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GARCIA v. VASQUEZ G.R. No. L-26884. April 30, 1970 Reyes, J.B.L, J.

Facts: Gliceria Avelino del Rosario died unmarried in the City of Manila on 2 September 1965, leaving no descendants, ascendants, brother or sister. At the time of her death, she was said to be 90 years old more or less, and possessed of an estate consisting mostly of real properties. Consuelo S. Gonzales Vda. De Precilla, a niece of the deceased, petitioned the court for probate of the alleged last will and testament of Gliceria A. del Rosario, executed on 29 December 1960, and for her appointment as special administratrix of the latters estate, pending the appointment of a regular administrator thereof. The petition was opposed separately by several groups of alleged heirs: (1) Rev. Fr. Lucio V. Garcia, a legatee named in an earlier will executed by Gliceria A. del Rosario on 9 June 1956.