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Academy Achievement - February 2007

February Instructor Calendar

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February 2007



Hand Out FREE Valentines

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Parent Night Out



Buddy Day

Its Up to US to Motivate For Events. To do it: Hand out Flyers Every Class Ask Kids! Involve Parents (Most Important!) Buddy classes


Academy Achievement
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Things to Think About...

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How do YOU Rate? Part II - Discipline


Board Break Clinic



Last time we discussed Life Skills and how well you do. While thats an important product we provide, the real product is disciplined martial arts. Discipline is the primary thing that separates us from other child activities. Not as a Life Skill but that our classes require and instill discipline. Our classes should never be romper room they should be disciplined.

You may THINK you have disciplined classes...




Spring Nationals

I didnt do: Dates or WEEK 6 titles Records or YEA FOR Upcoming Events

I recently taught a short version of the Tiny Tigers seminar at Spring Nationals and I asked the group who thought their classes were disciplined. Most of the group raised their hand. Then I asked who had been taught how to teach a disciplined class... and just a few raised their hand. OK - so maybe they sort of learned by on-the-job training? Well, when after I reviewed a system for discipline - that was the number one thing on their evaluations of the seminar that they wanted to change in their academy. After working on the how of discipline, they left realizing that they had a lot of room for improvement. Like Life Skills, I have observed our instructors fall into these categories - in this case I will let you know how I identify discipline problems. (fixing them is a whole seminar). If the instructor is... Weak Parents will NOT see value in our classes I can easily identify when I teach a group. Some clues: The kids dont know where to go, They are doing different things, The parents dont know where their bags go. The Stars are not done right by kids or parents. The front area doesnt have everything in it. The kids move slow (a result of not being sure). Where are you? Rate yourself? What do you have to do to improve it?

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2007 Graduations

How Disciplined are Your Classes? Rate Yourself...

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. -Warren G. Bennis

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You see, if the class is weak it isnt because they are kids. This isnt because they are white belts. This is because we have not done OUR JOB and defined what the kids should be doing the what and then consistently reinforced the how. If we need a seminar at your school on how to easily create a disciplined environment (thats fun too), lets get it scheduled!
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Academy Achievement - February 2007

Keep Going Strong! Vision is our Life Skill and its what you need to keep on track to Double 06


Academy Achievement - February 2007

Bulletin Board Layout (Refer to BB Insert)
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Charity Work... Part II

OK - If it isnt working (working means you have at least 5 members from the promotion we mentioned last time), check the following in your Academy: Is there a BIG Thermometer saying The ACADEMY wants to raise $2,000 for the charity? DO all of the instructors know you are doing it? Do they know how great the charity is? Do you have flyers (on the charity only) in the PWA? Have you been giving them flyers (ours) to hand out at work or at church or.... Is it announced EVERY Class? How many businesses are handing out your flyers... are they out of them? Are they kidrelated businesses Have you given out at least 10,000 flyers?

Every Tuesday Update Easel! Change Merchandise Wall __________

Level 1 - External Ads (see Ads Insert)

Mail Date* All Month All Month 4/1 4/2 4/11 4/15 4/23 Various Various Description Yellow Pages Internet Raising AZ Kids Money Mailer Savvy Shopper Bear Essentials Val Pak Register Receipts Winners Circle Distribution Phx Metro, SW, SE, Chand/Gilbert, Scotts, CA Search engine optimization, webclicks, etc.... AZ (Half Page) Zones: G2,T4, T5, E2, S2, S5, S7, S8 (2 WCh) All AZ AZ Schools Zones: BXX, SCM, BFW, SC, JW, JF, SCN

There are probably a couple more on the list... If you answer yes to any of these, you know what your problem is! Now you can fix it!

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Our Leaders!
See How Our Students And Black Belt Leaders Built Their Future.
Training... Graduation... Clinics... Camps... Special Activities...

Gr 11 X 17 July Basic Graduations

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11 X 17 Mar TT K4K & Adult Graduation

Black Belts are required to attend to graduate to any new Black Belt rank. No make ups or alternate graduations are allowed. Students are always required to bring their own ATA approved equipment. Midterms are required by all Black Belts below 2 at every 2 month graduation. Above 2, at the above dates. Up to 3 may be done at the local academy. Certification camps provide the opportunity for Leadership adults to advance to level 1, 2 and level 3 trainee collars. (see instructional staff for requirements and fees) * Times and dates are subject to change.

Instructor Certification & Black Belt Rank Graduation BOOT CAMPS* MARCH 18TH JULY 15TH NOVEMBER 18TH


Need to update the school promotions Need to update the calendar

e Lif emes h T is Th ek We

After Graduation Graduation Board! Change Banners __________

Albertsons (South), Bashas (West), Safeway (CC) AZ Schools

* Remember mail dates are usually 3-7 days before in home dates

Mail Date* All Month 2/9-10 2/16 All Month All Month All Month


Parent Night Out, Buddy Day Charity Promotion

Use Standard Level 1 Plan

Responsible Academy Academy Academy Academy & Corporate Academy & Corporate Academy!!

11 X 17 Have Your Birthday HEre

Level 1 - Internal / External Promotions

Level 3+ - Internal Promotions

The only limits are, as always, those of vision. -James Broughton

Birthday Parties!, Show and Tells

Thoughts on changing the AWARDS Board to TEAMS board??? Champions TEAM17 11 X Safety Gear On Next Tourn Poster, Tourn Sign Up, Results Demo TEAM Practice Times, Demos (IS Tourns, Grads) Other School Decorations / Banners Leadership TEAM Merchandise Grid Walls Reminder to earn stars! MAKE SURE YOU DO! Rotate Every Tuesday! IMPORTANT! Sparring TEAM Life Skill Banners
Wide 3 Program Banner: In Front of Parent Waiting Area (PWA) Primary Long Life Skill Banners: Hung with Banner Poles in OBVIOUS Area SWITCH After Graduation!

The This Week gets updated weekly!

Date* 2/23-24

Description Invites, presentations, etc...

Responsible Academy Academy

Black Belt School Banners

MOVE After Graduation
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Champions arent made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. . -Muhammad Ali

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