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Inspection Procedure

00-SAIP-06 Pressure Test Requirements Document Responsibility: Inspection Department 31 August, 2004

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Previous Issue: 31 December, 2000 Next Planned Update: 1 September, 2009 Revised paragraphs are indicated in the right margin Primary contact: Nasser M. Balhareth on 874-6604

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Document Responsibility: Inspection Department Issue Date: 31 August, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 September, 2009

00-SAIP-06 Pressure Test Requirements

Scope 1.1 This SAIP is to highlight certain pressure test requirements, identify special tests, explain reporting methods and to provide instructions for witnessing pressure tests on new or existing equipment and piping. This SAIP does not include pressure test requirements for the following: Construction of On-Land and Near Shore Pipelines SAES-L-450 Installation of Freon Refrigeration System Plumbing Installations Hot Tap Connections Thermoplastic Pipe Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe Bottled Gas Cylinders SAES-K-xxx Series UPC SAES-L-052 SAES-S-xxx Series SAES-S-xxx Series BGM (Bottled Gas Manual)


References The following standards were used in the preparation of this procedure and should be carefully reviewed by the inspector prior to witnessing pressure tests: Saudi Aramco References Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards SAES-A-004 SAES-A-005 SAES-A-007 SAES-B-017 SAES-L-150 General Instruction GI-0002.102 Saudi Aramco Forms SA 2093-ENG SA 2642-ENG SA 2642-1-ENG Equipment Inspection Record-General Pressure Test Report Pressure Test Information Sheet Page 2 of 4 Pressure Testing Safely Pressure Testing Applicable Safety Instruction Sheets Hydrostatic Test Fluids and Required Lay-ups Fire Water Systems Pressure Testing of Plant Piping and Pipelines

Document Responsibility: Inspection Department Issue Date: 31 August, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 September, 2009 3 Pressure Test Requirements 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6

00-SAIP-06 Pressure Test Requirements

Both Relief and Bleed Valves are required for all piping and equipment under test. (SAES-A-004 para. 5.5) The inspector shall witness and accept the flushing procedures prior to commencement of pressure test. (SAES-A-004, para. 7.1.2) Filling and Draining of the system under test shall be performed carefully to prevent entrapped air or formation of a vacuum. (SAES-A-004, para. 8 and 9) Firewater Systems shall be tested for 4 hours in accordance with SAES-B-017. Pressure Sewers shall be tested under the same conditions as for pressure piping. Buried lines should be tested before backfilling. In cases where a trench has been backfilled prior to a pressure test, a 24-hours pressure/temperature recorded test is required per SAES-L-150. Welded connections that are impractical to pressure test may be 100% inspected by NDE in lieu of a pressure test (SAES-A-004, para. 5.6.2). The Appendix of SAES-A-004 shall be used for reporting and approving NDE in lieu of pressure test. This sheet should be submitted to the applicable approval authority at least 24 hours prior to the actual test. Safety requirements described in SAES-A-004 shall be reviewed and closely followed when pressure testing. Hydrostatic test diagrams and procedures shall be provided by the operations engineering groups within an operating plant or the contractor for new projects, to the inspector prior to conducting the test. Refer to SAES-A-004, para. 5.6.1 for details of these documents. The pressure test manifold shall be separately tested at 1.2 times the system test pressure prior to the actual system pressure test. (SAES-A-004, para. 6.5.4)


3.8 3.9


Special Test Pneumatic and Inert Gas test procedures shall be submitted and approved prior to testing by the Manager, Inspection Department except where allowed by SAES-A-004 and SAES-L-150. Loss Prevention shall also approve the pneumatic test procedures when air is used and the equipment has previously been in flammable service. Refer to SAES-A-004, para. 5.2.

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Document Responsibility: Inspection Department Issue Date: 31 August, 2004 Next Planned Update: 1 September, 2009 5 Reporting Methods 5.1 5.2 5.3

00-SAIP-06 Pressure Test Requirements

The Pressure Test Information sheet (Form 2642-1-ENG) shall be completed by the assigned inspector for each pressure test. The Appendix of SAES-A-004 shall be completed and approved for all NDE in lieu of pressure test as described above in para. 4.7. Permanent recording of pressure test results shall be made on the Pressure Test Report (Form 2642-ENG). 5.3.1 5.3.2 A copy of the Pressure Test Report shall be sent to the Construction agency on new projects. Records should also be entered in the Equipment Inspection Record, General (Form 2093-ENG). Both forms will go into the plant record books for either turn-over to Operations Inspection or for the plant record books after a test is conducted by the Operations Inspection personnel.

31 August, 2004

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