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A Study on Automated Payroll Processing system Questionnaire 1. Do you have more than one payroll?

YES/NO If so, please furnish a list of your payrolls, including any offshore payrolls.

2. Is your board on a separate payroll? YES/NO 3. Is your senior management on a separate payroll? YES/NO 4. Are any employees on more than one payroll? YES/NO 5. Do you use the services of a payroll-administration service-provider? YES/NO If so, please furnish the name of the service-provider.

6. If not, do you have an in-house computerized payroll-system? YES/NO 7. Do you have any recurring fixed payments to your employees?

8. Do you track unpaid time through payroll?

9. Are there any special taxation considerations on any of your types of pay?

10. Do you have any shift differentials?

11. Do any of your employees have more than one pay rate?

12. At what level are pay rates established:

y Employee

y Job classification/step

y Job classification/step within specific group of employees

y Job location

13. Do you need to use an automatic overtime calculation routine?

14. How many types of pay do you track?

15. Do you have bonus or commission pay?

16. Do you have the need to arrear deductions and/or benefits not taken or calculated?

17. Will you be accruing vacation, sick, or personal time? How are these benefits rolled into the future?