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(C.S.E) GROUP -1 ROLL.NO-RE1802A22

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Completing a task is never a one man effort. It is often the result of valuable contribution of a number of individuals in a direct or indirect manner that helps in shaping and achieving an objective. It is very difficult for anyone to complete a project without the active cooperation and the benefit of the advice from the people who are experts in their field of specialization. The satisfaction and euphoria that accompanies the successful completion of any task would not be complete without the mention of the people who made it possible With due honor, We want to thank all the personalities who made us able to do this interesting work. First of all we would like to thank lovely professional university for giving us this opportunity to carry out this minor project at their esteemed institution. We are grateful to our honorable faculty who provided all the facility. We acknowledge the earnest suggestions given to us by Ms.Jasneet Kaur, lec in cse.


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1. Project proposal
2. Software development cycle requirements

3. Software development cycle 4. Coding. 5. Testing and debugging. 6. Maintenance and redesigning. 7. References.

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A transfer is a lateral move to a position in the same classified pay range (classified position) or to a position with comparable duties and responsibilities (non-classified positions). Eligibility:All non-faculty employees are eligible for transfer after being employed in their present position for atleast three months. In addition, an employee must have been performing in a satisfactory manner in his/her current job. Exceptions to the three month employment requirement may be authorized by the President on a case-by-case basis. Procedures:Employees are considered as candidates for transfer in the following order or priority: a. Eligible employees in same department as the job opening b. Eligible employees in other departments who have requested a transfer c. Eligible employees being considered for lay-off due to a reduction in force Employees desiring a transfer will submit a written request for transfer to his/her department head. The employee should identify the specific vacancy in which they are interested. The department head will forward the request to the Department of Human Resources for recommended action. The Department of Human Resources will determine whether the desired job or a suitable job opening exists. If a suitable job is available, the Department of Human Resources will arrange for the employee's application to be reviewed by the department in which opening exists. Employees will be allowed time off with pay for job interviews related to transfers. The decision to effect the transfer will be made by the head of the department in which

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the job opening occurs. An employee who is transferred to a comparable job (lateral transfer) will continue to receive his/her existing rate of pay.

A person from any department should be able to

login to the system through the first page of the application using the guest login

Enter the details of the required in the form available. This form also captures the details like, name , contact no., and designation of the person.

He/She can opt to transfer his employee for any job or if his/her request is very specific then he/she can submit his/her request.

As soon as a transfer request /withdrawal /cancellation is made by the person, an automatic email should be sent to the employee transfer coordinator giving details about the employer .

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Software development cycle

The purpose of professional programming is to deliver a product that satisfies its users. Software engineers have been trying various tools, methods and procedures to control the process of software development in order to build high quality software with improved productivity. The methods provide how to do for building the software while the tools provide automated or semi-automated support for the methods. They are used in all the stages of software development process, namely, planning, analysis, design, development and maintenance. The software development procedures integrate the methods and tools together and enable rational and timely development of software system. They provide guidelines as to how to apply the methods and tools, how to produce the deliverables at each stage, what controls to apply, and what milestone to use to assess the progress.

Software development components

There exist a number of software development paradigms, each using a different set of methods and tools. The selection of a particular paradigm depends on the nature of the application, the programming language used, and the controls and deliverables required.
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The development of a successful system depends not only on the objectives of the system. A successful system must: 1. Satisfy the user requirements, 2. Be easy to understand by the user and operators, 3. Be easy to operate, 4. Have a good user interface, 5. Be easy to modify, 6. Be expandable, 7. Have adequate security controls against misuse of data, 8. Be delivered on schedule within the budget. 9. System requirements should be fulfilled by the software. 10. Software should be feasible.

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Hardware Requirements The present project has been built using a Multimedia Machine with the following configuration: -

Processor Hard Disk Drive RAM

: : :

Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ 80 GB 256 MB

However, the minimum configuration that is required to run the present system includes: o Pentium or Celeron Processor o 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended) o 10 MB of free Hard Disk Space

Software Requirements The operating system that has been used as a platform to build up the project is Windows 98, although it can run very well on Windows XP too. Besides this the system which is to be used for running the present project should have Turbo C++ installed.


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In computer science, code is any collection of statements or declarations written in some human-readable computer programming language. Code allows the programmer to communicate with the computer using a reserved number of instructions. The code which constitutes a program is usually held in one or more text files, sometimes stored in databases as stored procedures and may also appear as code snippets printed in books or other media. A large collection of code files may be organized into a directory tree, in which case it may also be known as a code tree. A computer program's code is the collection of files needed to convert from humanreadable form to some kind of computer-executable form. The code may be converted into an executable file by a compiler, or executed on the fly from the human readable form with the aid of an interpreter. The code base of a programming project is the larger collection of all the source code of all the computer programs which make up the project. We have discussed here some special codes, which play an important part in our project:

#include<iostream.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<graphics.h> FILE *P; struct abc { int i,x,z,age;
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char ch[10],ch9[10],ch1,ch2[10],ch3[10],cn[50]; char m,sname[50],fname[50]; }j;

class project { int i; public: void abc(); void info(); void text(); void front()

{ clrscr(); textcolor(BLACK); textbackground(YELLOW); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; gotoxy(1,10);

10 | P a g e



MANAGEMENT"; cout<<endl; gotoxy(15,10); cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\npress any key to continue......"; getch(); } }; void project::abc() {

textcolor(WHITE); textbackground(BLUE); char ch[10]="user123"; char ch9[10]="user",ch1,ch2[10],ch3[10]; i=0; cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; gotoxy(20,10); cout<<"\n PASSWORD"<<endl; PLEASE ENTER YOUR

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while(ch1!=13) { ch1=getch(); ch2[i]=ch1; putchar('*'); ++i; } --i; ch2[i]=NULL; gotoxy(30,15);

cout<<"\n\n ID"<<endl; cin>>ch3;


if((strcmp(ch,ch2)==0)&&(strcmp(ch9,ch3)==0)) {cout<<"\n\n matched\n\n getch(); clrscr(); password/id

press any key to continue........";

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info(); } else cout<<"\n\n password"; getch(); } void project::text() { clrscr(); textcolor(BLACK); textbackground(MAGENTA); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; int x,z,age; char fname[50],sname[50],cn[50]; char pr[20]; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\t\t############# AVAILABLE FORMS #############"; cout<<"\n\n*************************************************** *****************************"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.For shop owner
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wrong id or


cout<<"\n\n\t\t2.For customer cout<<"\n\n\t\t3.For Salesmen cout<<"\n\n\t\t4.For medicines cout<<"\n\n\t\t5.Exit *";

*"; *"; *";

cout<<"\n\n*************************************************** *****************************"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tPlease Enter Your Choice......."; cin>>x; switch(x) { case 1: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.Your selection is shop owner"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tFILLUP THIS FORM"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\t\tFIRST NAME:-"; cin>>j.fname; fwrite(&j.fname,sizeof(j.fname),1,P); cout<<"\n\t\tSECOND NAME:-";
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cin>>j.sname; fwrite(&j.sname,sizeof(j.sname),1,P);

cout<<"\n\t\tCONTACT NO:-"; cin>>j.cn; fwrite(&j.cn,sizeof(j.cn),1,P); cout<<"\n\n\n\t\tThanks.........for registering"; break; } case 2: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.Your selection is customer"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tFILLUP THIS FORM"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\t\tFIRST NAME:-"; cin>>j.fname; fwrite(&j.fname,sizeof(j.fname),1,P); cout<<"\n\t\tSECOND NAME:-"; cin>>j.sname;
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cout<<"\n\t\tCONTACT NO:-"; cin>>j.cn; fwrite(&j.cn,sizeof(j.cn),1,P); cout<<"\n\n\n\t\tThanks.........for registering"; break; } case 3: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.Your selection is salesmen"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tFILLUP THIS FORM"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\t\tFIRST NAME:-"; cin>>j.fname; fwrite(&j.fname,sizeof(j.fname),1,P); cout<<"\n\t\tSECOND NAME:-"; cin>>j.sname; fwrite(&j.sname,sizeof(j.sname),1,P);
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cout<<"\n\t\tCONTACT NO:-"; cin>>j.cn; fwrite(&j.cn,sizeof(j.cn),1,P); cout<<"\n\n\n\t\tThanks"; break; } case 4: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.Your selection is medicines"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tFILLUP THIS FORM"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\t\tMEDICINE'S NAME:-"; cin>>j.fname; fwrite(&j.fname,sizeof(j.fname),1,P); cout<<"\n\t\tPRICE:-"; cin>>j.cn; fwrite(&j.PR,sizeof(j.PR),1,P); break; }
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case 5: clrscr(); cout<<"\n\t\t6.Exit"; } }

void project::info() { clrscr(); textcolor(GREEN); textbackground(BLUE); int ch; cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\t ############# ENTER YOUR AREA OF MEDICINES #############"; cout<<"\n\n*************************************************** *****************************"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t1.Paracetamol Brands"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t2.Aspirin Brands";

18 | P a g e

cout<<"\n\n\t\t3.Ibuprofen brands"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t4.Codral Brands"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t5.Lemsip Brands"; cout<<"\n\n*************************************************** *****************************"; cout<<"\n\n\t\tPLEASE ENTER YOUR CHOICE......."; cin>>ch;

switch(ch) { case 1: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INFORMATION ABOUT MEDICINES

BRANDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; cout<<"\n\n pARACETAMOL BRANDS"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Panadol"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Dymadon"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Dymadon p*";

19 | P a g e

cout<<"\n\n\n\n Lemsip"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Panamax*"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Tylenol"; cout<<"\n\n\n AVAILABLE......"; getch(); text(); break; } case 2: { clrscr(); cout<<"\n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INFORMATION ABOUT MEDICINES PRESS ENTER TO SEE THE LIST OF FORMS

BRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; cout<<"\n\n:ASPIRIN BRANDS"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Disprin"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Aspro clear"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n solprin*"; cout<<"\n\n\n AVAILABLE......"; getch();
20 | P a g e


text(); break; } case 3: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INFORMATION ABOUT MEDICINES

BRANDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; cout<<"\n\n IBUPROFEN BRANDS:"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Nurofen"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Advil"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Brufen*"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Herron blue profen"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Rafen*"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Triprofen";

cout<<"\n\n\n AVAILABLE......";


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getch(); text(); break; } case 4: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INFORMATION ABOUT

MEDICINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; cout<<"\n\n CODRAL BRANDS:"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Codral Cold and Flu tablets"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Codral Forte tablets"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Codral Pain Relief tablets"; cout<<"\n\n\n AVAILABLE......"; getch(); text(); break; } PRESS ENTER TO SEE THE LIST OF FORMS

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case 5: { clrscr(); cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INFORMATION ABOUT

MEDICINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n"; cout<<"\n\n LEMSIP BRANDS"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Lemsip Max Cold & Flu sachets"; cout<<"\n\n\n\n Lemsip Flu 12 hour capsules"; cout<<"\n\n\n AVAILABLE......"; getch(); text(); break; } default:cout<<"invalid choice"; } PRESS ENTER TO SEE THE LIST OF FORMS

getch(); }

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void main() { char m; do { clrscr(); textcolor(GREEN); textbackground(BLACK); project a; P=fopen("LP.txt","w+"); a.front(); clrscr(); a.abc(); clrscr(); cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\t\tCONTINUE WITH THE PROGRAM? (Y/N) :"; cin>>m; }while(m=='y'||m=='Y'); clrscr();
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cout<<"\t\t\t\tDATE: "<<__DATE__; cout<<"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n######################################## ######################################"; cout<<"\n\n\t\t\tPROGRAMMED BY ADITYA SHARMA\n"; cout<<"\n#################################################### ###########################\n"; fclose(P); getch(); }


It is the major quality control measure employed during software development. Testing is the process of executing a program with the intention of finding an error. No piece of code is completely ready unless it has been fully tested. This stage is very important as it is certified whether the code developed meet the requirement specification or not. More over validations are also checked in the testing stage. Need for Testing Testing is vital to the success of the system. Testing may the logical assumption that all the part of the system are correct and the goal is successfully achieved. Inadequate testing leads to then error that may not appear until month later. A small system error can explode into a
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much larger problem. Second reason for testing is its utility as an user-oriented vehicle before implementation. Finally testing leads to software reliability. This increases user confidence in the system. Levels of Testing The basic levels of testing are Functional Testing Structural Testing Unit Testing Integrity Testing

These different levels of testing attempt to detect different types of faults. The relation of faults introduced in different phases and different levels of testing are shown here.

Functional Testing

This testing was done on a large scale. Each and every form of the project was tested to check whether it performs the associated function in a proper manner for which it has been prepared. In functional testing the structure of the program is not considered. Test cases are decided on the basis of the requirements or specification of the program code or module and the internal of the module or the program are not considered for selection of test cases. This is often called black box testing. Test case for functional testing are decided from the module specification produced from the design.

Structural Testing:

26 | P a g e

It is considered with testing the implementation of the program. The structural testing is not to exercise all the different input/output conditions but to exercise the different programming structure used in the program. This is also known as glass-box testing and white box testing methods and is conducted to ensure that:

All independent paths within a module have been exercised at

least once.

All logical decisions on their true and false sides are exercised. Loops are executed at their boun daries and within their
operational bounds.

When I test the program there were various errors ,some of the those errors are reported in this report like: 1. Accessing the private data members outside the class 2. Functions prototype mismatching.

27 | P a g e

Error 1:. When i debug the problem it was found that I had used while statement inside the function of a class. This is against the rules of C++ as inline functions do not contain control statements.

Solution: I gave the function declaration inside the class. But the definition was given outside the class with the help of scope resolution operator.

Error 2:. When I tested the program it was found that even if I entered 1 choice, not only the output related to that choice , but related to all the choices was displayed.

Solution: After debugging it was found that by mistake I forgot to use the break statement in the switch statement control.

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The proposed system with its efficiencies in reducing processing speeds, better quality services and superior decisions will be worth implementing for future applications. This system will be used to handle a lot of works which in turn will save Energy; Time & Provide better services to the Staff of the Post- Office. This software can be easily used by them as it aims at providing them with a record of all the Letters and also helps them in feeding relevant information about them which can be recalled whenever required. It also generates relevant reports and queries, which may be required by them. Thus, it can be successfully used by the end users i.e. Office bearers. Thus, the main advantages of the proposed system will be Speed, Accuracy & quality of services in generating reports and queries for better decisions. There is need of proper maintenance of the files in which information is stored. Proper backup of files should be there. This project can be further enhanced by adding more features like various kinds of speed posts and registries records.

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Tickets: 1) Let us c by Yashvant Kanetkar 2) Let us C++ by Yashvant Kanetkar 3) C++ by Balaguruswamy 4) System Anaylsis and Design by Awad

Sites: 1) www.en.wikipedia.org 2) www.askjeeves.com 3) www.yahoo.com 4) www.altavista.com

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