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Scientific Briefing on Evidence for LGBT Health Disparities Healthy People Access to Quality Health Services Objectives

Survey Results on Evidence Base Indicating Areas of Increased Concern for LGBT Population Groups
Select Healthy People 2010 Access to Quality Health Services Strong evidence of LGBT disparities Some evidence of LGBT disparities [X][X] Insufficient evidence Evidence of no disparities

Persons with health insurance Health insurance coverage for clinical preventive services Counseling about health behaviors Source of ongoing care Usual primary care provider Difficulties or delays in obtaining needed health care Core competencies in health provider training Hospitalization for ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions Delay or difficulty in getting emergency care Rapid prehospital emergency care Special needs of children Long-term care services Pressure ulcers among nursing home residents

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The table reports respondents ratings of the current strength of the evidence base for LGBT health disparities on the Healthy People 2010 Access to Quality Health Services objectives. Ratings are reported on the objectives for which at least one respondent made an indication about the strength of the evidence. Missing response indicates a skipped question, a response of not applicable, or of not familiar enough to rate. Survey Respondents: 1. Don Allensworth-Davies, MSc, Co-Instructor, Department of Biostatistics and PhD Candidate in Health Services Research, Department of Health Policy & Management, Boston University School of Public Health Contact: ddavies7@bu.edu 2. Harvey J Makadon, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director of Professional Education, The Fenway Institute Contact: hmakadon@hms.harvard.edu 3. Deborah J Bowen, PhD, Professor and Chair, Boston University School of Public Health Contact: dbowen@bu.edu Prepared by: The Center for Population Research in LGBT Health at The Fenway Institute Contact: Avanwagenen@fenwayhealth.org The National Coalition for LGBT Health Contact: rebecca@lgbthealth.net