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Investigating the Evolution of Radar Blocking / 11 Figure 1-1 Center Sets 1-1A |-1B ‘Guard Sets 1 “1e Tackle Sets 1 |-1D End Sets 1 Investigating the Evolution of Radar Blocking | 13 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3 1-38 1-3A Figure 1-4 14A Investigating the Evolution of Radar Blocking | 15 CALL BLOCKING Call blocking is one of the most exciting innovations to come along in recent years. The system is characterized by blocking calls that are made at the line of scrimmage by the players themselves. Calls are made for various reasons, and each coach seems to have his own variety of calls. No matter which calls a coach may have his players employ, however, all blocking calls fit into one of two categories. They are either master calls or else they are combo calls. Master calls communicate a specific blocking scheme to the entire offen- sive line or to one side of the line. Master calls are usually set up to afford a team the luxury of utilizing a single backfield maneuver with multiple blocking schemes. Figure 1-6 illustrates eight different master calls that could be used to enhance the effectiveness of the fullback off-tackle play. Figure 1-6