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Scene 1 Martinez House

Narrator (thoughts of Alfredo as he looked at Julia): I dont know what the right choice is. None of them feel wrong. Or at least, I do not feel...? My mind and my heart continue to have this battle inside me. Is it greed? It must be so for it is a normal for a man be that way among women. My heart, tells me it is not so. Could be love as well? I had loved Esperanza but do begin to feel the same for Julia? Though it is said to love someone you knew for a period of time but is love at first sight possible as well? Julia: You are awfully quiet. Am I making you feel uncomfortable? Alfredo: Quite the contrary actually, I find myself Julia: Amused? Alfredo: Not exactly. I feel as though I am young again. Julia: Really? I do not believe that you are that much of age to think like that. Alfredo: Tis only my desire. I feel relaxed but still... I am trying to solve mysteries. Julia: Mystery? Are all your cases as a lawyer that Alfredo: Not always. You are also a mystery... Julia: Tis simply because you have only known me in a short period of time- in weeks only. Alfredo: Even so, might I have known you for my life you would still remain a mystery. Julia: You are willing to learn about for a lifetime? Alfredo: I would be honoured to. (Julia and Alfredo smile at each other)

Scene 2 (Outside the chapel/church)

Narrator (Alfredo while waiting for Julia): This is not how I remember spending my Sundays. Esperanza was everything to me then... But now I

am not waiting for her but instead I wait for the person I cannot stop thinking about... Julia: (enters behind Alfredo) I am sorry to have kept you waiting too long. Alfredo: (turns to face Julia) You do not have to apologize. I am the one who insisted to wait for you. Julia: But stillAlfredo: I do not want to argue with you, Julia. Let us just go on with today as planned. Julia: Planned? What do you mean? Alfredo: (smile) I wish to take you somewhere... Special. Julia: I hope you wont make me regret this. Alfredo: (laughs) Dont think of this badly. Its just a place nothing more.

Scene 3 Martinez House

Alfredo walks towards Julia who was talking to her relatives. Julia dismisses her conversations with relatives and walks towards Alfredo. Alfredo: Good morning. Julia: I wont say it that way Alfredo: Why? Is it because of the place? Julia: No its not that. Its just that... I will be... Leaving (looks down) Alfredo: Leaving? When? Julia: I will be going back to our province for Holy Week. Alfredo: (takes her hand) Then I guess we should make most of our time now. Julia: (shakes his hand off of hers) Please stop. This is wrong, Alfredo.

Alfredo: What do you mean? Julia: It is better for me to leave. You... You are engaged! You should be with her! Alfredo: I Julia: (stifles a laugh) Oh well where are manners... Um, well I should congratulate you. (shakes his hand and is about cry) Alfredo: Julia... Please dont be like this. Julia: (tries to smile) So when is the wedding? I am invited right? Alfredo: (sympathetic) Of course you are... The wedding will be on MayJulia: Ill be sure not to miss it (still trying to smile) Ill be back here by then of course since I believe my sister is also invited. Alfredo: Julia Julia: I have to go now! Many things to pack for our flight back. I promise not to miss your big day! (turns away to walk and sob quietly)

Scene 4 Esperanza Salazar

Alfredo is at his work table arranging files and cases. Esperanza enters. Esperanza: (flirty) Mr. Salazar? I am sorry disturb you. Alfredo: No problem at all, my darling. Esperanza: (giggles) Say it. Alfredo: Say what? Esperanza: My name. Alfredo: Esperanza Esperanza: My entire name. Alfredo: Why should I? Esperanza: (furious) Oh for goodness sakes! I just wanted to hear it coming from you!

Alfredo: Hear what? Esperanza: Mrs. Salazar! Mrs. Esperanza Salazar! Thats what! Alfredo: I am already aware of that but why do I need to say it? Esperanza: (drains anger and frowns) We are married Alfredo and yet it is still her is not? I have loved you I love you and yet she still occupies your heart. Alfredo: It is not easy to forget something like that. Esperanza: 8 years is quite a span of time dont you think? Alfredo: Please Esperanza I do not have time for this. I still have to finish these cases and I must get ready for my business trip Esperanza: You dont even want to put aside your work for me. Alfredo: Esperanza, please. I dont want to have a fight with you. Esperanza: You will if you dont change after that damn business trip! Start being my husband please! Its been years. I do not want to be the only one making effort. (storms out of the room)

Scene 5 Julias home

Narrator (Alfredo looking at a satellite feed on stars of the sky): I am not sure what to feel right now. Looking at these stars. I would never forget that moment that I brought Julia to the Planetarium. These stars... these dead stars... I would refuse to forget about her even if I know that what I believed my future to be was Esperanza... It is and always will be her after all. Julia is sitting reading a book at the house when Alfredo comes. Julia: (surprised) What are you doing here? Alfredo: I am now on a business trip actually. I just wanted to visit you. Julia: Ah. It has been a long time. Please come in. Alfredo: (comes in and takes a seat across Julia) How have you been? Julia: (giggles) I believe it is I who should ask you that. How is it being married to Esperanza?

Alfredo: Everything is alright of course but I prefer to hear from you since I havent been able to reach you for a long time. Julia: Well I apologize for not keeping in touch. I was merely being busy here at home with my parents while my sister is enjoying her family back there. Alfredo: Well I am glad to hear that. Your presence in our town was missed. Julia: Really? (laughs) How were things after I as gone? Fade out while Alfredo and Julia are conversing. Narrator (Alfredo): I guess we werent exactly meant to be as I had hoped but she was everything I didnt expect to fall for... She was my opposite. Although now, I come to realize that Esperanza will be, as I always thought, my future. I thought everything would change once I fell for Julia. I guess I am just another man with greed never quite satisfied until I make a final decision. I now learn to not regret that decision as I exchanged vows with my betrothed since my feelings did soon fade. The stars in the sky... these dead stars still continue to give light in the darkness of the sky even if we all fade and pass and continue to live our lives.