacher Class Grade / Year level Text Books Lesson Plan Graduate Diploma Pedagogy Academic Focus Teachers Manual Fixed Time Table Assignment / Home Work Andragogy Pedagogy ---

Community Learning Center Learner Facilitator Instructional Manager Learning group / session Levels of Literacy Modules / Learning Materials Session Guide Completer Certificate Andragogy Functional Focus Facilitators Guide Flexible Learning Self assessment Activity or Self Learning is the science of teaching adult. is the science of teaching children.

Dep. Ed Officials
Dep Ed Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro Director IV BALS Carolina S. Guerrero Director Region IV-A CALABARZON Dr. Paraluman R. Geron OIC-ALSD Chief Angelina L. Umali EDD Education Supervisor II ALS Nelia B. Montero ED. D Regional Supervisor II Elaine T. Balaogan Regional ALS Coordinator Dr. Prima Nimfa H. Ruaza Schools Division Superintendent Gloria P. Potes CESO VI ASDS Guardo B. De Villa Education Program Supervisor ALS Estrella M. Manibo

School Officials
Dr. Lourdes A. Altez German E. Deza Dolores R. Aguilar Anelina E. Zatarain District Supervisor Atimonan District DALSC Mobile Teacher Instructional Manager