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FOREST LAWN HIGH SCHOOL Course Outline Legal Studies 30 Legal Studies 30 2011-2012

Teacher: Miss Mee Email: smmee@cbe.ab.ca Tutorial(s): Mondays 3:30-4:30 Tuesdays 11:45-12:30

Room: 205 Phone: 403-272-6665 ext. 7088

COURSE DESCRIPTION This is an advanced level 5 credit CTS course, comprised of 5 credits for Legal Studies 30. This course will enable students develop skills in decision making, problem solving, communicating and critical thinking; develop knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about the law; identify the rights granted and the responsibility imposed by the law; engage in critical analysis of legal issues; develop an appreciation of the individuals ability to influence the law; demonstrate a tolerance for opinions held by others; demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with others; develop the ability to recognize, avoid, and resolve problems with legal implications; develop an awareness of legal issues in other curricular areas; and investigate career options related to the law. UNITS OF STUDY Legal Studies 3010: Property Law Students identify laws relating to real, personal, and intellectual properties and investigate the process of buying and selling real property and the legal implications associated with Internet transactions. Legal Studies 3040: Negligence Students explore the legal meaning of negligence and legal action relating to negligence. Legal Studies 3060: Controversy & Change Students explore how controversial issues evoke responses that may bring about changes in the law, and describe a wide variety of strategies that may be used for changing the law. Legal Studies 3070: Landmark Decisions Students analyze, in detail, landmark decisions and their subsequent influence on society. Legal Studies 3080: Criminal Law Students examine the criminal justice system, including criminal process and roles and responsibilities of the participants. Students also explore challenging issues and lawrelated careers. ASSESSMENT 1

The general breakdown for Legal Studies 30 modules are as follows (total 100%): IN CLASS ASSIGNMENTS (PROJECTS, TEXTBOOKWORK, PRESENTATIONS, ETC) QUIZZES AND TESTS CAREER RELATED SKILLS 60% 15% 25%

MATERIALS/TEXT/FEES Basic supplies such as paper and pen; All About the Law: Exploring the Canadian Legal System (sixth edition) STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Give respect to all members of the class Regular attendance & punctuality Come prepared and ready to work; stay on task and use class time effectively Contribute to a positive learning environment Give your best effort ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Each module is worth 1 credit. It is possible to complete some modules and not others and receive less than your 5 credits; however, you cannot receive more than 1 credit in each module number.