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Fourth edition Intermediate Student’s Book Liz and John Soars NEW OXFORD STAN RLY lacy Fourth edition Headway Intermediate Student's Book Liz and John Soars OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS CONTENTS UNIT LANGUAGE INPUT Cn 1 Aworld of difference Naming tenses Ps Present, Past, Present Perfect Auxiliary verbs do, be, have pS Questions and negatives Where were you born? He dosent live in Madrid. po Short answers Yes, [have. No, he didn't. pS Spoken English - sounding pol ‘Did you have a good day?” “Yes, Tid. Twent shopping” pS eee ‘What's in a word? Parts of speech and meaning ‘ver, adjective, noun , or adverb? Spelling and pronunciation ‘vowel sounds Word formation ‘active, acto, action Words that go together “fallin love Keeping vocabulary records pl2 EEO Everyday situations Teed to make an “appointment A medium latte, please. Have here or take away? pis & 2 The working week pla Present tenses Simple and continuous What does she do? What's she doing? pls State verbs like, know, understand pl Passive People are employed Tm being served. pl? How often 2 hardly ever twice a year pl5 Positive and negative adjectives hard-working bad-tempered pio Free time activities ‘goorcing Keeping ft recipe, to peel p20 Making small talle such an ol city, is it? was born in. but Five in Have you? Who do you work for? Spoken English - softening ‘a negative comment ‘abit late not very big p2t & 3 Good times, bad times p22 Past tenses Simple and continuous He worked in London, He was studying art. p23 Past Perfect He had fallen in lve. I'd een drinking p23 used to “He used to wake up at 6,00, p23 Spelling and pronunciation ‘good lgodi food ud! ‘male, mail ‘ny tooth truth juice p2s Lost sounds chocglate foreign pos Giving opinions He's really grea, isnt he? Definitely! Minn! ‘That's rubbish! Spoken English - making ‘an opinion stronger Just awful ‘absolutely adore p29 Be 4 Getting it right p32 ‘Advice, obligation, and permission ‘Modal and related verbs You should check online. You must ell your neighbours They cam get married at 16, You are allowed to go. Children had to goto school They didn’t have to work. p32-34 Phrasal verbs (1) Literal or idiomatic? ‘She took her boots of Ff ‘The flight took off on time. Separable or inseparable? He turned iton She takes afer him. p36 Polite requests and offers Tl give you a if Do you think you could... Cant you tll me 2 Would you mind ..? p37 5 Our changing world ging pas Future forms Will, going to, or Present Continuous? What will the world be lke? “Things are going to change. We're meeting James at 11.00. Future possibilities ~ may, might, could ‘The earth may get warmer. ‘Temperatures might rise What could happen? p38 Word building Sulfixes prediction, excitement Prefixes impossible, disagree, react ‘Changing word stress ladvertise advertisement pd Angog met Tr wondering fe could meet. u jas get ny diay We could haw coe. Why dontwe.-? lett Muti of English making suggestions pS & 6 What matters tome pis Information questions What's she like? What does she lok like? How is she? pa How tallbig...? What colourisize/make Which loorfpart of town .? How fardiong..? How muchimany 2 pa? Describing people, places, and things ‘He’ good funivery sociable. p46 Is casylon the fourth floor What make is it? pA7 Adjectives -ed|-ing: amazing, amazed Adjective + noun: sandy beach Compound adjectives: well-dressed p48 Adverbs -lyand not -Iy: simply, lly, just, too verb + adverb: wait patiently Ina department store Toys and babywear Ladies fashions Stationery What size do you take? Keep your receipt Signs. Buy two, get one free Final clearance p53