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JS PROM 2008

Time flies so fast. We are here now at the departing line: you the juniors to stay, and we, the seniors, batch 2008 of St. Jude Academy, to leave. Being about to pass in this sphere of education, full of dreams and aspirations, and ready to face the challenges the future may uphold, realizing that years may come and go, but there will never be a year like this- do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Our Alma Mater, St. Jude Academy, a school recognized for its high standards and quality Catholic Education, will always be remembered. We will never forget all the years that she molded us into what we are now - Achievers - and for that we will be forever thankful. With the guidance and advice given to us by our beloved teachers, with the knowledge gained which can not be repaid, we do hereby distribute equally as possible the interest, skills and qualifications of our class to the succeeding juniors with the hope that our successors may, before departing, continue those we left unfinished. After the fulfillment of our four-year struggle and happiness in this school, we hereby leave this last will and testament to our heirs .. The Juniors! y To artist Veronique Villanueva, Jake Prelligera and Xylena Derez we leave the ingenuity and artistry of Maika Yalung, Russel Joaquin, Paul Laiz, Alvin Manliguez, Catherine Torente, Jenine Lllenado, Allyn Martin and Rikka Libatique. To those with the unquenchable athletic enthusiasm Keno Timbang, Nicole Tarog, Bryan Pineda, Yurika Sato, Dixie Garcia, Monique Maderazo, Princess Ella, Awie Reyes, Bajacan Brothers and Mary Grace Larazi are willing to leave their buoyancy of athletic aces to Lesley Jacaban, Robert bauzon, Richmond Borres, Francis Mendoza, Mark Aguilar, Edward Chua, Gabriel Clemente, Artemio De Leon, Pearl Vargas, Kevin Mauleon and Kevin Sugcang. To the scientifically-minded Jewelle Santos, Erica Custodio, Jane Go and Justin Bascon, we leave the accuracy and precision of Russel Jay Joaquin, Kim Aspa, Jeen Salvacion and Ritzel Tan. We leave the cheerfulness and friendliness of Kimberly Aspa to Jane Go. She hoped that she would stay as friendly as she is. The poet Emmarson Patawaran and Jennica Parangue hands down their poetic ability to Ragee Pascual and Jane Go to keep their thoughts and pens well-oiled with practice. We bequeathed thrones and beauties of Rikka Libatique and Monique Maderazo to the Junior charms Kimberly Paderes, Melissa Concha, Christa Bacani, and Cyra Clauna . To those who have the ability to do the body rock we leave the skills of Charmaine Manaligod, Angela Lobenia, Amie Lozano, Allyn Martin, Arra Lariza, Maricris dela Cruz, Crystal De Leon, Bryan Pineda, Bajacan Brothers, Meil Chua and Aldrin Santiago. They give their gyrations to April Abbarientos, Mabini Lumio, Paulo Reyes, Daniel Vergara, Jazel Beltran and the Cabebe Brothers with the hope that they will always rule the dance floor. To chess enthusiasts Freddierick Paz, Paul Vincent dela Cruz, Leandro Ty, Elyana Derez and Steven Villorene leave their abilities and crazy devotions which make them win without their kings to Jewelle Santos and Romeo Malayo.. To dramatic talent of our own Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, Darelle Lay, Nathaniel Cabrera, Katherine Galve, Theresa Cadano, Benjamin Florentino, Mary Grace Santiago, John Carlo Pineda and Keno Timbang are handed down to Juan Miguel dela Cruz, Regine dela Paz, Allen Ingrid Salvador and Dennis Reyes.

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Mary Grace Larazi and Maricris dela Cruz , entrust their shiny, beautiful and long hair to Jazel Beltran . To the aspiring prima donnas and balladeers, we leave the music of our nightingale Arra Lariza, Sharmaine Valencia, Jeanine Solian and Dindi delos Santos. Their music can soften the heart of even the wildest beast. Their golden voices are distributed to Alyannah Yap, Alieto Cajilig and Jazer Arnaiz.. To Hazel Bass, Grace Santiago hands down her flawless and white skin. Richard Santiago and Dixie Garcia, pass on their early bird-like to Katrina Gonzales with the hope that she will continue to open the inner gate and turn-on the lights of their classroom. The mathematically-minded Ritzel Caitlin Tan leaves her enthusiasm to solve tear-producing problems and brain ranking equations to Jan Erika Custodio. The jovial Nathaniel Cabrera, Darelle Lay, Grace Santiago, Aaron Paloma, Katherine Galve, Theresa Cadano and the PAPS with Repakz leave their funny antics to Harvey Adamson, Ryan Balundo, Edward Chua, Paul Torres, Eric Lojica who believe that laughter is the best medicine. I just dont know, however, if it can cure the worst sickness which is the laziness of some students.

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To the rubix addict Paul Stephen Laiz , Jeanine Eryl Solian and Jeen Salvacion hands down their expertise in solving brain boggling rubix cube to Mark Renan Magno.

To all the juniors we leave the usufruct of St. Jude Academy, the responsibilities as well as the privileges, the hardships and happiness, the tears and laughters, the do's and donts that we followed, the losses and wins, with the fervent wish that they maintain and uphold the ideals and good name of our beloved school St. Jude Academy. May you continue to Live on. Move on. Fly High! To our Alma Mater, we give our innermost gratitude for imparting to us those precious moments which are unforgettable and joyful. We don't know how to define what we are feeling now but with the Plato-like statement, we say "We thank God we are born Filipinos and not Hindus, freemen not slaves, normal not abnormal and above all, that we are born to have a chance to be here, to be in this school, the St. Jude Academy. Lastly, we nominate, recommend and appoint our beloved principal, Sr. Evangeline B. Algaba OSA, the Administrators, the faculty members, the Non-Teaching Personnel and all senior class advisers to be the executor of this last will and testament. In witness, whereof, on this momentous and memorable Junior-Senior Promenade, I now affix my signature for batch 20072008 on this testament, this 1st day of March, in the Year of Our Lord, two thousand and eight at St. Jude Academy, Malinta Valenzuela City.

In just a month s time, We, seniors, will depart from our alma mater to move on to the next stage of our lives - college. In the next schoolyear, it will be you, juniors, who will be in our places now. We are placing on your shoulders the task of sustaining the good name of the senior class. Each batch has their unique identity. But in the short period of time we have spent together, we have seen that our class is not entirely different from yours. We have confidence in you. And so, we entrust unto you the following assets: 1. The Jose Rizal good looks of Jeff Arias, Jed Salvanera, Jd Gabriel, Kyeith Lachica, Ronald Tongo, Lance Prodigalidad and Bryan Fuerte to Paulo Tenorio, Paul San Juan, Oman Agco, Lanvin Herrera, Kristian Jor Zafra, Alvin Gabriel, Jm Fernandez, Angelo Almeda, Elroy Montano, Jb Torres and Allidon San Juan.

2. The awesome devilish features of Chris del Rosario, Popoy Tendero, Jethro Villena, Ron Samson, Neal Janabajal and Jessie Aguila to Miko Liwanag, Ric Atangan, Rey Navarro and Joshua Pangco. 3. The refreshing neat appearances of Adrian Molina, Kyung Min Lee, George Putong, Leon Banez, Rom Mallari and Enrico Arboleda to Michael Valenzuela, Christian Victa, Karl Odion, Alan Sabale and Chris Estacion. 4. The cute anime resemblance of Paulo Cristobal and Kenn Gandoza to Ephraim Alde, Mark Giron, Tom Chen and Kiko Marmita. 5. The soft, cuddly, pillow-like bodies of Rowena Olaes, Haqui Hari, Mara Bunda, Janice Pamplona, Chris del Rosario, Lenette Maluto and Jethro Villenato Angelo Almeda, Karl Odion, Kiko Marmita, Freda Villanueva, Charm Vale, Karen Daza and Sara Salazar. 6. The Batibot wholesomeness of Tintin Abiera, Juno dela Cruz, Rissa Janiola, Lalaine Litonjua, Vj Siongco, Precious Agnis, Ron Samson, Enrico Arboleda and yours truly to Miko Liwanag, Alidon San Juan, Rey Navarro, Ferlyn Feliciano, Jemimah Colina, Tom Chen, Lorena Quemuel, Sunshine Herrera and Glayan Villanueva. 7. The captivating curves of K-anne del Rosario, Reanne Sta. Maria, Kc Convento, Lani Bautista and Dada Aquiler to Cindyle Monsod, Hazel Faustino, Stacey Clamosa, Joyce Mendez, Roxanne Guinoo and Mia Encarnacion. 8. The petite figures of Patty Papa, Dinna Ordinario, Erika Ungson, Nikki Nuevo, Jihan de Villa, Joy Icayan, Candy Paredes, Lorraine and Rachelle Herrera to Laurice Pugay, Jamie del Rosario, Dimple Espiritu, Tintin Aga, Kaye David, Jac Alcantara, Josie dela Cruz, Anna Garcia and Girlie Hernandez. 9. The beefy butts of Enrico Arboleda, Popoy Tendero, Rean Sta. Maria and Rowena Olaes to Tom Chen and Karl Odion. 10. The gandang parlor hair of K-anne del Rosario, Erika Ungson, Leon Banez, Mara Bunda, Cecil dela Cruz and Paulo Cristobal to Cindyle Monsod, Roxanne Guinoo, Anna Garcia, Ferlyn Feliciano, Gaile Ancheta, Sunshine Herrera and Lorena Quemuel. 11. The mahangin sa labas hairstyle of Joy Icayan to Charm Vale. 12. The extra long lashes of Jessie Aguila and Erika Ungson to Jm Fernandez, Jac Alcantara and Mia Encarnacion. 13. The small ears of George Putong and Ronald Tongo to Paulo Tenorio and Joyce Mendez. 14. The balbon features of Rissa Janiola, Cecille dela Cruz, Ron Samson, Enrico Arboleda, Rom Mallari and yours truly to Lorena Quemuel, Tintin Aga and Angelo Almeda. 15. The toothy, gum-revealing smiles of Joy Icayan, Jessie Aguila, Lalaine Litonjua and yours truly to Cindyle Monsod and Glayan Villanueva. 16. The cutting looks or iraps of Vj Siongco, Patty Papa, Janice Pamplona, Dada Aquiler,

Dinna Ordinario, Juno dela Cruz and Rean Sta.Maria to Hazel Faustino and Ferlyn Feliciano. 17. The swaying hips of Lalaine Litonjua, Janice Pamplona, K-anne del Rosario, Rissa Janiola and Juno dela Cruz to Ferlyn Feliciano. 18. The taciturnity of Lorraine Herrera, Bryan Fuerte and Kenn Gandoza to Christian Victa, Freda Villanueva, Karl Odion and Ric Atangan. 19. The kulit habits of Paulo Cristobal, Patty Papa, Jethro Villena, Enrico Arboleda, Lalaine Litonjua and Lance Prodigalidad to Jamie del Rosario, Jemimah Colina, Joshua Pangco and Alvin Gabriel. 20. The special and secluded world of Jd Gabriel and Popoy Tendero to Tintin Aga, Jb Torres and Christian Victa. 21. The crybaby attitudes of Vj Siongco, Patty Papa, Juno dela Cruz, Joy Icayan, Nikki Nuevo, Candy Paredes, Hk Arboleda, Rissa Janiola, Cecil dela Cruz and Kc Convento to Gaile Ancheta, Ephraim Alde, Tom Chen and Rey Navarro. 22. The expressive eyes of Precious Agnis, Patty Papa, Nikki Nuevo, Cecille dela Cruz, Vj Siongco, Dada Aquiler, Tintin Abiera and Kyeith Lachica to Gaile Ancheta, Charisse Concepcion, Joyce Mendez, Lorena Quemuel, Jb Torres, Pual and Ali San Juan. 23. The siesta habits of Neal Janabajal, Paulo Sarayba, Leon Banez and Jd Gabriel to Anna Garcia, Oman Agco, Ric Atangan and Miko Liwanag. 24. The tantalizing fragrance of K-anne del Rosario, Lani Bautista and Joe Poblete to Roxanne Guinoo, Ferlyn Feliciano and Jb Torres. 25. The contagious laughter of Juno dela Cruz, Haki Hari, Chris del Rosario, Ron Samson, Jeff Arias and yours truly to Charm Vale, Freda Villanueva and Joshua Pangco. 26. The bedroom voice of George Putong, Bryan Fuerte and Lance Prodigalidad to Kiko Marmita, Karl Odion and Chris Estacion. 27. The generosity of Bryan Fuerte, Mara Bunda, Lorraine Herrera and yours truly to Roxanne Guinoo, Chris Estacion, Tintin Aga and Alan Sabale. 28.The oozing sex appeals of Jeff Arias, Precious Agnis, Vj Siongco, Kyung Min Lee and Janice Pamplona to Jb Torres, Joyce Mendez and Michael Valenzuela. 29. The torpe syndrome of Jed Salvanera, Chris del Rosario, Enrico Arboleda, Lance Prodigalidad, Jd Gabriel and Ron Samson to Elroy Montano, Rey Navarro, Chris Estacion and Alvin Gabriel. 30. The left-handedness of Rissa Janiola, Paulo Sarayba and yours truly to Karl Odion, Ali San Juan, Jamie del Rosario, Hazel Faustino, Josie Dela Cruz and Sunshine Herrera. 31. The babyboy titles of Jed Salvanera, Paulo Cristobal and Kyeith Lachicato Tom Chen and

Jm Fernandez. 32. The pa-tweetums image of Vj Siongco, Juno dela Cruz, Rean Sta. Maria, Rom Mallari and yours truly to Roxanne Guinoo. 33. The Cheezee-like head of Enrico Arboleda to Kiko Marmita and Tom Chen. 34.The animal instincts of Ronald Tongo and Jd Gabriel to Ephraim Alde and Joshua Pangco. 35. The grammatical awareness of Joy Icayan and Rowena Olaes to Cindyle Monsod and Tintin Aga. 36.The hidden jocularity of Lenette Maluto, Kc Convento, Rachelle Herrera and Haki Hari to Sunshine Herrera, Dimple Espiritu, Glayan Villanueva, Lorena Quemuel, Charm Vale, Karen Daza, Mia Encarnacion and Sara Salazar. 37. The spunk of Dada Aquiler, Patty Papa, Jethro Villena and Adrian Molinato Hazel Faustino, Miko Liwanag and Rey Navarro. 38. The demure demeanor of Lani Bautista, Jihan de Villa, La Saquilayan and Mara Bunda to Stacey Clamosa, Ferlyn Feliciano, Laurice Pugay, Josie dela Cruz and Jamie del Rosario. 39. The strong yet sweet image of Patty Papa, K-anne del Rosario, Lani Bautista, Candy Paredes, Jihan de Villa and Lenette Maluto to Roxanne Guinoo, Jamie del Rosario, Kiko Marmita, Lanvin Herrera, Cindyle Monsod and Jac Alcantara. 40. The mischiefs of Chris del Rosario, Jeff Arias and Jethro Villena to Miko Liwanag, Ric Atangan and Alvin. 41. The knowledge power of Jessie Aguila and Neal Janabajal to Rey Navarro. 42. The class clown crown of Ron Samson to Joshua Pangco. 43. The academic excellence of Nikki Nuevo, Rowena Olaes, Joy Icayan, Dada aquiler, Vj Siongco, La Saquilayan, Lorraine Herrera, Precious Agnis, Tintin Abiera, Patty Papa and yours truly to Tintin Aga, Laurice Pugay, Jm Fernandez, Anna Garcia, Jac Alcantra, Jemimah Colina, Kaye David, Hazel Faustino, Ferlyn Feliciano, Stacey Clamosa, Charisse Concepcion, Josie dela Cruz, Cindyle Monsod and Elroy Montano. 44. The creative hands of La Saquilayan, Nikki Nuevo, Candy Paredes, Bryan Fuerte, Paulo Cristobal, Lorraine and Rachel Herrera to Dimple Espiritu, Girlie Hernandez, Karen Daza, Charisse Concepcion, Paulo Tenorio, Kay David, Ephraim Alde and Freda Villanueva. 45. The strumming fingers of Jethro Villena, Cecil dela Cruz, Kenn Gandoza, Rom Mallari and Jessie Aguila to Elroy Montano, Charisse Concepcion and Oman Agco. 46. The dancing prowess of La Saquilayan, Rean Sta. Maria, Kc Convento, Dinna Ordinario, Janice Pamplona, K-anne del Rosario and Rissa Janiola to Cindyle Monsod and Hazel Faustino. 47. The dancefloor grooves of Popoy Tendero,Jd Gabriel, Leon Banez, Hk Arboleda and

Lalaine Litonjua to Paulo Tenorio, Kiko Marmita, Paul San Juan and Oman Agco. 48. The alluring voices of our divas: Erika Ungson, Mara Bunda, Candy Paredes, Rissa Janiola, Cecil dela Cruz, Tintin Abiera and Rowena Olaes to Karen Daza, Hazel Faustino and Ferlyn Feliciano. 49. The physical skill and vigor of Denden Molina, Jeff Arias, Ronald Tongo, Jethro Villena, Lenette Maluto, Precious Agnis and Patty Papa to Gaile Ancheta, Ali San Juan, Oman Agco, Joshua Pangco, Ric Atangan and Paul San Juan. 50. The amazing flexibility of Rowena Olaes and Neal Janabajal to Gaile Ancheta, Mark Giron, Girlie Hernandez and Stacey Clamosa. 51. The theatrical potentials of K-anne del Rosario, Enrico Arboleda, Nikki Nuevo and Erika Ungson to Hazel Faustino, Paul San Juan and Michael Valenzuela. 52. The unique elementary handwriting of Ron Samson to Ali San Juan, Ric Atangan and Mico Liwanag. 53. The commanding voice of Denden Molina and Hk Arboleda to Kristian Jor Zafra and Miko Liwanag. 54. The cooking inclination of Juno dela Cruz, Ron Samson, Paulo Sarayba and yours truly to Ali San Juan, Laurice Pugay and Angelo Almeda. 55.The writing knowhows of Joy Icayan and Nikki Nuevo to Tintin Aga. 56. The kissable plump lips of Popoy Tendero and Ron Samson to Kristian Jor Zafra and Sara Salazar. 57. The amiable childlike bearings of Dinna Ordinario, Joy Icayan and Candy Paredes to Jac Alcantara, Gaile Ancheta and Kay David. 58. The rosy blush of Paulo Sarayba to Christian Victa. 59. The humongous appetites of Jeff Arias, Ron Samson, Jethro Villena, Adrian Molina, Leon Banez and Dinna Ordinario to Charm Vale, (Sara Salazar) and Rey Navarro. 60. The beauty queen crowns of Candy Paredes, K-anne del Rosario, La Saquilayan, Rissa Janiola, Patty Papa and Erika Ungson to Ferlyn Feliciano, Kay David, Hazel Faustino, Roxanne Guinoo, Laurice Pugay, and Mia Encarnacion. 61. The pokemon prowess of Lance Prodigalidad, Paulo Cristobal, Bryan Fuerte and Kyung Min Lee to Tom Chen. 62. The fashion flair of Dada Aquiler, Tintin Abiera, La Saquilayan, Lani Bautista, K-anne del Rosario and Popoy Tendero to Oman Agco, Cindyle Monsod and Miko Liwanag. 63. The busy as a bee stance of Precious Agnis, La Saquilayan, Lani Bautista, Jethro Villena and Denden Molina to Rey Navarro, Kiko Marmita, Sara Salazar, Mia Encarnacion, Lorena Quemuel and

Alvin Gabriel. 64. The instinctive leadership capabilities of Jeff Arias and Precious Agnis to Anna Garcia and Kristian Jor Zafra. 65. The hairless features of Paulo Cristobal and Jed Salvanera to Lanvin Herrera. 66. The anime addiction of of Candy Paredes, Erika Ungson, La Saquilayan, Kc Convento, Rachel Herrera, Paulo Cristobal, Lance Prodigalidad and Bryan Fuerte to Girlie Hernandez, Freda Villenueva, Mark Giron, Joyce Mendez, Dimple Espiritu, and Jamie del Rosario. 67. The hackneyed jokes of Leon Banez to Mark Giron. 68. The compatibility of Ron Samson and Rowena Olaes to Jm Fernandez and Jac Alcantara. 69. The unforgettable love triangles of K-anne-Jeff-Precious, Lance-Nikki-Bryan and RonaldDada-Ron to Cindyle-Rey-Charm and Michael-Gaile-Jb. 70. The oooh expression of the 4th year boys to the 3rd year boys. 71. The I m Real national anthem of the 4th year boys to the 3rd year boys. 72. The unique and pleasing personalities of the individuals in the 4th year class to the 3rd year class. 73. The camera-shyness of the 4th year to the 3rd year class. 74. The great determination of the 4th year class to the 3rd year class. 75. The big hearts of the seniors to the juniors. Given to you on this day, 24th of February, 2002. - The Senior Class of 2002 -