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KaBa By: Amiri Baraka A closed window looks down on a dirty courtyard, and black people call across

or scream or walk across defying physics in the stream of their will

Our world is full of sound Our world is more lovely than anyone's tho we suffer, and kill each other and sometimes fail to walk the air

We are beautiful people with african imaginations full of masks and dances and swelling chants

with african eyes, and noses, and arms, though we sprawl in grey chains in a place full of winters, when what we want is sun.

We have been captured, brothers. And we labor to make our getaway, into the ancient image, into a new

correspondence with ourselves

and our black family. We read magic now we need the spells, to rise up return, destroy, and create. What will be

the sacred words?

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Analysis Summary: The poem KaBa is about how the speaker views the lives of African Americans. Baraka tells us about the good we do as a people even though we face challenges.

Figurative language: A closed window looks down on a dirty courtyard- hyperbole we sprawl in gray chains in a place full of winters- hyperbole

Imagery: y y y y A closed window African eyes, and noses, and arms dirty courtyard Black people call across or scream across or walk across

Tone Words: y Nostalgic

y y

Contemplative Intimate

Theme: You can see what is wrong with a situation but you cant always fix it.