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Precession of the equinoxes - Creator, Saviour, Destroyer

The precession takes 25,765 years. It ends in 2012. So the precession started 23,753bc This period is split into 12 (each lasting 2147 years) So we moved from the age of water (destroyer) to Goat (Creator) in 21,605bc We then moved into the age of Archer (saviour) in 19,458bc The next age of Scorpion (destroyer) started in 17,311bc There should have been a serious event around this date. The sge of Scale (Creator) started in 15,164bc The age of Virgin (Saviour) started in 13,017bc The age of Lion (Destroyer) started in 10,870bc A major event we know happened around this time with mass extinctions sinking of Atlantis? Some claim the Sphynx is the body of the Lion (Destroyer) and the head of a Virgin (Saviour) and was built to show the disaster that did/would happen at the cross over between the two ages The age of Crab (Creator) started in 8,723bc The age of Twin (Saviour) started in 6,576bc The age of Bull (Destroyer) started in 4,429bc Is this an acceptable date for the biblical flood? The age of Ram (Creator) started in 2,282bc This is very similar to the date Judaism talks about God creating the world (so we get all the nonsense about dinosaur bones being a test of faith etc)

What seemed crazy seems to make sense. The age of Fish (Saviour) started in 135bc. If the age of Fish (Saviour) is represented by Jesus as many believe we have an issue with timing. The age of Fish (Saviour) will end on dec 21st 2012 as we go back to the age of Water (Destroyer)