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Freak the Mighty Dictionary

By Emily Cohen and Emily Jensen

Aberration- n. Ah-bur-ay-shun 1.Turning aside from what is right,
true, normal, and typical. 2. A mental disorder.

American Flyer- n.Uh-mer-i-kun Fly-ur A rusty old wagon that Max

pulls Freak in.

Beautiful- adj. Byoo-ti-fuhl Max s word for the Fair Gwen. See
also: Guinevere.

Bionic Unit- n. By-on-ik Yoo-nit Freak s only hope and See also:

Bully- n. Buhl-lee If you multiply this by one million, you will get
Tony D.

Bulkhead- adj. Buhlk-hed Another word to describe Maxwell C Crawl- v. Krawl Freak is an expert at doing this

Crutch- n. Kruch Freak uses these to walk, and to hit people


D Damsel- n. Dam-zel 1. A girl in trouble 2. Loretta Lee is the

Damsel of Distress

Doofus- adj. Doo-fuhs A name Tony D. calls Freak the Mighty Dragon- n. Dra-gun A fire breathing monster that Freak the
Mighty slays

E Earthling- n. Urth-ling Kevin s word for you and me Enemies- n. En-uh-mees People that are not friends. Ex. Tony. D
and Freak the Mighty

Evasive- adj. Ee-vay-siv Trying to avoid something, as in trying

to evade Killer Kane

F Father- n. Fah-thur Both Freak and Max have terrible ones Freak the Mighty- n. Freek thuh My-tee The best of friends See
also: Friends

Friends- n. Frends This is an understatement for Max and Freak.

See also: Freak the Mighty

Fuming- adj. Fyoo-ming Killer Kane is this when Loretta tries to

set Max free.

G Geezers- n. Gee-zurs A group of old people (Like Grim and

Gram-wait! I was only kidding!)

Genius- adj. Geen-yus Grim s definition for Freak Giant- adj. Gy-uhnt Yet another word to describe Max, and what
he and his dad both have in common

Gram-n. Gram Max s kind grandmother Grim-n. Grim Max s sad grandfather Guinevere-n. Gwin-ih-vyeer 1. Kevin s mom 2. King Arthur s wife
See also: Beautiful

H Hope- n.Hope Something that keeps you from getting depressed Humongous- adj.Hyoo-mun-gus 1. Very big 2. Max s body size I I.C.U.-n. I See Yoo A place Max destroyed after Freak died. It
stands for Intensive Care Unit and is the part of the hospital where Freak was staying.

Iggy- n. Ih-gee Alcoholic leader of the motorcycle gang, the

Panheads, and husband of Loretta Lee.

Invincible- adj. In-vins-uh-bull 1. What Freak the Mighty is

2. The knights of the round table wore armor to make them this.

J Jerk- adj. Jurk Another name for Tony D. See also: Tony D. K Kicker- n. Kih-kur This can sometimes be considered Max s first

L Learn- v. Lurn A talent some are born with, though many must
be taught how to do it.

M Moron- adj. Mor-ahn What Killer Kane is Mrs. Donelli-n. Miss-uz Doh-nell-ee Freak and Max s teacher
that doesn t understand why Max won t talk in front of people.

Murderer- n. Mur-dur 1. Someone that intentionally kills

someone else 2. Kenneth Kane

N Numbest- adj. Num-est A state of numb at its full force Nuts- adj. Nutz You must be this to mess with Tony D. O Operation- n. Op-ur-ay-shun Getting a new (bionic) body P Pardon-v. Par-dun An apology. Ex. When Freak says, I beg your
pardon .


Puh-tass-ee-um 1. What you get from bananas.

2. As in Potassium Nitrate, a chemical in fireworks

Q Quick- adj. Kwik You go this speed when Tony D. is chasing you. R Rocket- n. Rok-et Max and Freak wish Tony D. would get in one
of these and go far away.

Snore- v. Snor Grim does this VERY loudly Sobriquet- n. Sub-ri-kay Grim s name, based on his demeanor Spastic- adj. Spas-tik Relating to, characterized by, or affected
with or as if by spasms.

Spitting Image- n. Spih-ting Im-uhge When something looks

exactly like something else. Ex. Max is the spitting image of his dad

Sprint- v. Sprint The nurse and Max did this when Freak couldn t

Swill- v. Swill The drunk people at the pond (including Tony D.)
are beer swillers, and are worse than kid stompers.

T Testaments- n. Test-uh-mentz No, not the Old or the New

Testaments, but a run down, gang filled part of town where Iggy and Loretta Lee live.

Tony D.- n. To-nee Dee A teenage bully that, in Freak s eyes, is a

cretin. See also: Bully and Jerk

U Ugly- adj. Uhg-lee Tony D. s words V Vex- v. Vehx You don t do this with Gram or she ll start crying. W Wagon- n. Wa-gun Max pulls Freak in this. See also: American

Whoa- n. Wo What you say when surprised. Wonka- n.

Wahn-kah The second word in the title of the

movie/book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

X X-Ray- n. Ex-Ray 1. Max had many of these after Killer Kane

nearly killed him 2. What you ll need if you mess with Tony D.

Y Yonder- n. Yahn-dur A place that always lies over the next


Z Zebra- n. Zee-bruh 1. A black and white striped animal, closely

related to a horse 2. Not Freak s favorite animal