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GOR Ae VT Pox AN INTRODUCTION TO EINSTEIN'S GENERAL ER Ba ATI V 1TY James B. Hartle "This is an excelent intadction to general relativity with hands-on approach thats aslo ply suatons of ints ike back holes andthe expanding univer. fills el gap inthe irate for an undergradte or graduate stent couse bok Spon Haking, University of Cambridge the best elementary induction to general elatiity eer writen. I brings lati ul within the rasp of undergraduates and should tigger cretion of general lati coues at alles and univers around the wold ‘pS. Thorne, Caltech; autor of Black Hole and Te Warps: isle’ Outrageous Legacy “Harte brings the beauty and excitement of reais gravitation tothe appropriate undergraduate ee via a remarkably acoesile development, Ne uses many more familiar eonoeps to produce a broad understanding, cf the base structure and applications ofthe theory The pedagogy 5 remarkably fective Robert V Wagoner, Sanford University Harte san established master ofthe id and his enmpetence assures that this book i authoritative. The book provides astriking combination cof classical general relativity theory and the latest modem observational resus, ‘din Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy taly novel approach. With Hart's presentation, relat is ‘more than is dry mathematics; instead, isan elegant, curious, and intellectually vibrant sbjet thats central to many ofthe mast Intriguing questions in physics and astrophysics today” Marc Kamionboushi, California instie of Tecbnology “This book should appeal oa new generation of physicists. It includes an excelent review of secial elatity and provides a unified metrical approach to both SR and GR Hans Juergen Weber, University of Virginia A “physics first” approach to Einstein's general relativity Einstein's theory of general relativity is a comerstone of moder physics. It embrace a wealth of frontier scientific topic including curved spacetime, black holes, gravitational waves, and cosmology, General relativity is increasingly central to contemporary physics and astronomy and therefore to an undergraduate physi education. The aim of ths ground-breaking new txt is to ‘make tis fandamental theory accesible to undergraduate students. Using a "physics fist" approach, a minimum of new mathematics, and a wealth of applications, renowned relatvist ‘James Harte provides a fluent and accesible introduction for physicists and others interested in this central achievement of modem science. “Avery fne book by aleang expert By eonoenrating on physical ideas and the very latest observational results, Hale achiews his admirable lm of making general relativity acessbe without eying on daunting mathematics This bok is kely to became a casi that every physics student should pases, Jonathan Halle, Imperial College, London Profesor Harte s to be commended fr writing such a fine and much ede introductory book on general reat. Wit the right balance of plysical ideas and mathematical details delivered in cea ye this wil be a weleome text Bei ak Hl, University of Maryland “This book should make a major impact in undergraduate education Iti far learer and more physically motivating than other texts. The exposition ia precisely the right vel. and clear worked examples and goo problems make it espeilly useful” ‘Michael Hobson, University of Cambridge for decades general relativity hs largely been the purview of raat tudes... Harte new book promises to change that. It provides an admirable overview of one of physics’ most beautiful and increasingly relevant theories and can be understood with only a fist ‘mechanics class prerequisite should persuade many physics department oof general relativity sa routine part ofthe unde ‘graduate curriculum.” Artur Kosoushy,Rulgers University "te deal text for. .an introductory course Inno oer single ext have I found all the upto date material that modem physicist should [now about gravity. At the sume time it san excellent basi for more advanced study Dieter Bil, Univesity of Maryland Pease visit us at wnaw.cony/physics for more information. To order any of our products, contact our customer sevice department at (80) 824-7798, (201) 767-5021 outside ofthe US, o st your campus bookstore. Pearson beter in Cool ISBN 0-8053-8bb2-9 | | i ol7a80s!3a6622 IMPORTANT SPACETIMES (geometrized units) Flat Spacetime Cartesian Coordinates nopdx"dx® Spatial Spherical Polar Coordinates ds? = —d? + dr? +°d0? +r? sin? ade? Static, Weak Field Metric ds? = (1+ 20(x')) dP + (1 = 20) dx? + dy? +2), (OO) KD). Schwarzschild Geometry Schwarzschild Coordinates 2M Nraitsrs eae ieee tarts at =—(1 )aee(1- ) a + Pao? + sin? 946?) Eddington-Finkelstein Coordinates 2M) | 5 249? asin? pag? —(1- ==) dv? + 2dudr + r?(de? + sin? ode?) r IM? ri 2 2 pale? Se 2M (dv? + dU?) + (a6? + sin? ode?) Kruskal-Szekeres Coordinates Kerr Geometry where a=J/M, p> =r 4a° cos? 6, —2Mr+a?